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TTC - Pathing a way to Europe

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Version: The Conquerors 1.0c

Mark1's Totally Terrain Contest Submission

Mah Screenshot :)

Good Afternoon
This is strictly eyecandy for the Totally Terrain Contest, this does not mean you won't enjoy looking around with 230 rename effects.

Back Story
A new empress has taken the Eastern hemisphere by storm. Many great nations have been collected by this new massive Chinese empire.

My scenario centres on Turkey prior to the Chinese build up to captre Byzantine's Constantinople to path the way to Europe. Many regions include such as, snowy highlands, sandy beaches, uhm, dirty deserts, lush forests and that's actually about it. Oh! And a bit of a rain forest, but not much. Also 230 renaming effects does not crash the game or lag it. But for me whenever I made a task object effect it crashed :3. So it isn't as lively as other peoples maps.

To place the files in their correct location and DO NOT RENAME them. The music is the theme from "Morrowind", a game by Bethesda. If you want more information, go on, google it!

This takes place in an alternate timeline to ours. Don't read too much into it. I have taken great pleasure in making 230 rename effects. Some wacky names are included for contrast! Because of these rename effects, I was unable to include other effects such as task object to make my scenario lifelike. This map is marked as 'tiny'. However, near the end of my map's development, I found it hard to find an open area to place more stuff!


V2.0 - First relese
V2.1 - .Per file and Where_things_go.txt added.


AuthorComments & Reviews   ( All | Comments Only | Reviews Only )
Watson I think that the 'European' side looks better than the 'Gobi Desert' side.
IsuckatXbows This is a great scenario with a lot of things to explore, It's also a good thing that you used Elder Scrolls music (If it ain't Bethesda it ain't Game of the Year :P), It gives it an even better adventurous feeling, just because this is a 2010 scenario, It's still great in 2012, keep up the great work!
Official Reviewer
"Pathing a way to Europe" depicts a fictional Chinese invasion of the Bosphorus region in the era of the Ottomans and Byzantines by the mighty Chinese army under the direction of some Empress. It wasn't entirely clear to me with many textual and spelling errors in the opening text. Aside from this improbable invasion (China failed to conquer Veitnam in several thousand years worth of attempts, and they made it all the way to Europe somehow?) the map contains many renamed units for flavor, some serious, some less so. Some music from the Elder Scrolls was used which was a good idea to try and infuse some character, but i found this backfired a bit for me as the track selected is the main theme and this brings up many old and conflicting memories of a different game in a somewhat jarring way;maybe utilizing using a slightly more off the beaten track music would be called for, but credit is given for the attempt. Oddly enough the player is unable to travel the terrain, being forced to use Marco Polo to view the map from above.

The map can be separated into two spheres;the deserts of Anatolia and the forested greenlands of Europe, which lead up to a snowy mountain. The terrain detailing in the western areas was fairly good with broken up forests in the usual pattern with a variety of flower patches although the quantity of deer, forage bushes, gaia paths, ruins and broken trade carts are randomly placed for little effect and perhaps detract from the experience. The shore detailing was fairly bland with some desert inconsistently used for beaches with no attention payed to transitioning into the interiors. The snowy mountain consisted of a cobble road winding up a cliff maze through towers reaching a wonder that lacked any building support or detailing work.

The Anatolian region had a better built beach with the beach sand ending up at an elevation rise along the coast. The terrain consisted for the most part of dirt1 areas with sand and dirt2 with palm trees placed upon it which was normal looking. What struck me as strange was the almost random and at times even symmetrical usage of bamboo and jungle patches. There was a square stockade structure which had enclosed patches of bamboo that looked peculiar indeed. The roads were of a nondescript appearance, but at one point made a long diagonal which should have been broken up a bit more. There is a city to the south of this area, but i found it not very aesthetically pleasing, as it essentially consists of many packed together buildings placed upon a huge patch of farmland with even some more bamboo forced in between some buildings. I really don't get it and it looks very poor compared to even routine PTC entries.

In summary the map represents a somewhat average level of mapping proficiency with some strange areas perhaps weighing it down. Its not bad but not particularly exciting either.

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