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Endoria-The Fall of Cryozen

Author File Description
File Details
Version: The Conquerors 1.0c
Style: Mix
Number of scenarios: 1
This is the sample of my soon to be campaign. Just releasing this so people can make suggestions, tell me what they think I should get rid of. Blah blah blah... This won't be up forever. Limited time to get this scenario. Remember, its only a preview. Its not nearly done. By the time this full scanario is realeased, there will be 2-3 bosses, a puzzle or two. Yeah you get the point. :P

EDIT: It has been updated.

EDIT: And I updated it again. :P
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Basse What was shown, was very good, some typos but in general good. Is this your first scenario? Because it looks really good to me! Something missing is history, scouts, hints and instructions. I didn't know what to do so I just walked the path, displayed all the chats going on and such. Now you got me into this! Can't wait for final release!
Official Reviewer
This is quite good for a first piece of work. The map design was well, the citizens spoke, object placement was pleasing.

Some things that I've noticed that should be looked into:
-Why are the sea walls there. The graphic of the sea wall in this game is so hideous that I can never see it in realistic use.
-The swamp area south of your starting point can use some more design as it looks too bland.
-The blends of trees at the bottom should be reworked. It looks unnatural, and the transition from there to the town forests should be worked on too.
-The elevation in town is too square-like. You should vary it up a bit. While you're at it, you can vary the town walls a bit too.
-The diplomacy is faulty, the starting town is neutral or whatever and you attack each other.
-The little island with the houses and the monk needs to be reworked. You need some trees and such, you should probably remove some of the houses.
-Typos here and there so make sure you do a sweep before releasing it.
File Author
Ok, I did notice some of the typos, and I am going to go through and fix them all. I have done quite a bit since I uploaded this. Lets just say, its going to be good. :D A little thing involving a ghost town, but I won't say to much. :D Dang im excited. Ill add a tree or two to the island, and I may or may not change the shape of the town. I really don't know why I used sea walls, so i'll ditch em. :P I won't post another updats until its complete. So it might be a few weeks. Hope not, but that should be the longest it should take. And what do you mean by the "blending"??? Do you mean from the palms to the oak??? Im confused.

Edit: Almost forgot. I used neutral because I have cartography, but I ditched it. No cartography. And I also got rid of your men, so the chat will be changing slightly. You will recieve soldiers later in the scenario(which I already have done) but you won't be getting as many as I provided in the preview.

Also, in the next scenario, you will be facing some mazes, puzzles, blah blah. It should be fun. Don't worry, some of the harder puzzles will have clues. You just have to be looking for them. :D

Edit: Pfft. I can't believe I forgot to tell you guys. Anyway, the plot(and the name of the campaign) have change scignificantly since I uploaded this. Its not going to be the fall of the imperium, but I don't have a name for it yet. :/ Anyway, it's going to be pretty much the same, but different. Also, the reason I don't have instructions or anything is because I don't want to do all that until im done with the scenario. And in the second scnario, there will be a lot more instructions/hints for the puzzles, but no clues on the solutions, only how to do them. I hope you guys will like the bosses. There won't be any simple "Oh you have to kill me first!" stuff. There will be interesting ways to defeat bosses, and some of them you may face multiple times, but the methods to defeat them will change with each encounter. And I think thats everything

Oh and yes, this is my first scenario.

Edit: Just to be more indepth, the main enemy in the scnario will no longer be the Imperium. The imperium will still have a role in the Campaign, but I chose to go in a different direction.

[Edited on 08/05/10 @ 04:44 PM]

Official Reviewer
About the blending, just look at the trees/forest and visualize it in real life. Does it look natural and realistic? Tree types, tree colours etc.

When you get a good amount done or require help of some kind, open a thread in the forums. People will comment more there than here.
direwolf11 This definitely has potential. The sea wall does seem a little useless, and the name-changing trigger for Kushluk didn't work. But I look forward to seeing the full version of this :)
File Author
Ok, I ditched the see wall, changed some other stuff. Im going to post a board for this scnario. Ive gotten quite a bit done since I posted last time. I fixed the telone trigger, i removed cartography(so that way you can't talk to villagers without being close to them), and i fixed some of the mistakes I made with the villager chat. I think ill update this so you guys can see what ive added.

BY THE WAY, the name of this scenario is going to change to Endoria-the Fall of Cryozen

Like I said before, the plot is going to change a lot. Its completely different from my original intentions, but its still going to be good. Man im excited. :D Theres going to be battles, puzzles, mazes, yeah. All that good stuff. :P


Ok. Ive been doing a lot of thinking, and I think im going to ditch this campaign. Im so sorry, but ive started working on an RPG style game and I would mutch rather do that than this. Im not completely decided yet, but this is probly going to get ditched. If someone wants to make something out of this, feel free, but please give me a little credit.

[Edited on 09/21/10 @ 12:23 AM]

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