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The Designer's Editor

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Version: The Conquerors 1.0c
The Designer's Editor

Tools such as The Enhanced Editor are very useful, but in my experience they tend to leave you with an editor jam-packed with useless rubbish like millions of different projectiles and a confusing number of gate objects. Also, a useful function of data editing is to make objects easier to place, but to my knowledge there is no data file available that does this.

This is a cleaned up version of the data file I've been using for a few years, which deals with both of these problems. It doesn't do anything revolutionary but I still think it can be useful.

1. Unhides some useful beta units (Infiltrator, Junk, BDGAL, relic carts, etc)
2. Makes common eye candy much easier to place, allowing stacking, overlap and placement on any terrain.
3. Unhides all of the different villager types, except for the duplicates (eg builder and repairer are the same thing).
4. Does not affect gameplay, only the editor.
5. Explanation of a few lesser known but useful objects which have been included.
6. No one who has tried it in multiplayer has experienced sync errors.
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Watson Nice; I was looking for this.

[Edited on 07/18/11 @ 11:45 AM]

Official Reviewer
Just to be clear, using this will be exactly like using an editted dat file that only unhides the hidden objects? Basically, using this dat file will not affect me in any way except that;
1. I can place hidden objects as if I unlocked them.
2. I can place certain objects with no terrain or radius restrictions.

That's it right? I won't get any syncing problems?
Basse This unlocks some hiddne objects, but not all of the useful ones, like the sea wall/gates and pile of food and gold are not unlocked.

You said overlapping? GAIA objects yeah, but nothing else. I was expecting a great eye-candy mod for towns, nature and so on. But I can't find so much use of this feature other than stack some gaia objects onto eachothers (which is of great use ofcourse!).

Good utility, but I think it can be a lot better.
Watson As Julius stated, this utility is incomplete at the moment. Perhaps when he has more time he may update his file.

"I was expecting a great eye-candy mod for towns, nature and so on."

I don't know if you could reduce the radius and terrain restriction for buildings, but I think that if you did so, units would be able to walk across buildings.

And you can put trees on buildings.

[Edited on 08/05/10 @ 01:07 AM]

Ryusaki And go out of Sync...

nope I do not want go out of Sync...

gj Julius
Official Reviewer
Watson, Juli didn't state that it was incomplete.

The most important issue here is if this dat file will affect gameplay;
-Will multiplayer game go out of sync?
-Will scenario files crash when it swtiches from original to this? Considering this dat file is more than just unhiding objects.
TheMercenary Hey, Julius this "Designe's Editor" change the language, or something? 'Couse im latin and i don't want my game in English.

Tell me Gringo.
Watson "Watson, Juli didn't state that it was incomplete."

My mistake. He stated that on the SWS site.
Official Reviewer
File Author
1. This is probably not the final version, but I thought I'd upload this sooner rather than later because I think it's still useful and can always be updated later. I expect to do this in the next few days. This update will include unhiding some of the useful objects I forgot about first time.

2. To my knowledge, this will not cause your game to go out of sync under any circumstances, provided that you are using the expansion pack with the latest official patch. I admit that I haven't tried multiplayer though, so if anyone uses multiplayer and can tell me the answer I'd be grateful and will update the description accordingly.

3. Only gaia units can be freely placed as otherwise it would affect gameplay.

4. As I only own the English version of AoKTC I have no idea whether using this file will change the language. It does not affect the DLL file however, so I would surmise that it doesn't. If it does however it is only the names of units, not other things like the intro screen for example.


Updated with a few more things unhidden. Most notably sea gates, which can now be placed on land too.

[Edited on 08/17/10 @ 12:49 AM]

Watson Never mind.

[Edited on 07/18/11 @ 11:46 AM]

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