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Far from beloved land

Author File Description
Lord Sole
File Details
Version: The Conquerors
Style: Mix
Number of scenarios: 2

The loyal and hard-working John Cullen is forced to leave London accused of murder. Being innocent, he will travel around the world while clarifying things and getting ready to return to his beloved land and do justice.

Campaign features:

· Several diferent scenarios from some diferent parts of the world.

· Interesting storyline revealed gradually.

· Mixed game styles.

· Two game difficulties.

Avaliable scenarios: 2
Updated things: Difficulties added, villager name and quay part fixed. Second scenario avaliable.

I hope you to enjoy!

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AuthorComments & Reviews   ( All | Comments Only | Reviews Only )
ACS_Triggers I like the design, and it seems really fun; however, I am running into some issues. One is that the red guards never attack me even if I am right in front of them. Another issue is that I got into the quay and couldn't find what to do.. so I entered the transport ship and then I couldn't get my guy back haha.

I would like to try this again though. As I said before, I like the design and the cutscenes and dialogue are a plus.
Official Reviewer
I gave it a try. Couldn't resist my friend named marco and polo though.

To me, this game would be quite dull to play through the way the designer wanted you to play.

For the enemy problem, my settings were the standard settings but I chose Hardest difficulty.
EDIT: Nevermind, I played it on Hard mode.

As for the quay part, I was lost there as well. I somehow thought to go near the broken trade cart and tada.

I plan to write a review soon but considering how I feel about it already...

[Edited on 08/10/10 @ 01:21 AM]

Localwoodcut I'll give this a try, and post a review when I'm done, hope it pleases me.
Map Design4.0
Playability: 2
I've given playability a two for some very simple and explainable reasons. First off, as far as I'm aware the scenario isn't even completable, you're told to go to the Quay, but as it seems you haven't deactivated the triggers that stop you from going there before due time. You should play test scenarios before publishing to the Blacksmith.

Balance: 3
I give balance a three, the fact of this is, the one fight you get in the map, or so far, is quite balanced, you have four men to attempt to take on about 12 pikemen, and a renamed La Hire, in what order you kill the men depends on the outcome of the battle, which is quite fun to repeat, or at least for me. Other then that, I saw no real balance in the game play, if you go near the guards, they do not attack you, which is rather pointless, you could just click on the mini map rather than carefully walking, which is a downside.

Creativity: 4
If this scenario had been constructed better, it would be one for the ages, I personally like the story line, a killer, on the run from the law, in the large city of london, with your life on the line, if only there were ways for you to be caught, or attacked by the guards, it could have added a lot of tension, this scenario has much potential.

Map Design: 4
Being a large city, London's terrain is primarily road/road, broken and road, fungus. With rubble, dirt paths and flower patches placed randomly around, but the organization and specific placing of each object, makes the city look rather amazing, in my opinion the map size should have been bigger, and you should have made London bigger, other than that, it looks rather good.

Story/Instructions: 2
The instructions where poor, you were giving the maximum of about 8 words to decipher what to do, you were given no real hints or anything to help you, so basically, even if the scenario is completable, I'm not sure anyone could do it, from what I've read everyone else is stuck on the 'Quay' part.

Additional Comments:
When renaming a villager, do it on a separate trigger and loop it, therefore if someone accidentally, or purposely tasks the villager, it'll still keep his original name.
Also, make sure you play test your scenario to the end before submitting, it tends to help in the long run.
Official Reviewer
Map Design3.0
Playability: 4-
The game has no severe problems that would hault gameplay or make the player utterly angry. The goal of the game is to escape the city whose main guards are after you. I managed to play the scenario legitly on Hard and it took under 10 minutes to complete. If I had not cheated my first playthrough, the length of the game would likely increase by a half. I may also be pretty annoyed through the reloads but I assume that I would get a little more enjoyment out of it. The player must go through a maze-like city filled with citizens. The designer did a nice job varying up the route.
There are two problems with the scenario. The game is broken if the difficulty is Standard. The part where you 'need to be a trader' wasn't done with user-friendly implementations. There could be a third problem and that is due to the narrow paths. A freak accident can glitch up the paths which would force the player to reload.
Overall, I didn't feel as bored as I thought I would have playing this legitly. The gameplay aspect was designed well. The thing that is poor for this scenario is that there's no difficulty settings to it and the game is short, quick, and linear, which gives it no replayability. Thank goodness that the whole point of it is to play a short game of avoiding and escaping.

Balance: 3+
Realistically speaking, this scenario has only one difficulty setting. Because of the nature of the game, it can be easy or difficult for players. However, the difficulty is not hard to overcome and any player should be able to complete this short game. Seeing as how the game is short and simple, a near perfect score is well deserved. If a little more was added to make it a wee longer and challenging, it would most definitely increase the score. Lastly, the small melee that occurs halfway through the map wasn't very challenging. You can survive that skirmish by letting the units auto duel so I lowered the score from a weak 4 to a high 3.

Creativity: 4-
Pure stealth type scenarios haven't been made as far as I know, although small sections of this type of game have littered a lot of scenarios and campaigns. The designer managed to creatively design the playing field making it more enjoyable and smooth for the players. Suitable dialogues are added to further the game and add to its story. You can be bold and call this a puzzle type of scenario and there is one particular objective that resembles that. There's a small skirmish but it didn't have much of any enjoyment value. One thing worth mentioning is that the designer did an excellent job at changing the route of retreat, so that backtracking wasn't just that. With a little more creativity to further the gameplay experience, this game could be pretty amusing.

Map Design: 3+
The map is a grand city littered with maze like buildings. It looks better than it sounds mind you. Building placement weren't hideous to look at and the placement of citizens further pleases the eyes. The design could have used a bit of trees and such, maybe a small pond every now and then. Some areas had terrain blending which is good but that is needed everywhere that is viewable. Elevation are in hiding and those that do appear are mostly square-like which is unnatural. There are other areas that players wouldn't be able to legitly look at and they're decent to look at. One consists of church like areas and effort is clearly seen.

Story/Instructions: 4+
The story is adequate for such a simple scenario. Improvements can be made by furthering the story and adding more objectives and such. There were a few typos but it's not harmfull to the gameplay. Instructions are straight forward and simple. You are told where to go and there's a flag indicator to assist you. The only part where the instructions do poorly is at the quay. Becoming a trader was the issue as it's so vaguely instructed.

[Edited on 08/11/10 @ 03:21 PM]

Lord Sole
File Author
Let's see:
I thank everybody's interest and I'm ready to improve this scenario.

The red guards have to attack you as soon as you enter their vision range. The red player uses the ORIGINAL immobile units AI and he is your enemy, so the idea was that if he sees you, you can't escape, he attacks you twice and you loose. I don't understand why some comments talk about guard's passivity. (maybe the AI???)

The quay part. When you get the cart and the guard lets you enter the quay he says: "you must be in the Seas Cruiser", so you have to find that ship and go near it. I'll check it again tomorrow but I think it worked last time I tryed.

Dtrugle, I don't understand what means that "the game is broken if the difficulty is Standard. The part where you 'need to be a trader' wasn't done with user-friendly implementations" It's my second submited scenario and my English is quite basic, i'm sorry. I'll thank you to explain it better.

Localwoodcut, I'll change the villager rename trigger tomorrow, thank you.

This is the first of several scenarios I've to prepare, so my priority right now for this first one is to make it completable and playable.

Thanks for all
Official Reviewer
If you play on Standard mode, the enemy does not attack you. You must play on Moderate or Hard.

As for the trader and friendly part, players are lost because the hint you gave to solve that part is not easy to understand. You need to provide another hint or chat that points the players towards the cart.
Lord Sole
File Author
I checked the scenario again and I completed it. The quay part is what I said: you need to pretend to be a trader and in the way to the quay you find a broken cart. You have to take it and the guard will allow you to enter. Then you must find the Seas cruiser (there is an objective that says that). It is the last ship. You go near it and you finish the level.

I've detected two important bugs. The first one is that it's true, if you play at Standard difficulty the AI doesn't seems to work and the guards don't attack you. So, I please everybody to play at hardest (it's as easy as at easiest). Or maybe anyone can say why does it occurs.

Secon bug. While trying to solve the rename tip I realised that if you click a resource the villager looses his vision bonus (he was originally Corean) and the game is not completable. So I think there are 3 trees and 3 sheep try to avoid clicking on them.

I'll resubmit the scenario again soon, making clearer the cart part and correcting some other things.


Updated. I've changed some things.
I understood the quay problem. Because of a mistake with my triggers some of you were able to enter the quay on food and then it was not possible to finish. Now the guard is a little more serious. (I hope)
About the cart part I gave a little more information, but I'm not going to help you more than this.
And maybe someday I prepare different difficulty levels. For the moment remember to play on hardest if you want guards to be real guards.
Thanks for everything and if you see more mistakes tell me.

Updated again. Now the whole campaign has two difficulties and it's avaliable a second (nice) scenario. Enjoy!

[Edited on 10/12/10 @ 06:19 AM]

TheLaughingMule May I suggest you also update the file description (using the update button) with the updated info. This will help the downloader - who may not read through all the comments.
raging_mammoth In first scenario, the trigger didn't work for me where the guy takes his trade cart and goes to meet his buddy Alfred for help. Both of them just stand there next to each other.
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