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Downloads Home » Single Player Scenarios » The Dragon and the Raven Revised Edition

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The Dragon and the Raven Revised Edition

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Al_Kharn the Great
File Details
Version: The Conquerors 1.0c
Style: Mix
The re-release of 2001\'s buggy Dragon and the Raven... after two years, this campaign about Alfred the Great\'s England during the years of Danish domination, is now playable. Enjoy

special thanks to Tanneur99 for playtesting and finding the dozens of bugs in the original.
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Official Reviewer
Excerpt of the original [B]Author's Description[/B]:

Heroes are born in times of distress but are not always willing...

In this single scenario campaign you take the role of a young Saxon in the days of King Alfred, when the King's position as monarch was uncertain and Danes terrorized England. Starting from this bleekness, you are uncertain and seek death more than anything, but as time passes, your character develops and realizes his ability to affect those around him as he faces off against the Danish King at Ethandun.
kushta i t's ok
Map Design3.0
This was a very great campaign that really had me interested for a long time.

The first 30-40 minutes I played was great. After that it became a little drab, but I was able to finish the campaign.

Absolutely wonderful. I had to replay a few parts because I had lost too many people to the raiders. This is a key part in making a great campaign. Great job.

Another great part of this campaign. The background and the way the hero acts both work great to make a very creative campaign.

Map Design: This could use a little work. The beginning of the campaign had pretty good design, but as it went on it was just road and grass and a few trees.

Story/Instructions: Great again. The background information and the lore throughout the game led to a great campaign.

Worth the download.
Official Reviewer
Map Design3.0
The Dragon and The Raven revised is a single scenario, its game style a cut-scene supported mix of RPS and FF with few B&D elements. The scenario is based on G.A. Henty's novel The Dragon & The Raven Or, the Days of King Alfred. The title derives from the banner of Wessex, a golden dragon and Guthrun’s banner a raven, which was mentioned for the first time in the Anglo-Saxon chronicles in 878 after the surrender of Guthrun at Chippenham. The scenario plays in spring 878 during the reign of Alfred (871-899), King of Wessex, the only English King who was called the Great. Europe was almost shattered by the waves of invasions for almost three centuries, the Danes occupy East Anglia, Northumbria, and Marcia since 870, with only Wessex resisting. In a surprise winter attack in 877 Alfred was driven from the throne, travelling anonymously and hiding around Athelney/Somerset. From there he told his men to gather at Egbert’s Stone and he confronted Guthrun the 6th of May 878 at Ethandun (Edington), Wiltshire. The battle, which lasted all day, was most probably won by the Saxons against the professional Danish soldiers because of a Roman tactic, the shield wall, well demonstrated in the movie Gladiator. Guthrun had to accept to withdraw from Wessex and to be baptised as a Christian with Alfred as Godfather.

The story is historical fiction; you play Adelar, whose wife got raped and killed by the Danes, seeking revenge or death, when he enlists in the service of King Alfred.

PLAYABILITY: A great scenario, one of my all time favourites. The scenario gives a lively picture of the horrors of the Danish invasion of England. It was a pleasure, a lot of fun to play, to read the in game text which gives a realistic atmosphere and as there are scenarios which shouldn't be played without sounds, this one definitely shouldn't be played without reading the introduction screen first. Perfect experience if there wouldn't have been the confusing, long moments after fending off the attack against the village near Ethandum. After you find out where the enemy patrols and kill them it has a good finish and a tactical choice to take. 4

BALANCE: I played the scenario on all difficulty levels and found the scenario’s balance to be well above average. You will have reloads; change your tactic in the wonderful RPS part as well as for the attack on Ethandum. When a choice is offered, save game and don't miss the battle on the fields of Ethandum, it's really worth the try. 5

CREATIVITY: The characters of Edwy and Adelar develop, show depths and evolve throughout the RPS part of the scenario. The creativity also lies in the in game developing story on a historical background and enjoyable sequences added to the creativity rating. Almost every unit was renamed and a lot of effort was put into this. The names were realistic, very creative and I really liked that aspect of the scenario very much. Loosing a spearman or an archer with a name, sometimes the name indicated also the profession, was really a different experience. During this scenario among the ones we mourned were Finan the Fool, Aelle of Yrre, Gildas the Rich, Baedof the Bastard, Immin the Quick, Theodulf the Thief, Eadberth the Smith and Folcard the Fierce. The people gathering at Egbert's stone was not Alfred's decimated army, many of which fled to France, it was the Anglo-Saxon fyrd, or militia, which left whatever they were doing when called, fighting for their own freedom and the ones they loved. Some well placed triggers, interactive cut-scenes, good themed bitmap and a creative balance round this up to a perfect rating. 5

MAP DESIGN: The map showed little variations and terrain mix. The trees were done with a tiny brush, but overall I had the impression that journeying through the map got repetitive. 3+

STORY/INSTRUCTIONS: The objectives are clear and develop in game, you always know what to do and where to go which is not self evident on a map that lets the player travel at will. The only confusing thing was the objective: "Do not allow the Town Centre near Ethandum to be destroyed" stayed in your objective list until the very end of the game, even though the only attack near it was directed either towards the market or houses. The history section is exemplary; the bmp shows a battle-axe, the weapon of the Norseman; the introduction story is a must read, really brings you perfectly into the game, makes you understand the despair, anger and powerlessness Adelar feels; the development of the story in game is great and told in good prose: "Edwy smiles to Adelar, a seemingly twisted smile, but that might be due to the newly won gash across Edwy's face. Edwy's hostility to Adelar has been erased by the brotherhood of spilt blood, or perhaps by the stupor which death brings" or "Adelar can only look at Edwy, the despicable creature that seeks only profit in his duty... no, he is not all that bad... he is a survivor... but perhaps the dead have more joy than these survivors". 5-

OVERALL: Heroes are born in times of distress but are not always willing...

OBSERVATION: Units patrol until an enemy is in sight...

SUGGESTIONS: Add some Gaia and terrain mix; many elevations are not necessary as England is quite flat. Patrolling units continue until an enemy is in sight, just task them where you want them to be/attack. The player can stay in the village (objective: "Do not allow the Town Centre near Ethandum to be destroyed") and the two patrols leave for the north again after razing the two towers at the entrance of Ethandum. On another try I went from the village to Ethandum when the enemy units attacked the towers. After killing them I had my army gathered up on the elevation waiting for the next attack. Well they arrived, turned between entrance and elevation to patrol back north. Even if the player builds a tower at the turning point, they destroy it and continue to patrol back north.

IN CLOSING: Definitely a great download, especially if you like a good story with the game.
DaHood I like this campaign because the story line and the sentences he said in the game. The map could be more detailled, too bad you haven't used the whole map!

For the rest it's ok ;)

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