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Downloads Home » Single Player Scenarios » The Epic Adventures of Marvin and Rob

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The Epic Adventures of Marvin and Rob

Author File Description
Lord Basse
File Details
Version: The Conquerors 1.0c
Style: Role Playing Strategy

The Epic Adventures of Marvin and Rob

Did you play Gwyndlegard and wonder why Marvin and Rob never returned from Gwynhill with reinforcements? Maybe not, but either way this scenario depicts what happened to them after they left the stage in "Gwyndlegard"!

This scenario was finished especially for today, August 13th 2010, to celebrate the Fourth Anniversary of my design team, StormWind Studios! Happy birthday SWS!


• All out Role Playing Strategy, i.e. your band of heroes walking around doing stuff,
• An hour or two of gameplay, but with plenty of stuff around the main plot to provide more entertainment,
• Strictly linear storyline, but with multiple occassions where you can make choices,
• Music composed especially for this scenario, by Nathan Zwiener, or Thunder77 on the forums!
• Invisible Flying Bananas!
• A new design trick! Small and not tied to the main plot, but still!
• Despite the previous point, focus lies on story and entertainment rather than complex trigger systems or map tricks.

Credits are in the aftermath. If you haven't played Gwyndlegard, I advise you to do so before playing this. If you for some reason refuse, there is a History section which will give you a basic backstory.


If the scenario crashes when you get to certain parts of the scenario, like the villagers just after you leave Urdana, or Rob's talking after fighting off Davo in the fort, resave the following soundfiles; and if
that doesn't work, remove them.

M&R - Marv I thought he was dead
M&R - Oth AH your help we need your help
M&R - Rob This one we wont see again

Brought to you by StormWind Studios.

Updated to V1.1 on August 21st;
- The known crashing sound files should now work properly,
- A potential bug with locking the Barelstad gate has been fixed,
- A potential glitch at the Arthalian outpost has been fixed,
- The hints now tell that "Chat to all" is a must,
- Credits added to, amongst others, truedew12 for his "Invisible Object" utility

Updated to V1.2 on December 25th;
- Added a list of potential bug-causing soundfiles in the ReadMe, and here above; some say they crash the game, others manage just fine, so if it crashes just look to the list,
- Fixed a few grammar and spelling mistakes.
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AuthorComments & Reviews   ( All | Comments Only | Reviews Only )
Erphir Yes, uploading FINALLY finished.

Can't wait to play it!

EDIT: finished it, nice scenario.
I encountered two little bugs with sound files though that crash the game (I had to remove them to continue playing):

1) Oth AH your help we need your help

2) Rob this one we won't see again

[Edited on 08/16/10 @ 08:50 AM]

Dannflor Near the fort when Rob says "I think the answer is coming right at us" the game crashes I tried removing sound files but nothing worked!
Official Reviewer
Clearly I should have looked at this more but I was in a hurry. The taunt system giving me two options at the bridge check point doesn't appear to want to work and I can't progress any further. Anyone else encountered this bug before?

EDIT: Yeah, that would be it eh? Send chat to all. Fixed.

[Edited on 08/18/10 @ 10:09 PM]

Erphir Well you should have chat to all being on. But probably you know that, so there must be another reason.
vonstranglej After the bandit run, I come across some villagers. One exclaims, "Your help! We need your help!" or something of the like, then the game crashes.
Dannflor I believe the WE NEED YOUR HELP file is bugged you may have to remove it from the game.

[Edited on 08/18/10 @ 12:23 PM]

vonstranglej Removing the "help me" track did work, however, now the chat system in the detention yard refuses to work and I find myself stuck once again.
Lord Basse
Official Reviewer
File Author
If any of the soundfiles crash the game, open them in Audacity or a similar program, copy the sound and paste it into a new project and save them over the originals. I'll do that for all the sounds mentioned when I get around to update it.
Official Reviewer
Map Design5.0
'The epic adventures of Marvin and Rob' is an RPG scenario in which you follow Marvin and Rob as they trek back home. The storyline follows from events in the scenario 'Gwyndlegard', but even if you haven't played the scenario it doesn't really matter, as everything is explained in the scenario and there is even a history/scouts section for more details.

Playability: 4

First off all, this scenario has a massive flaw. There are various corrupted sound files, that make the game crash at several points, such as the part where some villagers say 'We need your help'. You could look for the corrupted files and remove them manually, or like me simply remove all the sound files. I am assuming this will soon be fixed in the next update.

Other than that the scenario is pretty enjoyable. There are various different paths one can follow at many points in the scenario, thus providing good replay value. Some of the tasks are quite original and hard to beat.

While entering the ai taunt for the choices, make sure you have chat to everyone enabled, else it won't work.

Balance: 5

The scenario is perfectly balanced. It is not too hard but if you play sloppily you can easily lose units. You get different choices in parts of the mission but none of them seem to be particularly harder or easier in any way. For example, the one with the villagers attacking was considerably harder than you might think at first glance. I played on hard, but it is difficulty level dependant.

Creativity: 4

This scenario is quite creative. There's a lot of funny stuff and humour and almost every unit that you meet talks. Plus, there's a 'surprise' that you can find. The missions are pretty cool too. I liked the 'blue dragons' - though it should have been explained what they were used for.. and the pine tree spirits thing.

Map Design: 5

The map design is excellent. It is very detailed, has good terrain, elevations and eye candy. Some areas such as the first bridge are extremely well designed. 5 points here.

Story/Instructions: 4

The story develops from events in Gwyndlegard, so it makes more sense if you play that first, but it is not a must. It neatly explains what happened to some of the characters in the Gwyndlegard campaign who disappeared after the first half, and the story is quite good. Instructions are very clearly given too, as well as hints.

Additional Comments:

Recommended for download. I hope the sound file problems will be fixed soon.
Lord Basse
Official Reviewer
File Author
Thanks a lot for the review Jatayu! I've fixed the sound files now so hopefully it should work properly now. :)
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