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The Epic Adventures of Marvin and Rob

Author File Description
Lord Basse
File Details
Version: The Conquerors 1.0c
Style: Role Playing Strategy

The Epic Adventures of Marvin and Rob

Did you play Gwyndlegard and wonder why Marvin and Rob never returned from Gwynhill with reinforcements? Maybe not, but either way this scenario depicts what happened to them after they left the stage in "Gwyndlegard"!

This scenario was finished especially for today, August 13th 2010, to celebrate the Fourth Anniversary of my design team, StormWind Studios! Happy birthday SWS!


• All out Role Playing Strategy, i.e. your band of heroes walking around doing stuff,
• An hour or two of gameplay, but with plenty of stuff around the main plot to provide more entertainment,
• Strictly linear storyline, but with multiple occassions where you can make choices,
• Music composed especially for this scenario, by Nathan Zwiener, or Thunder77 on the forums!
• Invisible Flying Bananas!
• A new design trick! Small and not tied to the main plot, but still!
• Despite the previous point, focus lies on story and entertainment rather than complex trigger systems or map tricks.

Credits are in the aftermath. If you haven't played Gwyndlegard, I advise you to do so before playing this. If you for some reason refuse, there is a History section which will give you a basic backstory.


If the scenario crashes when you get to certain parts of the scenario, like the villagers just after you leave Urdana, or Rob's talking after fighting off Davo in the fort, resave the following soundfiles; and if
that doesn't work, remove them.

M&R - Marv I thought he was dead
M&R - Oth AH your help we need your help
M&R - Rob This one we wont see again

Brought to you by StormWind Studios.

Updated to V1.1 on August 21st;
- The known crashing sound files should now work properly,
- A potential bug with locking the Barelstad gate has been fixed,
- A potential glitch at the Arthalian outpost has been fixed,
- The hints now tell that "Chat to all" is a must,
- Credits added to, amongst others, truedew12 for his "Invisible Object" utility

Updated to V1.2 on December 25th;
- Added a list of potential bug-causing soundfiles in the ReadMe, and here above; some say they crash the game, others manage just fine, so if it crashes just look to the list,
- Fixed a few grammar and spelling mistakes.
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Lord Basse
Official Reviewer
File Author
Krmyth, I found that the sound file, although it plays to the end, is what causes the crash, and two other crashes a bit ahead. I've tried resaving the sound files but nothing appears to work, so I've listed the three sound files that may cause problems in the description, and the ReadMe. Unfortunately that's all I can do. Just remove the three of them and everything should work fine.
IvanChile The music cause bugs u must eliminate that bugs. u mensionate 3 i can see one but u must eliminate them, try to use more elevations. :D Keep give us more scenarios plz and tks to do it its better for me than the Gwinderland : D

[Edited on 01/22/11 @ 06:57 PM]

CrusaderCrab The game won't stop crashing after Rob says "I think the answer is coming right at us". I removed every single sound file but still it crashes. I hope you have the time to look into this.
RladalFatih I think I found a bug: when I approach of the tree in front of the road repairer, my characters disapears! I am not sure that it is normal...
edsonomnicycle hello friends precido the walkthrough, this scenario Epic Adventures of Marvin and Rob, I can not finish this game, when they stopped atravessan the bridge?
Lord Basse
Official Reviewer
File Author
I'm assuming you mean at the bridge between Arelstad and Barelstad. Make sure you have the "Chat to all" option on in the Options tab, and then proceed to answer the commander's question.
Tpojat i can put files there where they must be....i get

Please do not post the same question repeatedly at different files.
Additionally, I have removed your previous comment at this file, as it was highly similar to your most recent one.

You might be interested to know that the answer to your question could have easily been found in the readme file which is included in this file's zip-archive.

- Blacksmith Administrator
BritishGuy This file has been "ripped" and placed in a "pack" by someone else, with absolutely no credits to the original creator:

So far he has "stolen" 743 downloads from you.

I also submitted a review here which should hopefully be up soon! :)

Map Design5.0
The epic adventures of Marvin and Rob is an RPG/Adventure style campaign featuring multiple-choice options, side quests and humour. The purpose of the adventure is to get Marvin and Rob back home and is a sequel to the campaign, 'Gwyndlegard'.

Playability: 5
I had great fun playing this RPG campaign.
I experienced no issues playing it at all and had fun from beginning to end. There are multiple-choice options that you can make, each one having a different effect on the game. You will want to play this twice, choosing the other options the second time.

Balance: 5
The balance is brilliant. You will only lose your units if you don't use strategy properly.
I was killed by the "pig" on the first try, not realising how strong it was. Great job there was a reminder to save before the quest began. No matter what choices you make, the quest that comes with your choice is just as hard or easy as the other choice you could have made.

Creativity: 5
The map design was fantastic.
There were so many triggers, so much interaction with other AI objects which kept the game interesting and funny throughout. You will have to explore very carefully or you'd miss even a small interaction that can take place.

The story had no holes in it at all, it was very entertaining to be involved with.

I think the circus/elephant addition was probably one of the best parts.

Map Design: 5
The map was very carefully designed and well-planned. Which seems to be getting rarer in campaigns these days. There was plenty of eye candy and very thoughtfully-created terrains. There is a little bit of creative overlapping to make buildings look different. Sometimes there were trggers to rename buildings and units, which is always fun to run into.

I will admit that I didn't lie the beginning, where plants were placed all over the ground as if they were spammed. It gave it a "oh boy a noob designer" feel. But when more of the map was revealed I was astonished and proven wrong. If this was updated, using AoFE, you can use grass patches instead 9which look better). You can even use Palisade Gates instead of Sea Gates. I would love to see another sequel to this.

Story/Instructions: 5
The story is humorous, witty and entertaining, I enjoyed every second of it.
The instructions were clear and very easy to read. The instructions screen is even designed so that the main and side quests are separated under their own headers.

Just one typo, I can't remember which unit said this now, but "payed" is actually spelt "paid".
A bit minor, but it bothers people (like me).

Additional Comments:
I have not experienced any of the sound corruption or crashing that the previous review mentioned, they seem to be fixed. Perhaps the previous reviewer needs to re-review?

A brilliant campaign, brilliant job to the creator!
I recommend that you should give this a try today!
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Map Design5.0
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