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AOETC - Enhance Version

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Version: The Conquerors 1.0c
I'm newcomer, and this a my first editing project of Age of Empires 'The Conquerors' with Advance Genie Editor (AGE).

I tried adding some bulidngs, units, and animals which can be built and created in Age of Empires game. And sorry for my english, because i'm Indonesian.

. Full New Buildings in Building Menu

- Trade Workshop (Wood 150) <Just ornament, not contains unit or research>
- Sea Tower (Wood 100) <Can be build in Shore line which reach of villager>
- Accursed Tower (Stone 150) <Tower has long range, good for attack and defense>

. Several New Units
- Scythian Wild WOman (Food 50) <A nake woman villager, can't do anything but she can fight>
- Scythian Scout (Food 100 ) <A cavalry has created in Town Center, can be fight and use for exploration>
- The Black Prince (Food 150, Gold 150) <A best cavalry has created in castle, a lot of HP, and can recovery>

. Several Animal -> Create in Mill

- Sheep (Food 50) <Sheep can be kill for 100 food and can be collected in your town>
- Turkey (Food 50) <Equal Sheep>
- Horse (Food 50) <Horse just use for exploration>
- Hunting Wolf (Food 50) <Special wolf with your command, can recovery and fasted>

Have fun ...
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Official Reviewer
I moved this file from mod packs to utilities where I believe this best serves. For a file to be a mod pack it must be an akx. file.

There's a few notable additions here, including the use of the sea tower which I like, however there's just a few issues I encountered when briefly going through the file. For one, the trade workshop uses the market graphic which can be misleading for the player. The building graphic also features no name when I scroll my mouse over the icon. Secondly, the Scythian Scout and the Scythian Wild Woman both come under "Dock Items" in the town centre.

It's a shame the trade workshop has no use; maybe it should generate revenue such as gold, wood or stone for the player? To get past the player building too many of these early in the game, you could simply price the building highly.

-Blacksmith Administrator

[Edited on 09/15/10 @ 10:07 AM]

Official Reviewer
You should change the Trade Workshop into a hero workshop were you can train certain heroes depending on your Civilization.
File Author
Thanks for comment, and it's good idea for me to developing Age of Empires Editing later.

Sorry guys, how to make creation string in AGE...? Need Language.dll file or what...? Van anybody help...?

[Edited on 09/26/10 @ 05:41 AM]

Sarn I assume you know where to change that in AGE (the "Creation String" box). All that you can do in AGE however, is change which string from language.dll is assigned to the unit. In order to actually change the text in the string, you need to edit language.dll. I use Pebble32 to edit, as it is pretty easy to use. Just find the string you want to change, change it, and save it. Once you start the game up, it will have the new text in place of the old. Just remember to back up language.dll before you edit anything.

Pebble32 is available here:

Also, I noticed that at the mill, the button to train the sheep is the same as the farm improvements. While you can still research the farm techs, having multiple items int he same button slot shouldn't happen. Also, the reseed farm button is now a set gather point button, due to making units available at the Mill.

Aside from those things, and that I think the Heroes (Hunting Wolf, Scythian Scout, Wild Woman, and Black Prince) are far too overpowered for normal gameplay, it's great. I especially like the sea towers. I hate to mess with the fishing ship in order to build sea towers, but restricting them to the reach of a villager on shore is a great idea. Overall, good additions but just needs a little bug fixing.

[Edited on 09/23/10 @ 11:44 PM]

Yoga Ciptadi i see you write sorry for my english because i indonesian
saya lihat kamu menulis maaf kan saya dengan bahasa inggris ku karena saya indonesia
i too indonesia provice bali
aku juga indonesia provinsi bali

aku suka bangunan mu bisa menara dan menara akursed
i like your building can sea tower and acursed tower
File Author
Makasih sudah komen mas Yoga. Tapi, versi pembaharuan ini hanya project awal saja, maklum saya masih belajar. Nanti, saya akan rilis versi Age of Kings yang baru lagi.

Thanks for your Comment. But, this Enhance Version is my early project, because i still learn. Next, i will release Age of Kings another version.

[Edited on 09/28/10 @ 11:07 PM]

Yoga Ciptadi Edit by AoKH Staff:

Comment removed - English translation must be provided per HG Code of Conduct.

[Edited on 10/06/10 @ 01:44 AM]

File Author
Maaf kalau gitu dik Yoga, saya kan ndak tahu usia anda.

Kalau menambahkan tulisan detail atau Creation String, saya pakai ResHacker, lebih enak dibanding Pebble32, karena bisa buat string baru dan tertata rapi.

Kalau ada yang ditanyakan, lewat email saja. Email saya :


If add details or Creation String, i use ResHacker, better than Pebble32, because can create new string and organized.

Has a question? My email :

[Edited on 09/29/10 @ 01:52 AM]

Yoga Ciptadi Edit by AoKH Staff:

Comment removed - English translation must be provided per HG Code of Conduct.

[Edited on 10/06/10 @ 01:44 AM]

File Author
Download ResHacker :

Sumber dari AOK heaven di sini :
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