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The Siege of Famagosta

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serve at 240
File Details
Version: The Conquerors 1.0c
The city of Famagosta was a Venetian colony and was the capital of Cipro.The 15th 1571 Mustafa Lala Pascià attacked the city.You have the opportunity to change history leading the defence of the city.

PSThe map of the city don\'t work.

--Very balanced
--Tested by many guys
--City and armies historically accurate
--Historical scenario.
--Bug Fixed
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serve at 240
File Author
Please a comment on my campaign a rewiew
WildCardDoW Okay I shall post a personal review here (comments)
You don't explain exactly what the player has to do except for 'Defend the city'...the hints are really bad you could tell the player things such as (this is only an example)'bring pikeman to the north wall you will be attacked by cavalry' things like that. There was no depth in your objectives. Keep the player interested with side quests. (go to creativity for example)
Map Design:3
The map design was the best thing in this campaign, it seemed very much like the area surrounding a big city...farms and the like but it was very repetitive, and the layer gets bored of it to quickly.
You done badly here you added no extra features such as 'ring the town bell' 'or prepare the soldiers'(here you could have done what they did in Tamerlane villagers become soldiers or soldiers appear as if they are coming out of the barracks).
Well I find balance the hardest thing to do in a map, especially one like I think you did okay here.... the balance was hard to notice...but I believe you should have had the city being attacked continuosly & the player had to keep the walls unbreached....this would have made the entire map was pretty easy.
Well what can I say about this the player can play it..though it maybe easy for time have features that make it harder and require more saves.
Overall: This map was well designed though repetitive.
At the sart have something to catch the players attention..especially for this type of map or they may ust quit straight away..a cut-scene which explains WHY they are sieging...this would ipmrove the map greatly. Mainly improve the story & instructions then map will be better

This is what I believe about the map I hope other people post reviews and I can see this from someone elses view.I would like to say this map can be improved but the siege/ build and destroy fan will propably enjoy this map but those who aren't in LOVE with this style its a no-no.
If the author would like to contact me me email is
serve at 240
File Author
First: if you want put a damned comment don't put a dammned rewiew!Understand?
II:a good designer don't put the instructions like ''move this units there this here''!?
III:There is no need that you go to exoplore the section of the map where there is nothing to do (exstreeme parts).
IV:I spent a month to fix the bugs If I add only an units or a triggers the scenario crash understand?
V:''...I think you did okay here...'' a two for balance!!?
Do you know that there is an option that can set the difficulty level to hardest?Do you saw saboteurs?
WildCardDoW serve I am sorry about the review you can ask that it should be taken off....but where the campaign let you down was story & instructions...and creativity and maybe I reviewed it badly maybe I didn't...
Story & Insructions:
I said that for HINTS..and it was an example I didn't say it was for your map

You can request a different review if you want..I don't mind....and don't flame reviewers especially if you ask for comments....just ask to have it removed if you don't like it...
serve at 240
File Author
The comments dear wildcar are very useful to improve my designing activity.But the rewiews with their score are dangerous because people that see a 1 in score don't read neihter the name of the campaign so thanks for your apologies.
WildCardDoW Dear Serve, As I said you may ask to remove my review I would but cannot as I am having problems with my e-mails,
and after replaying your campaign I have manaed to put into words something about the balance.

'when playing this campaign on Standard I found that I saved the campaign but there was no need (which means I think I MIGHT lose but don't)....on harder it does get a bit, well harder and the player does lose(depending on frequency ex:hard straight away you will have some problems).'So I reccomend for those who normally play on standard try hard.It improves the campaign greatly. 3.0-4.0 (leaning towards 4)

I also have this to say:
What year did the siege of Famogosta happen?..just wondering
Why did they attack, exactly who (king,prince) ?
Map comments: On design I said it was repetitive..well it was but that was not what brought down points...the enemy base its small especially for sieging.
Don't take that the wrong way :)
serve at 240
File Author
1.The turks ottomani attacked Cipro in the 1569,the siege began 15th August 1571 the Turkish army was leaded by Mustafa Lala Pascià.This siege is the occasional reason for the great naval battle of ever the battle of Lepanto where the Cristian Army destroyed with 200 galleons the 300 galleons of the Turks that after the battle had stop their expansion in the West.After the camapaign contest I'll make a scenario on this battle....
laz123 It had the potential to be very good, but to have allies and you in the same grey against a grey city was confusing so I didn't play.

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