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Sherwood Forest Winter

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Version: The Conquerors 1.0c
Sherwood Forest Winter

Winter Forest is my third ever Random Map and my first Random Map made without the use of RMS Creator. It was design for the Age of Sherwood Conversion Pack and will be used as Sherwood Winter Forest.

This RMS has Regicide Support.

Credits to Leif Ericson for giving me some helpful tips and writing reviews for my other RM Scripts which helped me improve. Leif also helped me fix a few problems with this Script. Leif also created the original Sherwood Forest map which this was based on.

Thanks for taking your time to look at my RMS. Download and Enjoy

Any comments or questions please post them here or email me at:

Please feel free to comment and review

1 October 2010 - First Update fixing a few bugs, adding 2 longbowmen and a house for each player.
AuthorReviews   ( All | Comments Only | Reviews Only )
Official Reviewer
Visual Appeal4.0
Robin Hood without the heroes, Sherwood Forest Winter is the Stalingrad of AoK. Little room to build on and generous resources result in great shedding of blood...

A very quaint representation of Nottinghamshire makes for an impressive map. The Forest looks far more realistic than any standard map script, with aome areas of high tree density and others of lower tree density. This lack of room to work with makes building a town a haphazard affair, with chokepoints galore at every building. This slows down the pace of the warfare but towards the endgame results in very open, traditional play. Choosing Goths on this map is both a challenge and a joy, as turtling would be an effective strategy if one has a defensible position. Against the CPU Imperial age barely gets going, since a fast castle is the order of the day. This reflects quite well upon the nature of sherwood, with ill-equipped rebels being hunted down by conscripted soldiers (and vice versa). A fuild game, well adapted to the subject matter.

Visual Appeal: 4
Generally excellent, Sherword Forest is generated well considering the poor winter tileset. The spread-out wooded areas are aesthetically pleasing and often shelter the buildings of the player's town, which can be pretty given the correct rotation. Unfortuately the terrain "leaves" and "Dirt 2" are used in the generation code, and neither of these seem to have been incorporated in a flattering way, due to the nature of generation and the snow tileset. These form obvious regions which, while providing useful space, do not fit in with the visual setting, at all.

Playability: 4
An enjoyable and low-pressure game, the easy defending makes early game a joy to behold. Knights, pikes and rams are the most useful units, to harrass villagers, kill enemy knights, and destroy fortications and town centres. Map-claiming is important early on, as penning your enemy in will win you the game in the long run. Since wood is everywhere, trash units are aplenty while gold will eventually become scarce. However, the space becomes a problem when it severely limits castle opportunities, thus limiting the scope for imperial age warfare. In my testing game, I won without imperialling against an opponent who had. Map control and forward-building will totally dominate any other playing style.

Additional Comments:

A fine script, Sherwood Forest Winter is best suited to casual players who like long build-ups and knight rushing. This map is very forgiving of errors, but will not be enjoyed by those who like total strategic play.
This is the exact opposite of an Arabia map.
Commander Scipio
Visual Appeal4.0
Theme: 5
The objective of the map is to replicate Sherwood, and at this it succeeds. The map has a perfect balance of trees and space so that you feel as though you are in a forest, yet there is room to manuver and contstruct.

Visual Appeal: 4
Some aspects of the map visually are nice, such as the broken carts and skeletons, which fit into the Sherwood theme nicely. The tree spacing is perfect visually. However, the bamboo seems a bit overused. There also are random patches of leaves and dirt, which seem a bit out of place without tree stumps or trees nearby. Generally though the winter asthetic is captured nicely.

Playability: 3
The playability doesn't seem as good for simple skirmishes. Almost immediately the game goes to street fighting. There simply isn't enough room to build practically, so buildings are placed haphazardly which leads to narrow lanes of conflict. The wolves also present a problem, as they will be almost directly outside your town center's line of sight. It keeps with the forest idea, but makes expanding a bit difficult initially, which leads to cramped conditions and insane fighting later.

It was hard to even build enough farms to sustain villager production, as the houses and resource drop off points are more or less in the farms' place. Towers and walls become an early necessity, simply to stall attackers long enough to coordinate defense.

Additional Comments:

All in all, a good map. As for combat, though, it doesn't capture the small skirmishes in the woods as much as it has seiges and assaults on the towns. The longbowmen at the start do provide interesting oppotunities for rushing or defending, and scouting for resources shouldn't take long as they are close and easy to find.

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Visual Appeal4.0
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