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Byzantines speaking Greek

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fr steve
File Details
Version: The Conquerors 1.0c
These files will permit you to finally listen Byzantines speaking their right language. As Sandyman told it in an answer, many ES'designers wanted to make them speaking Greek instead of Latin, which finally won. But it stays unhistorical since in the major part of the Middle Age, Byzantines spoke Greek. Now, that's done. With this mod, Byzantines will speak Modern Greek, the most close languague from Medieval Greek, Ancient Greek being too different and Latin being unright as I wrote it.

To use this mod, two solutions: -use the .akx file to play with;
-use Genied to replace yourself Latin sounds with the Greek sounds. All files were convert with Goldwave, so they have to work. Also, all their names are chosen to replace exact former files. Remove all former files and insert all new files with the same name.

However, I'm sorry if the quality stays low: I used text-to-speech softwares to do them, so many aren't perfect about the quality, but perfect about the words since I've searched carrefully the correct words and expressions. If you're Greek yourself, help would be welcome to perfect or improve these sounds.

Finally, you can make all that you want with these sounds if you just don't forget to indicate that they come from me. I've done them for my mod Age of Voivods(which always requires speakers from Eastern Europe) but I'm not selfish and want to share them with you. Enjoy!

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Turty The quality of the sounds isn't as good as the Latin voices, but it's still a neat little mod.
Conrad_Jalowski Do not forget that the "Byzantines" were Roman. In terms of culture, the Byzantines were an amalgam of the Grecians, Illyrians, Phrygians, Isaurians, Armenians and Ghassanid Arabs and not purely Greek. In addition, as a sovereign state, in its political organization and in its jurisprudence, the Byzantine Empire was Roman. Also, the Byzantines viewed themselves as Roman citizens even to the Palaeologan Dynasty and the collapse of the Empire in 1453 CE. [The last enclaves of Roman rule or the Despotate of the Morea and the Trapezuntine Empire fell in 1460 CE and in 1461 CE respectively.]

If the Byzantine emperor [Basileus, Autokrater] was referred to as a Grecian emperor or a Grecian autocrat, the particular envoy who addressed the Roman sovereign as such would have been temporarily imprisoned. This was not an "Imperium Graecorum" or "Empire of the Greeks" as held by the Occident [Western Europe] who were culturally biased and who viewed themselves as the true heirs to the Roman Empire [The "Imperium Romanum"] but the direct successor or the continuation of the old Roman Empire. Though the majority of the Eastern Roman Empire were Greek speakers, its culture was not Greek but an amalgam of separate cultures while institutionally and politically it was Roman albeit with a heavy influence exerted by the Orient or the East.

In addition, the term "Byzantine" was first utilized by the scholar and humanist Hieronymous Wolf after approximately one hundred years after the sack of Constantinople in 1453 CE. The term "Byzantine" was later utilized during the Enlightenment to distinguish between the Occidental Roman Empire and the Oriental Roman Empire which the Enlightenment philosophes viewed as corrupt, decadent, autocratic, bureaucratic and complex. Indeed, the Enlightenment historian and member of Parliament Edward Gibbon referred to the Byzantine Empire as a thousand year decline of the glories of Rome [The History of the Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire] while Charles-Louis de Secondat Montesquieu [Considerations on the Causes of the Greatness of the Romans and Their Decline] referred to the Greeks as a bigoted, superstitious, politically corrupt, decadent and avaricious people.
fr steve
File Author
Thanks for these informations but my mod make them just speaking Greek, it doesn't change their culture at all. Moreover, look at every Byzantine illuminations: all texts are written in Greek. Look at the cyrillic alphabet: it comes from Greek alphabet. The emperor is a Basileus, not an Imperium Romanum. Finally, the Byzantine Greek were used qince 330. So if you're right about culture, you're not very about Latin, however used by the Catholic Church, a rival.

[Edited on 10/02/10 @ 04:51 AM]

Conrad_Jalowski I did not err in my statement regarding the official language of the Eastern Roman/Byzantine Empire. To be more specific, Latin was utilized as the official language of the Eastern Roman Empire as well as the language of the imperial court up to the reign of Emperor Maurice [Ruled from 582-602 CE]. The great process of Hellenization only began during the reign of Basileus Heraclius [Ruled from 610-641 CE] who was of Armenian origin.

My detailed comments were not directed at your noted changes of language but were an attempt to dispel the common misconceptions on the "Byzantine" Empire. It was not an "Imperium Graecorum" but the continuation of the old Roman Empire or the surviving remnant of the "Imperium Romanum".
Alexius It's true that the period from the Reign of Emperor Heraclius to the Fall of Constantinople is larger than the period from when the Eastern Empire lost its Western Counterpart to the Reign of Emperor Heraclius.
Therefore it is more logical in ~reenactments (such as AoK) to use the language used longer - the Greek language.

Still it doesn't make the Romans ever since Heraclius Greeks, since from the very beginning the Empire was Roman Empire, not Latin Empire.
Just as when the Bulgars started speaking Slavic it didn't make their state and country Slavinia, it remained Bulgaria.

As for Greek language and Latin language Importance we shall remember that the Romans from the time of Alexander the Great found important to speak Greek, and that the New Testament was written in Greek...

As for the eventual transition from Romans to Greeks, it was the permanent Fall of their Rule and the ensuing Ottoman Dark Ages that caused that...
And the modern Greeks affiliate themselves to the "mythological" Hellenes rather than the Christian Romans...

[Edited on 12/02/10 @ 12:05 PM]

Aristidis Conrad is being a smart ass... and failing at it. The Byzantine empire (or eastern Roman empire) did in fact speak a slight variation of modern Greek. Latin was only spoken in the WESTERN Roman empire.

Im downloading mod right now :)
Conrad_Jalowski You are incorrect. I recommend that you improve your knowledge of Roman and Byzantine history which is quite poor.

Latin was the official language of the imperial court at Constantinople and the language spoken by the legions of the Eastern Roman Empire [Imperivm.Romanvm.Pars.Orientalis] up to the reign of Emperor Maurice who ruled from 582-602 CE. Greek only replaced Latin as the official language of the Eastern Roman Empire during the reign of basileus Heraclius who ruled from 610-641 CE. During the reign of Heraclius, the Eastern Roman Empire underwent processes of Hellenization that shifted the official language of the empire from the Latin language to Greek.
Official Reviewer
Conrad_Jalowski, I also recommend that you keep the discussion on the file at hand. This is no place to be lecturing one another or big noting yourselves.
alekshs I've downloaded the voices some time ago and sent you some of mine.I'm mentioning it here just to make sure if i sent them.
dklados Hi i downloaded the zip file, and you havent explained in which folder the akx. file goes. And i cannot find the folder where all the voices are for the characters. Can you please help me?

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