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Downloads Home » Single Player Scenarios » The battle of Hastings 1066

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The battle of Hastings 1066

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serve at 240
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Version: The Conquerors 1.0c
This scenario represent the battle of Hasting.Pleasy a rewiew and a comment
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Official Reviewer
Map Design3.0
The battle of Hastings 1066 is a single scenario, of none of the common game styles. Edward II, The Confessor, died without children and England had four candidates for the thrown, the legal heir Edgar Etheling, Harold Godwinson, William Duke of Normandy and Harald Hardrada of Norway. The wing decided in favour of Harold Godwinson Earl of Wessex, a decision which led to the battles of Stamford Bridge and Hastings. You play a Norman Longbow man at Hastings and your task to kill Harold of Wessex.

PLAYABILITY: This was weak, the scenario is rather short and the moment you move your unit from the back to the frontline the battle is almost over. Due to the immobile AI the armies stop fighting once the front lines are annihilated. After that it becomes repetitive, shooting enemies, luring them into the fire of Williams’ army. The scenario was played seven times to try some early attacks and once the Japanese player built a town centre up on the hill near Harolds’ tent to chop wood. 3-

BALANCE: The scenario was played on hard, the units’ strong attack makes the player overconfident while it is low on HP. Player 1 can stay out of the fight at the beginning, starting behind the lines. 3

CREATIVITY: Good use of sounds; creative balance with uphill fight and a good mix of HP and AP and I liked the idea to control a common soldier in a historic battle. 3

MAP DESIGN: The village was well done, but no sequence took place on that part of the map. It was like a witness that the designer could do better if he would put some effort into the design of the battlefield. 3

STORY/INSTRUCTIONS: The best part of the scenario; clear objective; good hint regarding the low HP; two bitmaps, one for the looks, a tactical one and an informative history section. 4

SUGGESTIONS: Get rid of the Japanese player or give him a town centre off the battle field. Divide the two armies into different players with several custom made AI, the ER_totally_immobile AI suits best Harold and some personal guards. Balance the battle so that the Normans will loose without the help of the Longbow man, place him nearer to the battle and work on the map, you can do better.

IN CLOSING: A short scenario worth a download.
G omega
Map Design3.0
Playability 4

Very Easy to play scenario. It's easy to understand. You need good tactic to win this battle as your army is stronger but smalest then Saxon's army.

Balance 2

Very hard to win. The saxons are simply to much! If your troops lost one or two AP, you are simply and surely beated as you will never be able to kill enough ennemy unit and to kill one of the saxon's heroes.

Creativity 5

Very Good idea. The "moral" is a very good idea.

Map Desing 3

Good Map, not more, not less

Story/Instruction 4

Not a great story, but the instruction are clear.

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Map Design3.0
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