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The Demon's Army

Author File Description
File Details
Version: The Conquerors 1.0c
Style: Fixed Force

The Demon's Army


Decades ago, the one known as the "Demon" came from the shadows. Using his dark influence, he was able to corrupt the weak minds of many men and subjected to his rule. This began the Demon Lord's reign of terror. Opposed to this sudden change of rulership, uprisings occurred. The Demon was quick to stomp them out though. His army grew larger and larger as foolish men were seduced by the Demon's lies. As time went by, not many had hope that they would one day be free of the Demon's rule.

Until one day, a golden opportunity opened.


A battle for freedom featuring:

  • a story about a band of soldiers as close as brothers

  • fast paced action requiring fast reaction

  • plenty of battles throughout the game

  • a mix of defend the spot and assault

  • difficulty dynamic gameplay

Game Tips/Settings

Music: OFF

Sound: Adjust to suit you

Speed: FAST

Difficulty: I recommend playing on MODERATE. Once you get better, see out HARD suits you. If both modes are to difficult, play on standard.

Read the README.txt file to place files in the correct directories.

AuthorComments & Reviews   ( All | Comments Only | Reviews Only )
bigboy37731 sounds quite nice, I might download somethime when I am bored, I'll be sure to comment again soon......
I just downloaded this because it sounded promising.

It started off quite well and gave me a good run for my money. Lots of micromanagement is required which I like.

The problem was when I got to the cliffs on the way to attacking the demons base.

It doesnt matter how quick I push forward I never get chance to go past the first gate to the top.

There is never enough room for my troops to move, even putting archers on stand ground and out the way, defending the hill on the way from the advancing army. My rams never get to where they want because of the little space meaning they just get owned. Half my time is spent moving my units around so others can get past, rather than fighting the enemy, which by a few minutes in is swarming with. I managed to get the prison opened (and my villagers actually past) the second time (first time they just got stuck with no where to go). After this the area just completely filled with enemy cavaliers etc, and monks converting them but its just impossible with so little room.

This was on standard, not even moderate. I'm going to try one more time but its frustrating not being able to move my troops without them becoming blocked up and queued.

My archers managed to hold off most the army for a while until I started moving forward again. Then the enemy which masses up just below the cliffs all started moving at once which just completely overwhelmed my army (which couldnt move anywhere), and I still noticed even more constantly being spawned and moving to the area.

My next strategy will be convert ALL my villagers to rams, put the archers in the prison tower and hope for the best.


Ok, I just finished it.

It was a good scenario, If someone reads this and wonders if they can be bothered to download it, I'd say yes, give it a go, it is good.

Not too bad for your first scenario.

Map design was nice and thought of (apart from my early frustration but I got past that).

I was actually by the end of it hoping there would be a second scenario.

The only thing that didn't really stand out was the story about a band of soldiers as close as brothers. Sure, it was a background story for carnage reasons, but it didn't stand out as obvious.

Spoiler alert ahead.

I managed to get past the first part after my third attempt. I realised afterwards it was more to do with understanding your triggers, and where the point of collection was as once you get past the 1st gate the rest is easy as all the enemy congragate there and stop spawning after a while.

I cant really see any improvements to make really, it is what it is. Much of it depends on your early success to what units you have later on. I didn't bother using vils for rams in the end, just pure long swordsmen and it worked. Just made sure my rams got in quick, supported briefly by archers to kill the guys on the other side of gates and melee units doing the rest. Monks constantly healing and converting the odd cavalier. Bringing my knights to the battle than leaving them down the bottom of cliffs. ALso killing the demon was easier than I thought it would be.

[Edited on 11/24/10 @ 12:37 AM]

File Author
Hey thanks for the feedback. I probably should have added more tips for that part of the game.

Regarding the demon's base, placing your archers in stand position at the VERY entrance of the base is a good idea and you'll probably want to keep them there even after the first gate is down. Placing some infantry in guard position in front of your archers will also keep the army back for a longer amount of time especially on standard. It should be enough for you to advance to the prison area.

If you do this, you won't have any problems getting your rams to the gate. Not many enemies will be able to get by your men.

Also, using your scorpions to "scare away" units behind the gate can be really useful.

I hope that this helps and you keep finding different strategies for that part!


I'm glad you were able to beat it!

[Edited on 11/23/10 @ 09:35 PM]

Lord Basse
Official Reviewer
I haven't been able to beat it yet, but I was positively surprised when I started playing it. The story isn't all that unique but the execution is good, it's fun to play and the map looks good. I will give a review once I find time to play it again. :)
Lord Basse
Official Reviewer
Map Design4.0
"The Demon's Army" is a short fixed force scenario that takes about half an hour to complete, not counting reloads. It's about a rebellion against a demon king who has taken over your country, and you are rushing your armies to his castle to take him down.

The Demon's Army is a good scenario, with a good enough story to keep you interested and fast-paced gameplay. It was quite fun to play and it took a couple of tries and had me switch down the difficulty level, but it was fun rushing through the fortified cliff fortress and getting to the Demon. The letdowns of the gameplay are that the Demon you're fighting, and the heroes of your own army, aren't really that interesting characters; The demon doesn't get much screen time at all, and he isn't even particularly strong in combat either. The action is still fun, but the story framing it could've been better thought out. A few minor things that annoyed me was that the dialogue appeared when all the old dialogue stayed in screen, making it hard to figure out which was the last line; remove the two other lines when you start over at the top with new dialogue. the fact that you could convert the treasonous commander in the second battle was also a bit anticlimactic. Overall, I did find this an entertaining scenario, but there were a few things that could've been done better.

I found moderate too be a bit too hard for me, even if that's my usual level of playing, and standard was actually a bit too easy. I will say that it seemed like it was hard, with the enemy cavalry attacking your rear while you rush up to the Demon, guarded by his elites, and attempt to cut him down; but it really wasn't. I had enough troops to kill off all the elites, hold back the cavalry for quite a while if I had wanted to, and Demon himself was a weakling compared to the powerful demagogue the story portrayed him as. It's not awfully easy throughout, you need good strategic thinking to win and the upper levels are actually a bit too hard, at least for me, but the finale was much too easy.

The scenario has some creative parts. The story is a rather typical "kill the evil king"-story and the characters aren't all that interesting, but it's good enough to give the gameplay atmosphere. There are some good design techniques used, quite varied gameplay for such a short scenario, and well-crafted intense gameplay. Overall, it doesn't strike me as an innovative masterpiece, but it puts several good ideas into practice that spice up the gameplay. However, one thing that would improve the score is if you had made the story more interesting. As it is now it's enough to give the gameplay a frame, but it could've been a lot more interesting, actually drawn you in and made you care about the characters; in short, the story ought to have had more character.

The map looked rather good and it was rather well designed from a strategic viewpoint, with elevation, bottlenecks and natural defensive positions. It did look a little odd with the flowers in the snow and there were a few places that looked rather plain, but overall the map was pleasant to look at and fun to play on. The cliff fortress did seem a little odd though, with big gates along the cliffs and a castle in the middle. It didn't really look like a fortress, and even though it worked well for the scenario, it could've been made more fortress-like. Or you could've called it a mountain camp, replaced the gates with something else and gone for that instead, but the hybrid that it is does seem a little odd. Not odd enough to ruin the scenario, but enough for me to notice it.

Like I've mentioned earlier, the story was pretty standard and didn't have any overly interesting characters. The Demon was a bit of a letdown as he was described as fearsome and evil in the pregame part, but was useless in combat. The story doesn't leave much of an impression and if it had been less stereotypical and more detailed, it would've improved the scenario as a whole. Generally good spelling, the instructions were adequate and the hints were helpful. It would've been useful though if the map had pointed out more specifically where the Demon's castle was, so that you could to straight for it and not lose soldiers on going into dead ends. In total, a strong three.

OVERALL: Good entertainment, but too little character to really make it memorable.
Lord Basse
Official Reviewer
I just want to add that, for a first release, this is a really good scenario. I hope we get to see more from you fenix! :)

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Map Design4.0
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