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Downloads Home » Recorded Games » 3x 1vs1 on arabia (MAC)

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3x 1vs1 on arabia (MAC)

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Version: The Conquerors 1.0c
Some mac recorded games from the 2010 1vs1 tournament on mac. It's my first games of the round robin, going against Chino who I heard was the best player in my group. Look at the spoilers below for results (and other spoilers).


G1 Mayans vs byz
First game is a 23+2 pop FC, but I lost EW so it was 22+2 pop. Owned his flush, but didn't secure gap in his wall, so he became fully walled up and I couldn't do shit to stop his boom. Game over.
0 - 1

Second game I requested restart, he said it was fine.

G2 Mayans vs Huns
Second game again, I did 5 MAA rush, then protected home with MAA+scim+archers and a tower. Aged up quite fast, only to set up a castle, a second TC and make some x-bows. Then I noticed I had the resources for imperial, so I aged up (35 min imperial time), made a second castle only to stop producing plumes. In imperial I fought with arbs (plus some left over MAA :P) at first, then I got the food for EEW and later 100 HP EEW, and overpowered him.
Stole 2 sheep in dark age btw.
1 - 1

G3 Mayans vs Britts
I drushed with 4 militia and aged up to feudal quite fast. In feudal I started creating a archer army, with some spears to counter his scouts (he went scout rush first). I aged up to castle age quite fast, and started raiding. His army was bigger than mine, so I couldn't do much damage.
Then he aged up, and got super-range x-bows. I thought my lesser ranged x-bows would win because they were cheaper, but he had numbers on his side. I had a TC placed quite forward that took his attention luckily, and later I got walls up around my base (except at that TC). I made a castle at forward TC and created some siege to fight his x-bows (still created x-bows too). He tried to break though my walls at a place where I had walled with houses and not stone, but luckily I had stone enough to set up a castle behind and thus he had to retreat. Here he lost around half of his x-bows to my siege, x-bows and castle fire.
Now I felt very safe, so I made several TCs and boomed. Kept making some x-bows too, but not much. He made it to imperial 4 mins before me, but lucky for me he didn't have a castle (I think, haven't watched rec) so the trebs didn't come instantly. Anyway, he bought down the forward castle and TC (but didn't get the vills), but by then I had 100 HP EEW and soon after I had all armor ups too. Because he had cavaliers and arbs, my EEW killed him very fast and without problem. It helped I was able to secure both far away gold mines.
If looking at 3rd game, notice how long and hard I fight to steal the 2 sheep. I get them under my TC first in castle age.
2 - 1
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Official Reviewer
Does anyone know what the "out of sync replaying game" means?
i_like_h3ll It is an error, sometimes happens. Generally i take it when using an edited .dat

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