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Lade LandRM

Author File Description
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Version: The Conquerors 1.0c
Version 0.9.9

It's my first script. I am working on it for some months and I feel it's almost ready.

Population: Designed for 200 pop only.
Map type: Land maps only, it won't build a dock. It's better on woody maps. Tries land-nomad and Metropolis. Likes relic maps. Needs wood and gold/stone mines.
It is tested on Arabia, Scandinavia, Nomad, Land Nomad, Yucatan, Green/Blue Arabia maps, Fortress and more.
Civilisation: All civs. Best with Byzantines, worst with Turks.
Game type: Random map, not designed for Turbo Random map.
Victory settings: Conquest, it won't build a wonder or react to an enemy one, nor will it try to stop the relic clock.
Difficulty: Hard or Hardest. No cheating. Not even on Hardest.
All techs: Off
Map revealed: Off, like in all AIs.
Starting Age: Dark/Standard
Starting resources: Low/Standard, it will delay unnecessarily on higher resources.
Map size: Any
Teams locked: On. No diplomacy. Trades with allies.

It is a defensive script. It prefers a fast castle (~19') and boom, attack after 32-36'. Reacts to flushes. Doesn't build walls. Once it starts its main attack, it will keep attacking whenever it feels strong.
Optimised for the Byzantine civ. Since it is under progress, some imbalance problems are present, and the scripting isn't clear. I am working towards improving its reliability and readability.

- Extract all its contents anywhere you want. Although I used 7-zip for the compression, it should open with WinZip too.
Then, select all (the 2 files and the folder) and copy-paste them into the { ...\Microsoft Games\Age of Empires II\AI } folder.

Enjoy! And keep in mind that it will be upgraded.

Note for tournament judges: it contains the 2h AI Ladder resign file. This file only fires if there are no human players in the game.
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scripter64 This is an exceptional AI, marathon. It balances its economy and military extremely well. I've seen many games where it would defend against a devastating attack, turn it around, and go on to win the game. If it's playing Byzantines, in particular, watch out ;)

Highly recommended as an all-civ AI.
File Author
Thanks, scripter64.

It plays pretty well, but it has some problems with most civs. It has the ability to overcome its problems and put up a fight no matter what.

It's supposed to be a good opponent/ally for human players. It can play many map types: I just ran a good test on teams highlands relics (custom map) against IS_Machine, 2vs2. Result: draw. One Lade player was clinically dead but it resurrected later, while the other was double-teamed for over 30' and survived very well, losing > 2000 units in 2 hours and protecting the remnants of its ally. I still think that the team coordination was very poor and needs work.

The next upgrade will definately be highly recommended. Currently, it still needs work.

[Edited on 01/30/11 @ 11:46 PM]

File Author
I am working on the script. I have changed it radically.
Right now, I am working with a Byzantine strategy, that will be the base for a Chinese, a Korean and a Briton strategy.
Using the Byzantine strategy as a template, I created a Viking strategy, the base for infantry strategies. Enough to say that Vikings can now beat Byzantines, but this only means that Byzantines need more work.

Testing, optimising and debugging will probably take me 2-4 weeks. Then, I will make strategies for all civs, good or bad doeesn't matter at this point. Only after I have made it all-civ will I upload.

The script will be able to be used for multiplayer games and it will play all land maps with all resources and room for buildings. I ruined its ability to play nomad, but I'll fix it again. Also, since some of the best custom maps for team games have no gold mines, I will try to make it play on non-gold maps (it seems able to play on non-stone maps).

Team coordination doesn't work well yet.

Water maps won't be supported, since I have ran onto the rule limit already. Too bad, some mixed maps like Baltic are among my favorites.

The strategy files will be customisable, meaning that one will be in position to create his/her own strategy, using a preexisting strategy as a base, and see it in action. But only someone with some scripting skills will manage to make a working strategy.
The strategy files will handle separately all things that a scripter would like to have under control, like:
- Gatherer percentages
- When and how to place farms, mills and houses. Forced hunting.
- Target evaluation numbers, attack types, defense
- Scouting
- Build orders
- Research order
- Escrow, market
- Villager/unit training
- Respond to enemy plans and change strategy in-game
- Chat-coordination
So, one will be able to take the existing Hun strategy, for example, change whatever he wants and keep the rest as they are.

There is 1 strategy file per civ and it has several strategies inside it. As it is now, the current strategy will be selected in accordance with the enemy plans or the map. Ex: no spears against Aztecs, so change build order and gatherers distribution. Ex2: no rushing on Fortress maps or in regicide games. The Byzantine file has 8 working strategies so far, the Viking one has 5 strategies.
I am thinking of using a random-selection system, that won't make the script unable to play multiplayer (i.e. no (load-random)).

A guide will be included at a later stage, for the brave ones who will try their scripting skills with this script. However, I suggest Chameleon as THE customisable script: very, very basic scripting knowledge is enough for a strong strategy with that script.
My script will allow the creation of a flexible and very strong strategy, but it will be hard to make it.
Chameleon has that super editor utility that allows for the creation of a strategy within 10', with no need for scripting abilities, but its flexibility is limited. It is a rather pro-active script, while mine is a reactive one.

And why would one try to make a custom strategy with another scripter's ai, instead of making his own? One reason is: no need for all these boring codes that handle battle, building placement, camps placement, threat detection etc.
Another reason is: try a strategy before actually scripting it from the beginning. In fact, I try strategies with Chameleon before scripting them myself.

I just wanted to highlight that this is still a script under progress. And that I will need time for an upgrade. Hopefully, it will be worth it.
TheLaughingMule For this file we will allow the author to post updates as new comments.

Blacksmith Staff
File Author
I have uploaded a half-hearted update at aiscripters:
for the Yucatan 2vs2 tournament that is about to start there.
That update only plays 5 civs, and only 2 of them at an reasonably high level.
You could visit the site for more new scripts and for the tournament submissions/proceedings. We have 8 submissions already, expecting another 2-3.

That update still has bugs. Team support is still virtually absent. I have another upgrade in-progress, with fewer rules (I might actually find space for water rules later) and with some bug fixes, but a terrible new bug disables gatherer percentages in dark-feudal ages and, thus, I couldn't upload it.
Still working on it. It now also plays Turbo Random Map, Regicide and Deathmatch.
Alevo A great AI. I put it in a game with my AI (first one cause I'm still noob at AI coding), Crusader 2.5, and a hardest enemy. Lade LandRM as Byzantines, First AI as Celts, and Crusader 2.5 as Huns.

The start saw Lade LandRM getting rushed by Crusader but it adapted to this and built its strategy around defending and progressively, counter-attacking. It can react in the correct way to many difficult-to-overcome situations, and after that even take advantage of this. After a slow start due to the rushing, and constant (and very annoying) messages throughout the game it slowly developed whilst defending with just enough force and managing to eventually overtake First AI (mine) and Crusader 2.5.

By the end of the game it knew how to play to overcome the fact that it had few resources and beat the other AIs and the hardest computer almost with ease.

This is a brilliant AI, I only wish I was the one who created it ;)
File Author
Thanks for the comments, Alevo.

Currently, its biggest problem is those messages. Chatty scripts like this, Zycat and Chameleon make it impossible to run huge 4x4 battles with AIs because of the [String Table Full] error.

I have worked a lot on this AI since my first upload. But, since the version in my PC isn't all-civ yet, I hesitate to upload here and erase my old AI.

I completely changed half of its core, so all strategies had to be rewritten. I currently have 5-6 civilisations ready, and another 6 half-ready.

I made efforts to solve land-nomad problems and in general all kinds of issues with weird maps, turbo-RM games and Regicide. I tried to compact rules and free some room for water gameplay, but I still lack rulespace.

I am also trying to minimise lag by changing its attacking methods and structure of rules. I believe it isn't the laggiest script out there, but I want more.

I know that it may fail on nomad-type maps or Megarandom when there is no scout. I apologise for any inconvenience, the next version will be smarter with villager scouting.

In the end, when I update here, I will have erased almost all chat. Chat will be there in the version in my PC, for testing purposes.

This present version is no more maintained. I have changed it radically since then, so any constructive feedback will do no good now.
Promiskuitiv Just wanted to say that this AI is awesome and you should definitely download and play with it if you haven't yet!

Probably the best AI for byzantines around! And this version can even play any other civ too!

Also thanks to the author for giving me tips in AI scripting, you're awesome! ;)

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