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The Witchdoctor's Elixir

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Version: The Conquerors 1.0c
Style: Puzzle
The chief is ill. You take him to the witchdoctor but he can't heal the chief without a few special ingredients. You play the chief's wife and the rest of his tribe as you try to collect the ingredients - without dying in the process!

This is my first scenario so don't expect anything magnificent but I hope you enjoy this little game!

There are no music files or anything, just the .scx file.

I'd be grateful for any comments/criticisms - please be gentle ;)
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Jecon Well, I played this and it was interesting. Some comments:

I did not notice much terrain mixing, most ground was the same grass except in the marsh, that was ok.

Some helpful advise, most people doen't really enjoy cutting through that much forest/stone.

Everyone had Standard AI, which makes them resign sometimes, and it made the game unwinnable once when the Teutons resigned and the market demolished itself.

The Chinese were quite ridiculously hard. I personally think you made them to hard to beat in a reasonable time frame.

Those comments might sound kinda negative and/or depressing, but I must say I liked every objective, they were interesting and creative. And the random stuff that happened was cool.

In the end, if you want I could review this, but I would not suggest you ask me to as I am not a fan of build and destroy ;) This was creative and interesting, if you make this(or maybe a new one) less time consuming, easier, and do some better terrain mixing, then it could turn out to be quite good.
File Author
Thanks for all your comments Jecon! I had my doubts about leaving that much forest to cut through, so it's good to hear an outside opinion.

To change the AI settings do I need to download different AI files from here?

I'll definitely take on board the terrain mixing point, I had thought that adding features like ponds varied it enough but looking at the scenarios I've downloaded here mine did seem very...uniform!

I think I'll make another scenario on a similar vein (complete a few small objectives etc) but I'll try to avoid huge swathes of forest and a Chinese army that takes forever to beat!

Thanks for your comments - to be honest, negative comments help more if I want to progress :)
Leif Ericson
Yes, you can try downloading some of the files here, or you can make your own if the computer player doesn't have to do a lot. You can ask for help with AIs at the AI & RM Scripting Forum. There are many people, including me, that would be happy to help you.

If you want to improve your terrain mixing ability, why don't you participate in the Continuous Screenshot Competition (link below). You'll be able to have fun making small screenshots and people will be able to tell you how to improve.

File Author
Thanks Leif Ericson - I've never tried AI/RM scripting but will check out the forum, it's annoying when the computer player automatically gives up - I preferred AOE:ROR in that respect (although triggers are awesome in AOK).

I saw the Screenshot Competition a while ago, there are some great shots there! I think I'll give it a go when the next category comes out :)
Jecon Well If you want the players to not resign you can use AI, it will make everyone of the player who has the AI not move(but they will attack enemies that get close to them). The AI is also helpful in RPG's where you a lot of guys standing around doing nothing.

To help you get better at designing in general I would advise you to play advertising, I know :p), when your terrain mixing is better then it you've accomplished something even I still struggle with, lol.

Most people advise you to play all the best campaigns, in a way I disagree with them. For any new person who plays Ulio or some of the other great campaigns they try to make one just as cool and end up failing miserably. I(this may come as a surprise to some) never played Ulio past the prologue. As soon as I finished it I knew if I play further when I made my own stuff they would contain little aspects from all the great campaigns I played, so instead of playing all the top rated campaigns I participated in the Continuous Screenshot Competition(like Lief suggested) and grew on my own. The result was Jengar's Quest, which was hailed(at least I think it was) as one of the best newbie works around then.

I see a whole lot of potential in you, the objectives were creative. And of all the things required to make a good scenario, true creativity is the one that's hardest to get better at. Terrain mixing, trigger work, plot lines, they are all pretty easy to get better at, but creativity is the one that brings a scenario up from 'just like every other one in the blacksmith' to 'unique and creative'. There's a reason creativity is a category in reviewing, its to bring out which designers are the best, and if I reviewed this, creativity would be the highest category.

Whew, that was a long post, well I hope this helps you in your designing, and who knows, maybe I'll review your next work just so I can let other people know how awesome the scenario was.

Cheers, Jecon.

[Edited on 12/08/10 @ 04:44 PM]

File Author
Wow, thanks Jecon! Really appreciate you going into so much depth to help me improve.

That's a very valid point - I'll never have the skill or patience to match the best campaigns out there but the screenshot competition would help a lot. I'll definitely check out Jengar's quest (PS I love the names you've chosen - I can never get the hang of the 19-letter-5-syllable names that usually come up!)

Thanks for saying you liked the creativity - praise indeed from an old hand such as yourself!
Lord Basse
Official Reviewer
Map Design3.0
The concept of the scenario is quite enjoyable, however, many of the missions take far too much time to complete for them to remain interesting. For example, taking out the Chinese takes an awful lot of time , cutting through multiple layers of forest to get to either the icy coast, the treasure mount or the white flowers, takes more patience than most people would have, considering nothing else happens while you're doing this.

The gameplay isn't awful, but it has some severe letdowns. The focus on wood-cutting and mining for example, as well as the fact that you pretty much can not get to that relic, seeing as the ambushing forces loop indefinitely and you only have four monks to use. Considering how long it takes to get the chief's medicin together, the witch doctor might as well ditch the medicin and find a way to resurrect the chief once he's dead instead. :P

I never felt threatened. The wolves don't attack unless you walk right into them (that's the problem with Dire Wolves), the Chinese, while taking forever to beat, never get out of their fort and attack, and the bandits and pirates are only passive guardians for treasures and fish. Maybe send some attacks my way, change the wolves into more aggressive ones, and give the players an AI so that they don't resign two minutes into the game.

The concept of the scenario is quite fresh, I don't believe I've seen anything quite like it before. However, the execution is a bit bland as completing most missions consist of cutting down trees and mining stone. There are a good few creative ideas, like the white flowers, saltpeter mines and so forth, but nothing mind-blowing. The concept is quite unique, the execution less so. A medium score I believe is warranted.

The map does seem like a mish-mash of climate zones, from an icy coast to a wet swamp, directly to a jungle and a tenmpered forest west of it all. It comes across as weird that all these climates fit into the same 72x72 map.

I wouldn't say the map is especially good looking, but it's not horrible either. There are some nifty design tricks used, like the shoreless water and snow creating waterfalls, rather well-made swamps and so forth. However, the base of the map is often quite bland, with little terrain mixing and a quite squarey look. Again, it has it's fair share of good points, but they don't bring the map up beyond a three.

As I said before, the concept of the scenario is quite unique; your tribe chieftain becomes very ill and it's your task to find the ingredients needed for the cure. The story is hastily presented without much background, and while it might not give a lasting impression it's enough to get you to understand what the world you're supposed to be doing. Instructions are adequate, although it would've been nice with a more detailed hints section telling where and how exactly to get all the ingredients, should you get stuck (I know I looked long and hard for that white flower for one). There are no spelling mistakes that I noticed, which is a plus.

If you want to up the xcore here I think you should make the story a bit more developed, explain a bit more about who the characters are, where this tribe lives and so forth. Make it more involving. As it stands it's acceptable, but it would make the scenario better if the story was more detailed.

SUGGESTIONS: Make it less of a chop-and-mine scenario, make the Chinese easier to beat, give the player better access to gold (not having to cut through six layers of trees to get to it), fix the looping ambush, make the story more detailed and... maybe add some music to it? It would be nice to have something nice listening to while you're looking at people chopping down trees. ;)
Aurun Oh man! Lord Basse review it! The thing is serious here!
Nice job NowhereT
File Author
Thanks for the review Lord Basse! By Aurun's comment I gather that your presence is quite an honour :P

You make some very useful points - all of which I will take on board for my next scenario. I think overall I rushed the scenario - I was excited to discover AOKH and wanted to get in on the action before taking the time to make a decent scenario!

I'm now working on a new scenario, taking on board all the comments here so I hope to improve - although I'm happy with a solid 2.6 for my first project :)
Lord Basse
Official Reviewer
You're welcome! I think you have quite some potential if you just spend more time on a map and, like you said, take in the critique. I hope I don't come across as too harsh in the review, I do try to be straightforward and constructive.

You seem like an enthusiastic designer, so I wish you the best of luck with all your future projects! :)
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