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Fire & Steel

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Version: The Conquerors 1.0c
Style: Fixed Force
Number of scenarios: 1
Holy crap! Three years! I've updated the FTP links but otherwise...I want to leave this exactly how it was. :-)


Fire & Steel 1: Borderland (previously The Omega War) is my first and last submission to AOKH, save for the demo. I have decided to take everything I have done with the project and publish it to AOKH. If you feel like taking over, just drop me a line.

Fire and Steel is a Fixed Force campaign, taking place in an alternative history where Rome never fell to the barbarian hordes. You play the role of Albret Mofano, a commander the army of Saxony. Your country, and the rest of Europe for that matter, is gearing up for war as the realisation spreads that Rome is ripe for the picking and that whoever controls the city controls the continent. The game follows a mission structure, with four separate areas to play through with, I hope, a need for tactics above all else. Nothing has been done since I last opened the editor, so be warned that the scenario is very unstable in certain parts and that it is actually impossible to complete normally as many of the mission transition triggers are not in place. When the castle shows in the opening sequence, select one of the following units:

Top right guard: skip intro & move to Mission 1
Castle: skip to Mission 2
Top left guard: skip to Mission 3
Josselyne: skip to Mission 4
None: Nothing, play intro and Mission 1 normally (recommended!)

There is also a sound pack and a music pack to go with the scenario:

Sound Pack
Music Pack

You will also need the music piece 'Strength and Honour' from Mark Stoker's excellent Tamerlane campaign. If you do not already have the file from Tamerlane's music pack, it can be downloaded separately here.

There is also a mirror for the core game files.

INSTALLATION: simply extract all files to your root AOK directory and they will drop into the correct folders.

Remember to view the victory screen for a list of credits!

Website (no longer updated)
AuthorReviews   ( All | Comments Only | Reviews Only )
Map Design5.0
A great work, sorry to hear you are leaving us.
This is an unfinished version of a great scenario.

PLAYABILITY: There were great moments in it, but some confusion was also present. You said that there were 4 missions, but the fourth mission did not work in the scenario you submitted, and no victory can be achieved without cheating. After the second mission Josselyne mentions that the Captain of Luxemburg did something and I will not be that lucky next time. Did I miss something? I replayed it multiple times, but saw no mention of the name. And also it is a bore to bring the ram all the way to the dock, make it mongolian in Imperial Age.
All the missions were fun and challenging. 4
SUGGESTIONS: It only needs to be finished and cleared.

BALANCE: In the 3rd mission it is said that your allies do not stand a chance without your help. I tried just watching the battle and not aiding my allies. They still won easily.
The 2nd mission is very challenging and I had to reload repeatedly. 4
SUGGESTIONS: Only adjust the 3rd mission, great otherwise.

CREATIVITY: The story of Rome being alive is the first thing that adds to this section. Great missions, totally awesome music and eye-candy add the rest. 5+

MAP DESIGN: Great map design with eye-candy and relistic forests. But sometimes it was very hard to get through it, and my army was hard to manage in the woods. 5-

STORY INSTRUCTIONS: As I already mentioned, it is a great creative story, though I do not agree on some global outcomes, but that is my personal opinion. The instructions were vague in the first mission, you should have mentioned more clearly that you need to click the object to recieve the messages. The instructions in the 3rd mission contradict each other. You say that I can bypass the encampment, but the objectives say that I "need" to destroy it. More clarity is wanted. 5-

Overall I liked it very much, especially the music.

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Map Design5.0
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