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The Assassin - Training part 1

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Version: The Conquerors 1.0c
Style: Role Playing Only
The Assassin's - Training

Part 1 - Intruder Skills

Inspired by the Assassin's Creed game franchise

This is the first of 3 scenarios
This one have a little cutscene in the end.
Promise more sounds in the both next and improve more in the terrain.

please comment! even if is bad a comment.

WARNING: This file requires the use of Renaissance in order to work.

Update - 17/12/2010

Note: War wagon trigger bug has been assasinated. Siege ram bug is on the way

Sadly the look of this scenario will not be improved due the author is already improving the second

Thanks for report

Any bug, report...
AuthorComments   ( All | Comments Only | Reviews Only )
Sarn First, this is a novel idea. I haven't seen too many scenarios focused on assassins and the like. That said, I have a few comments. First, the map design could use some more work. A lot of the paths are simple straight lines of dirt. Vary the terrains, make it a little more patchy and winding and it will look a lot more realistic. Also, there is very little challenge in this scenario. You essentially avoid all combat (except a few wolves and a couple guards) and go from point A to point B. As an assassin, I was expecting some assassination happening, and I was a little disappointed when it didn't.

Essentially: More detailed (and realistic) map design and more content.

A couple bugs:
First, not quite a bug, but something that could be improved: when in the ram, the amount of time the ram is visible (and you are able to unload your unit) is rather short. I would recommend moving the flag closer to the ram's path or something.

Second, when I get to the War Wagon, I lose. My guess is that this is because your trigger requiring the Assassin to survive detects that the unit is gone and triggers the unit death. Maybe disabling that trigger when you change the unit to the other player would fix this.

[Edited on 12/16/10 @ 03:49 PM]

File Author
First! Thanks for commenting! :)

Well, lets go!

About the map desing... made it in a couple of hours... was really not a good job, i know :D

this first part of the training really dont have a assasination, but the second have. Its already on the way

About the triger of the war wagon i really sorry about that...i thought that i had solve it...

I put a unit on the conner of the map...damn it! well...gonna solve it tomorrow and update it...

about the second part

''Combat and environment skills''

Its on a war zone. Have to kill a couple of targets. I am going to make a better terrains mixing
Will be in 3 types of environments. Thats why i am doing it on a giant map
- Snow
- Jungle
- Desert

I really think that i am gonna make this into a novel... after the training scenarios i pretend to make a serious of campaings...

sadly i will be busy til 19

[Edited on 12/16/10 @ 10:44 PM]

Sarn It's not the unit in the corner of the map that's the problem. The last trigger you have is that if the main unit (assassin) dies, you loose. All you would need to do is disable that trigger with the same trigger you use to change ownership of the assassin right before the war wagon. That way, as soon as the assassin changes to player 4, your triggers can remove it without loosing.
File Author
I know that...i already solve it man
Kellor Kleft I'm not going to type this in the standard format of review. I'm going to make a list of things I noted, and offer a few suggestions. Allow me to begin by saying this is a very interesting idea, with the opportunity to be something great. What I like about it is the idea that you are overcoming obstacles with your brain, and with special abilities such as scaling walls(neat idea. by the way).

This is good for a learning tutorial, however I would wish that your next maps would require more preemptive thought and observation in future scenarios. It is a bad idea to have the player depend on your instructions to know when something is happening, or how to pass it.
For example: When you are traversing a narrow path, you are informed to immediately garrison yourself in a nearby tower. You find out a moment later that it is due to knights patrolling the road.
What I would do is to play a sound of trampling hooves, giving the notion that enemies are coming your way, and you need to get out of sight quickly. This way, its the same thing, but leaving it to the player to figure it out and make the call. Another occurrence is the bridge, where you are informed of soldiers across of it, and tell the player to find another route. Giving the player very subtle indications of dangers ahead of him, or outright entrapping him would be better suited in later scenarios. It teaches him to both be more cautious of his surroundings, and think ahead for what would be the wisest path to choose.
Another example is that when you are required to cross a locked gate. A ram just waiting outside the gate takes you in. I know that this is meant to be like a tutorial, but I would like to make it clear that obvious indications and straightforward means of overcoming obstacles is something you should try to avoid. I'm simply making sure that if you are not aware of these suggestions, that you would be able to correct them.
One small thing I noticed was that English may not be your native language. If you require someone to display your text into a more grammatically correct form, I would be glad to help you with that.
Your terrain was subpar, and you should try to put more variety and eyecandy in the map. I did like the concept of the places, however. Improving upon the terrain, and giving more definition to locations you visit would give it a solid 3, and maybe even a 4.
This is a lot I'm giving you, so I won't go much further. However, I would like to suggest something that I think is most important:
Rather than making a straightforward path to the end, you should make a huge city/outskirts as a hub for the entire map. Sort of like the Assassin's Creed approach. Only instead of just getting missions to go to X and kill X at each place, you could be given one or two main goals, and you need to travel about, finding ways to achieve these few goals by working with other people or performing certain actions.
What you could have done with the sewer would be to make it more like a labyrinth. So its not a boring trek through, but a puzzle to find your way out. This works especially well with the fact that you have a timer to complete the level, and the need of quick thinking and fast reflexes is ever-present.
The Two biggest reasons that I must stress a non-linear path is 1) The way past obstacles isn't clearly displayed around you, and the answer for all you know could be to find another way. And 2) is Choice. Give more than one way to achieve a goal so that the player has more freedom to think and contemplate his approach, and so that he can live with the consequences he may face and learn from it. Such as losing a friend, an alarm being sounded before you are able to escape a castle, or reckless approaches encouraging increased guard activity around the city.

The last bit was a pretty big suggestion, and would be a lot of work. I don't expect you to pull off that feat throughout the mod, but I would hope that you take what I've suggested to consider your range of opportunities to make this map bigger and better.
I hope to see more of this mod, and I sincerely wish you the best of luck.

[Edited on 12/28/10 @ 11:57 PM]

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