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Aqueduct Add-on (BETA)

Author File Description
Sir Sunman
File Details
Version: The Conquerors 1.0c
Adds on 10 new units to the game (v1.0c)

*NOTE, this mod does not replace anything in the game, only adds on to it! =)

5 new heros (which will be used in my upcoming campaign)
- Hernán Cortés
- Hernán Cortés (mounted)
- Doña Marina
- Moctezuma II
- Cuauhtémoc

5 new buildings
- Mesoamerican Aqueduct //
- Mesoamerican Aqueduct \\
- Mesoamerican Aqueduct =
- Mesoamerican Aqueduct II
- Mesoamerican Aqueduct Source

Versions released so far:

> v0.10 (Dec 14, 2010) [current]
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AuthorComments & Reviews   ( All | Comments Only | Reviews Only )
Official Reviewer
Looks cool. I'll Download and check it out soon.
anter175 what type of uints are those heros?(like WW is a campion and robin hood is a longbowman ect.)
Sir Sunman
File Author
Hernán Cortés = El Cid
Hernán Cortés (mounted) = El Cid Campeador
Doña Marina = Joan the Maid (cannot attack)
Moctezuma II = Mesoamerican monk (cannot convert nor heal, ruler figure)
Cuauhtémoc = elite jaguar warrior (very powerful)

(All their stats have been changed from the original, to make them original)

[Edited on 12/19/10 @ 02:49 PM]

Official Reviewer
would have been better if Cotez was a Conquistador. You should also change his icon to something like Duke de Alencon to make him more original.
Sir Sunman
File Author
You're right, but the reason I made it like that is to distinguish his character from the others, because if he were a conquistador, he'd blend in with other conquistadors. The lancer on horseback is solely a hero unit, which I think makes him look like a leader. The El Cid icon is accurate, because that was the common appearance for conquistadors at that time.
Official Reviewer
I don't think a lance really fits with Cortez. Maybe a Cataphract or a Knight
Sir Sunman
File Author
Hmm, I'll take that into consideration.
Thanks for the feedback! =)

[Edited on 12/19/10 @ 07:55 PM]

Official Reviewer
Rating: 3.5

This modpack, as the name implies, adds units to the game rather than modifying them. The five buildings added are aqueduct pieces. While they look decent, it's static nature can make it look as just a wall painted blue on the top rather than an aqueduct. Also, the anchors for the bottom right and top left aqueduct end piece are not properly set, so it cannot be aligned properly with the other pieces. Units cannot walk under the aqueducts though they should be able to.

The units added are some hero units. The monk is unnatural, since it can't convert or heal even though it looks as it should. It can't attack either. A different class of unit could have been used for it. All the units added have ES graphics, no changes. Names of the units are in the language file attached.

Additional Comments:
I think it's a bit overambitious to try to make a complete aqueduct system, like 'If one section of aqueduct gets destroyed, then the aqueduct sections ahead of it should be changed so that no water runs through them' - which is going to be impossible or really, really hard. Rather, you can concentrate on improving the graphics you already have so that it looks and plays more natural. And fix the monk.
Sir Sunman
File Author
Pretty good rating for my first modpack! I agree that the aqueducts don't look very realistic, plus they blend in with shallow water. I still haven't figured out how to allow units to walk under them, with the exception of one for some strange reason.

I will continue to post updates to this add-on as predicted (expected release date):

v0.25 > take out redundant, experimental additions to the .dat file, such as heroes and ALL those sea gates, fix anchors, allow units to walk underneath, and aqueduct cohesion (mid Jan, 2011)
v0.50 > new look maybe?, aqueduct source fix, and aqueduct animations (early Mar)
v0.75 > beta aqueducts for the four other civilizations, and any additional improvements (Easter, going to take a while)
v1.0 > FINAL RELEASE (May, hopefully!)

...remember, this is only a prediction, change is inevitable! ;)

[Edited on 12/22/10 @ 12:55 AM]

pulkit You could try copying the Gate object in AGE and replace its graphics with your aqueduct. This way in scenario designing, the designer can keep the gates unlocked for allowing units to walk under it, or keep it locked if they wish to obstruct the passage.
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