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Tannenberg 1410 AD

Author File Description
File Details
Version: The Conquerors 1.0c
Style: Fixed Force
The battle of Tannenberg 1410 AD
(The greatest medieval clash of arms)

This campaign consists of one scenario. It includes one .cpx campaign file and many sound files in .mp3 format. Unzip the campaign file and all soundfiles into your Age of Empires II folder. They should go into the right directories. All MP3 files start by string \'1410-\', so it is not hard to remove files, if you wish to get rid of them.


- Another approach to fixed force scenario (Increased HP extend the life of the unit and postpone the end of the battle, Extra attack value represents the morale of the troops, different events during the battle may change yours or your opponent\'s morale hardly.) Your tactical decisions are even more important then your skill of fighting!
- Challenging
- Detailed map
- Comprehensive scenario instructions, hints and objectives
- More than 400 triggers for a single battle !!!!
- A lot of new sounds and music (original medieval soundtracks)
- 3 different levels of playing (NORMAL, MODERATE, HARD)
- Very long Intro scene
- All characters are based on true historical persons

The scenario is based mostly on historical facts, although some events are not 100% historically accutare.


A stream of refugees hurried along roads and flowed across fields away from the little town of Tannenberg in Poland. The old men, the women and children toted a few blankets and pots. Armies were massing behind them. There would be glory work soon. Anxiously the refugees snatched at every rumor. One way or the other, this day, July 15, 1410 would determine the fate of millions in eastern Europe…

Important info:

Turn off your Music Volume in the Options menu of the game.
Scenario should be played on Normal speed.

Hardware recommendation:

Pentium III, IV 1 Ghz
256 MB RAM


Play testers: Historiae Populorum team(

Special thanks: Federico Odorizzi ( - for giving me very useful advice and suggestions.
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AuthorComments & Reviews   ( All | Comments Only | Reviews Only )
WildCardDoW This is truly the best fixed Force I have played in a far (I have not got that far i Would give it in the region 0f 4.4-5.0)..and the fact that it happens differently(sort of)in each Difficulty..that just makes it is my unoffical review:(since I cant decide on scores as I haven't fully completed it yet.

The map is designed brilliantly, a large battlefield with great use of terrain mixture, despite the fact its a empty area the map is beautiful, geat care went into creating a realistic representation of the battlefield and surrounding area.


The designer did a great intro into the start of the map with perfectly organised battle-scenes, this draws the player in, making a thing as simple as a battle seem very interesting. Great eefects were used throughout the scene. The bombard-cannon affect was brilliant. A definite 5 for me.


The balance is very good, rarely will players win the first time through, I played on all levels and found they were all suited to different skill levels.


With that amount of units you would expect lag, and there is some, (others may experience more) but the author is very clever as the palyer is constanly changing between different groups so there is less lag than there could be.


The designer gives great hints about the map, the simple story is also presented very well through-out the story with great explanations as to who led what group, very well done.


MCrnigoj has amanaged to create one of the best FF's out there, and has single handledly managed to revive the genre, great work.
The bad thing is there may be lag on SOME computers though there shouldn't be..the author used some things to stop this for instance: you see two enemies fighting,then after a while it switches to a new battle the old one stops and as such there is less lag than there could be.

[Edited on 05/12/05 @ 06:19 PM]

SirVegeta *downloads eagerly* I have played your 100 years war campaign,and if this is only 1/4 of it,it will be the 2nd best scenario ever!I just hope it isn't that hard.I can't wait to play it!!
serve at 240
Map Design5.0
This scenario represent the battle of Tannenberg 1410m between Teutonic order and polish army.This is the best,the best actually for Aok
I don't fake you must,I said must try it is amazing.

PLAYABILTY:The playability is amazing the scenario start with an amazing introduction that last for 15 minutes where the people that will download this mission will wonder how a designer can make all this:the intro start in the camp of the army of the polishs where there are eye candies like a man that put the hoofs to an horse...with amazing real sounds...the king star to gallop to the main army (the gallop is with the sounds of the screams of the cavalier to incite the horses like in reality)there begin the show of the army every single platoon with his historical commander is here.After this amazing presentation with the fly of an eagle the designer show the Teutonic army.After the charges of the cavarly of the two armies the human player take command of the reserve.Here exellent strategy is need(protect banner,heroes that fight..retreats...).

BALANCE:There are 3 levels of difficulty.All units have increased hit points and attack to make the battle more lasting.Read the hints of the mission to see about balance.

CREATIVITY:The creativity of MCcrngoj is amazing this scenario is the best download it.The battle is great.

MAP DESIGN: The camps of the armies are amazing,fantastics too eyecandy,the map is beautyful the part of the map where you don't play are also beautyful.

STORY:The stroy is excellent;the scenario is heavily historical accurate a must for people who like history,the battle is great there hints well explained the history.
crasher Yay, yet another giant epic battle that takes me months to beat because I stink at FF! I downloaded this from the Woad site, and I must say it's a must download! It is just as described, the biggest battle I've ever seen in AOK.

It lags mightily if your computer is a tortise like mine, which kills playability, but far be it from me to question the reviews. Download this!
Murdok509 This campaign was quite good for what it was, which was basically a large-scale battle.

PLAYABILITY-3: This got pretty boring after watchin the long cut-scene. Then after the cutscene, the battle starts. Then you watch on a little longer. Then finally you take control of a few about 40, and you send them in. You mostly watch the cut-scene much of the time, so you dont play quite as much.It got pretty boring, as all it was was a big battle, nothing more, nothing less.
BALANCE-4: The balance was pretty well rounded, but even on standard, it was pretty easy, no trouble at all. I had all my skirmishers left,and about 40 cataphracts left.
CREATIVITY-2: There wasnt much to was just a plain large scale battle. I didnt see much else, it was just plain. Although he did put alot of effort into naming alot of the units.
MAP DESIGN-4: It was good for a large scale battle. Alot of dirt 1-3, little small swamps, and other things. But I didnt see any rocks, and I dont recall seeing any deer or animals.
STORY/INSTRUCTIONS-4: I didnt get confused for certain, it was just a big battle. But the instructions were well written. It gave how the enemies formations were, such as, artillery is there, and cavalry is over there. It was pretty precise.

CONCLUSION: You couldve had alot more creativity. It was really boring seeing a bunch of units. You couldve had something that required some "sneaking in places" to discover their plans and strategy or something to make it more creative. That cut-scene was very long and boring. This kinda matches up with my suggestion on creativity where you sneak in places.Standard could be a little harder...

This was an overall ok campaign for a large scale battle. People should download this.
Murdok509 Awww man....Im sorry, i messed up bad on my review, im not really used to ff games. If anyone can delete my review, please do so.
SirVegeta I am also not very good with those big battles,but on standard,I think anyone can win it with no problem.My allies left me on the beginning and I still managed to win with a nice swarm of cavalry and a banner left.

About scenario...It is VERY good.VERY,VERY good.I mean...really good.It must have took you months to finish this one :-D

Overall score would have to be 4.8 ,and that only because of lag (nothing major,but hey... 2.2 GHz, 512 RAM, and GeForce 4).

MCrnigoj,this is a worthy follower to your 100 years war campaign.Keep up the good work. (BTW I am from Croatia,a country next to Slovenia ;-) )
WhiteWolf Croatia, Slovenia...
*sigh* Yugoslavia....
(I am from that bi-i-ig country to the East)

This is a great battle, one of the best that I played!
The cutscene was great, the sounds were great, it was just awesome!

Download it now everyone!
Southern_Slav Nije ti bas nesto ova! hehe bolja je ona moja zadnja cpn o Rimu
PoptartKing Hmm... Can't really think of anything to add that hasn't already been said, other than I'm extremely impressed by the accuracy. From the Order's opening battle cry of "Gott Mitt Uns" down to the name of the Grand Duke of Lithuania. The only thing I can think of that could be added is that order had crossbowmen under Von Lichtenstein and a better title for Juningen would be Hochmeister rather than an English translation of "Grand Master". Overall, this is easily one of the best campaigns I've played so far.
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