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Version: The Conquerors 1.0c
SRN AI - 19 FEB 2011

STRONG Aztec Script. Will also play:
- Celts
- Goths
- Huns
- Monk Rush with all other Civs that support Redemption in the Monastery.

Not compatible with water maps. Primarily tested on Arabia.

I encourage you to critique, test, comment, review, record, recommend, and examine this script during play as well as in code! Please report any bugs you might find!
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Official Reviewer
Curious, but does anyone else receive a file error message?

I receive the following every time:

Player 2
File resign - AI Ladder.per
ERR5001 - File open failed
File Author
I do apologize, I will pre-fix the issue with my next update.

In the mean time, if you open the SRN.per file with your text editor, change the last line from:

(load "resign - AI Ladder")


;(load "resign - AI Ladder")

By adding the ; in front if that line you will no longer receive the error and it will not effect game play.

It's there for AI Ladder purposes and I forgot to comment that out (which is putting the ; in front of it!)
Lanor jdstankosky could you make an AI for my mod age of crusades?,,0,30&st=105 If your interested you can post in the age of Crusades thread
Leif Ericson
Lanor, if you're looking for scripters, the best chance of finding one is making a thread at the AI Scripting forum.
Campidoctoris This AI is really interesting.

Its Goths strategy isn't the strongest, but with Aztecs it advance to castle quite fast and build three monasteries, to collect every relic in the map and to create a betrayers army with the enemy converted units. I think that in its last version it also trains a few extra units as meatshild for the powerful Aztec monks.

And the eagle warrior rush is also a well implemented tactic by this molest AI ;)
Rating: 4.5

SRN is an AI for Aztecs that can play most land maps on random map. It can also play other civilisations too, but not quite as well as it would with its Aztecs but the range of civs it plays (usually using some form of monk rush) is just a few below totally random. It does not cheat, except on the forced internal engine cheating on Hardest. It chooses one of three strategies with its Aztecs:

-Monk Rush. This is its best strategy and it is very entertaining to play against and watch. It will fast castle then build 3 monasterys, research monk technologies, and then come and paint your town red! It does this all while doing effective booming.

-KLEW. This is a common strategy by AIs and it can be played well by an AI, and SRN is no exeception to this. It will build lots of barracks during transistion to castle and start training eagle warriors from the moment it reaches the castle age. This is as equally hard to play against, but personally I pefer the monks.

-General Infantry Boom. This is slightly less strong than the other strategies, and the only one in my opinion that can be improved. It is still definitely worth playing against though. SRN will fast castle like usual, and build his barracks, train militaman-line, then research infantry upgrades and attack when he has a lot of them. In my opinion, it might be a good idea to get a castle up earlier and train some jaguars along with your long swordsman. Also, the ladder game against IS_Machine showed that prehaps you may need a few archers against supirior infantry civs. However, I am nowhere near the level of your scripting, and I am probably wrong.

Its play with Goths is also very good if you find the Aztecs too hard, and its Franks strategy is intresting too. It also plays Celts well, with its massive hordes of scorpions.

Additional Comments:This was the AI that told me to start AI scripting and inspired Noob's strategy. I really recommend anyone to download this AI.

My final suggestion to the scripter for any futher direction of improvement would be to tweak the Aztec infantry strategy and then concentrate on making the AI all-map, all-civ. Players really perfer AIs that do this. This AI also has a great sense of humor (holy smokes!)
uno_quyxuong Thanks a lot!!!

[Edited on 01/07/12 @ 05:30 AM]

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