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Runescape RPG

Author File Description
File Details
Version: The Conquerors 1.0c
Style: Role Playing Only
Number of players: 4
Runescape RPG

Finally! It's here! Runescape RPG is ready to be launched. It has taken me several months to complete it.

Choose a character, archer or infantry, fight bad guys, make quests and explore a giant world of the Runescape free world!

*Giant map
*Free roaming
*Main quests
*Side quests
*2 classes
*Combat system
*8 skills
*1750 triggers
*Inventory system

If you have any questions or find any bugs, please report as soon as possible so that I can fix it! Post it either here or (preferred) my mail that can be found in the readme.txt.

I hope you like it!

*Update to version 1,1 in 12/29/10*
- Fixed block for p2, p3 and p4 ranged
- You can't fight militias in tutorial before you get the final task
- All civs can have champions and arbalests
- Infinite respawns after last quest
- The Witch sidequest now works properly
- Units at Chaos Runes spawn slower
- The Man's dogs disappear when you return them
- Anti-cheat system
- Chaos runes are now tasked away if they change ownership
- Player 3 can now equip/unequip Oak Crossbow
- Player 4 has 3 lifes
- The treasure now tributes gold to player 2
- The quest dialogue in Falador is fixed

*Update to version 1,2 in 12/29/10*
- You shouldn't lose a few minutes in game now

*Update to version 1,3 in 12/30/10*
- Appearently Player 7 AI was removed somehow, so I fixed it
- Game setup included in readme.txt

*Update to version 1,4 in 01/03/11*
- Towncenters disabled
- Player 3 and 4 now get the correct palisade in the Al Kharid quest

*Update to version 1,5 in 01/03/11*
- Last update had a bug, which is fixed now

*Update to version 1,6 in 01/10/11*
- You can't delete a king to recieve an extra unit now
- Some messages fixed
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Lord Sipia I've been looking forward to this being released! I hope it was worth it's while... Well, I'm about to find out!

EDIT: I've played it now with a friend... But we've struck a bug/mistake already: It's unclear where you need to bring the sheep from the sheep quest to, and if you lose a sheep too close to a friendly unit, that sheep is lost forever... And some more units that can talk (even if they just say "what a nice day", it would be enough to liven up a bit.) And Varrock is a bit dangerous... I don't think everyone you meet is supposed to attack you and follow you to the end of the world to kill you, just because you walked by...

Object select isn't needed to have them talk; you can also use bring object to area = send chat to player that has walked by. It's true that almost all runescape characters can be attacked, but that doesn't mean that almost all characters WILL attack. A guard wouldn't attack and chase an innocent bypasser.

(BTW: Good scenario, but some parts aren't very clear.)

EDIT: I've played it again, and I've struck another problem: After you play the game for quite a while, groups of Woad Raiders and Teutonic Knights start rampaging in Lumbridge and the area. What's more, some time after this, these units, along with some others from the area, surround all players and kill them off. This isn't good, as it makes playing impossible- No one's really strong enough to survive that attack already by the time it happens... Oh, and another bug: If you help the farmer Northeast of Varrock, he says his farm is overrun by wolves and that his brother knows how to have them leave. When you talk to the brother, he says you need to kill the wolves, but you get a reward of 50 wood at the same time. Aren't you supposed to actually kill the wolves after that?

[Edited on 12/24/10 @ 11:59 AM]

File Author
The sheeps are to be brought back to the farmers in the fold.

Talking villagers would be quite hard because I would want the "Object Selected" condition for that.

There are only a few people that "can't" be attacked in runescape too, only a few NPCs.
Watson The map in the TP looks like it's been taken from a high-altitude flying B1-B bomber.

A note, sorry I couldn't get the final playtested reports in, yesterday. Some are suggestions, while others are bugs. For instance, have you fixed the treasure bug?
File Author
What treasure bug?
anter175 when i play it online...
cant my friends make it fro the tut part they did as they shode do but nothing happen?!?
fixs it
File Author
Then you did wrong. I have tested it hundreds of times, and only one failing was bigboy because he forgot to get his final task, so he died ;)

Edit: I just read about the woad raider problem...

The woad raiders did like this before, but I tasked the woads back to their village with a looping trigger, so that should be quite impossible to happen. The teutonic knights should probably be quite easy to run away from if they come in groups. Strange how much has slipped through the hundreds of tests I've ran, both online and offline.

[Edited on 12/25/10 @ 05:41 AM]

Lord Sipia Yes, I've played the entire game single-player now, and the lumbridge-swarming problem doesn't happen this time. I think most bugs occur due to the difference that multiplayer has to single player. Indeed, I saw that the Woad Raiders were constantly tasked back, but this trigger doesn't work well with multiplayer. There are a few problems with instructions too:
1. The lost apartment: It's not really clear where the apartment is; it took me quite a while to find out it's north of Rimmington.
2. The witch's delivery: She says her sister is in Draynor MANOR, but there's but the witch is in Draynor VILLAGE,and if you head there, nothing happens.
3. Sometimes a trigger directly starts playing the moment it is activated. An example is the Knight's quest (You don't need to go to the blacksmith at the Iron bar, he just tells you what he needs the moment you get the quest.)
Finally, a weird problem that only seems to occur during multiplayer; after you finish the Tutorial, you get an archer in Lumbridge, but during single player, you'll get an Arbalest. Since an archer is quite weak compared to a champion, I think you're supposed to receive an Arbalest.

I've played Runescape for quite a few years, and the likeness is incredible; Just too bad there's so many odd bugs. If you fix those, this scenario is sure to become amazing.
anter175 this is just a Q:
can you make so that after you have selcet class you can exit the tut?

And you need to lower the amute gold you get when selling wood/stone even if 4g is littel 500 wood/stone split in 4 makes a big futhens :)
i know me and one of my friend did that:)

[Edited on 12/25/10 @ 07:14 AM]

File Author
@Lord Sipia:
1) I will make it more clear where the apartment is, thank you for pointing this out though.

2) I am absolutely sure I have fixed that weird bug. Will have another look though.

3) This was pointed out to me just after I had uploaded the scenario. I will make sure to fix these bugs soon!

4) Then you chose a civ that can't have arbalest. (Spawning Archer with research tech: arbalest)

It is not possible, sorry. I have been thinking of this, but it doesn't seem possible (unless I remake the tut island)

I had to make something more then just smithing/fletching with wood and stone, and mining/woodcutting were two of the fastest ways to get gold in original runescape.
Official Reviewer
Downloading Now!
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