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Runescape RPG

Author File Description
File Details
Version: The Conquerors 1.0c
Style: Role Playing Only
Number of players: 4
Runescape RPG

Finally! It's here! Runescape RPG is ready to be launched. It has taken me several months to complete it.

Choose a character, archer or infantry, fight bad guys, make quests and explore a giant world of the Runescape free world!

*Giant map
*Free roaming
*Main quests
*Side quests
*2 classes
*Combat system
*8 skills
*1750 triggers
*Inventory system

If you have any questions or find any bugs, please report as soon as possible so that I can fix it! Post it either here or (preferred) my mail that can be found in the readme.txt.

I hope you like it!

*Update to version 1,1 in 12/29/10*
- Fixed block for p2, p3 and p4 ranged
- You can't fight militias in tutorial before you get the final task
- All civs can have champions and arbalests
- Infinite respawns after last quest
- The Witch sidequest now works properly
- Units at Chaos Runes spawn slower
- The Man's dogs disappear when you return them
- Anti-cheat system
- Chaos runes are now tasked away if they change ownership
- Player 3 can now equip/unequip Oak Crossbow
- Player 4 has 3 lifes
- The treasure now tributes gold to player 2
- The quest dialogue in Falador is fixed

*Update to version 1,2 in 12/29/10*
- You shouldn't lose a few minutes in game now

*Update to version 1,3 in 12/30/10*
- Appearently Player 7 AI was removed somehow, so I fixed it
- Game setup included in readme.txt

*Update to version 1,4 in 01/03/11*
- Towncenters disabled
- Player 3 and 4 now get the correct palisade in the Al Kharid quest

*Update to version 1,5 in 01/03/11*
- Last update had a bug, which is fixed now

*Update to version 1,6 in 01/10/11*
- You can't delete a king to recieve an extra unit now
- Some messages fixed
AuthorReviews   ( All | Comments Only | Reviews Only )
Official Reviewer
Map Design4.0
Runescape RPG is the second foray into Multiplayer design by Basse, the creator of Zombies Awakening. His first published RPG, Runescape is a parody/tribute to the MMORPG of the same name. It draws on many of its aspects, such as variable combat style, woodcutting and mining levels, quests, and a world map inspired by the original.

Playability: 4
Runescape RPG is about as enjoyable as the original. It has many novel features that will enhance your gaming experience, while the tutorial stage quickly throws the players into combat. There are several varied quests to distract the player from exploration. Since the players are mainly co-operating, competition in who can level-up the fastest is a welcome distraction, but besides this, it might as well be a single player game. The first quest is harder than luring sheep into a pen might be, due to a bug resulting in sheep converting if the player hasn't spoken to the farmer yet. This may prove frustrating for a player watching another without knowing what to do.
As the game progresses, the quests become longer and less interesting. Crossing the map to get 50 minerals is fairly dull.
the enemies are limited to 300 on the map, meaning respawns are almost non-existent. This makes the end of the game quite dull.

Balance: 4
While some attempt has been made to even out the choice between archer and swordsman, the swordsman has the clear advantage. As long as he can get to an enemy, it is as good as dead. Enemy archers, however, will attack and run away, leaving swordsman at a disadvantage, although they make up a small portion of enemies. At the start, however, the archer is superior to the swordsman with his range, but is quickly superseded.
This issue ought to be addressed by raising the attack power of the archer.

Creativity: 5
Runescape RPG contains many features considered staple to the diet of today's RPGs. The shop and item system is flawless, while the EXP system works very well. The idea of incorporating mining and woodcutting is admirable, but is rather redundant, since its usefulness to the player is minimal.

Map Design: 4
The map is to a high standard, but lacking a polished finish. The terrain is often well-mixed, but lacks care and attention to the edges. The shoreline is dull, and the forests are often made of geometric arrangements of identical trees (a parody of the original game? :P). Amusing as it may be, pretty it is not. More effort in the map design would make the gameplay a lot more rewarding. A lot of the buildings are square and box-like, with no variety. Be creative! Don't stick to the same old arrangements all across the map. There are many stone walls and houses on the map, which blinds the player to all else. This should be improved.

Story/Instructions: 5
The instructions are in excellent detail with every aspect of gameplay, stat and item explained in full. The player should have no trouble figuring out what to do with in-depth hints that do not spoil the gameplay. The backstory is simple, and perhaps a little thin, but the quests carry the game forward and give the player enough to read.

Additional Comments:
Runescape RPG will take a little more of your time than it perhaps deserves, but is worth trying once. It is a promising map from a promising designer, and with a little more work could be fantastic.
Official Reviewer
Map Design5.0
Runescape RPG by Basse is a 2-4 Player RPG scenario based on the Popular MMORPG, Runescape. It has long been in the making for quite a few months and was also been featured in the Works in Progress Spotlight back in November. I used to be a regular Runescape player a few years ago so I will base my comparisons of what the game was like back then.

Playability: 5+
I played Runescape RPG 2 player with my brother. Runescape RPG is a highly enjoyable scenario, very similar to the real game. It is a free roam world where you can team up with friends to level up in 8 different skills, complete quests and battle enemies. The scenario has its own inventory and shop systems along with a system to show what levels you are at the certain skills. You can choose between two unit classes, Range or Melee and there is a short Tutorial about how to play the game. I found the scenario very fun and I liked trying to see who can get the highest skill levels by the end of the game. Overall I found Runescape RPG one of the most enjoyable Multiplayer scenario I have ever played, and certainly the best Multiplayer RPG.

Balance: 4-
The Balance between different players is perfect. Every player starts with the same attributes and an equal unit either being an archer or swordsman. Each Player has the same advantages for completing quest and improving skill. The only problem I have with balance is the balancing between Human and AI. The map is scattered with enemy soldiers. Although they are mainly bad units like Villagers and Militias, you are so outnumbered you are most likely going to die. The enemy attack you automatically leaving you no warning. If you die you respawn at Lumbridge Castle but you only get 5 respawns before it’s over for you. After an Update however Basse made it so that you get Infinite respawns after you have completed all quests.

Creativity: 5+
Probably the Best score of the scenario. Runescape RPG has many creative systems and trigger tricks in it like the Shop and Inventory system. The scenario is not the first Runescape scenario to be made but it is certainly the best I have seen. The Inventory system and the Shop system are very ingenious and there is also an attack stance system. You can choose stances between lunge, slash, block and chop, each of these levelling up either attack, strength or defences levels. There is also a place telling you what level you are the particular skills. The Mining and Woodcutting systems are also very ingenious as well. The scenario has Quest as well which are fairly similar to some from the actual game. The quests are fun to play and bring the game forward. Runescape RPG has a great map design which is almost identical to the real Free World Map of Runescape, and it also has a decent backstory.

Map Design: 5-
The Map Design is almost identical to that of the real Runescape. It is of a high quality and has some great terrain mixing and good use of elevation. There is a great use of GAIA Objects and some great Eye-Candy. The cities are design well although they are very square and use a lot of road. The edges of the Map too could do with a bit of fixing up. I also concern that the map is very much the same throughout, filled with the same arrangements of trees, grass and dirt. A bit more effort on the map design would be nice. A lack a Map Design ruins playablility. I have given extra points for how identical it is to the real thing.

Story/Instructions: 5-
The Scenario has brilliant instructions for setup, and installation. The Instructions are very clear and tell you exactly what to do, no problem.. There is a detailed Hints section to help you if you get stuck and the scouts section will help if you get lost. The small backstory is decent but simple. It could be made a bit bigger and in more depth. There are a lot of people and strangers around the World of Runescape to talk to so there should be plenty of dialogs for you to read. The Quests also help bring the scenario no.

Additional Comments:
Runescape RPG is overall a terrific and fantastic multiplayer scenario which will entering up to 4 of your friends for hours. The Free Roam world with lots of danger and action is very fun and the scenario is also full a new ideas and systems. Overall one of the enjoyable and best Multiplayer RPGs I have ever played.

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Map Design4.5
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