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ACSC10 - My Fair Princess

Author File Description
Lord Basse
File Details
Version: The Conquerors 1.0c
Genre: Comedy, adventure, action.
Rating: PG (Pure Genius)*
Runtime: 23 minutes
Written & Directed by: Lord Basse

A beautiful princess is locked up in a far-away castle, and it's up to the Brave Knight In Shining Armour with as much personality as a piece of cardboard to save her. Does that premise sound familiar? I'm sure it does, it's the most classic and cliché fairytale imaginable.

This cinematic is that story. Except it's not. Five failed fairytale heroes set out to save the kidnapped princess, not so much out of care for the princess or a need for a noble quest, but because they want to become famous fairytale heroes. Only one will survive this perilous journey.

This is a comedy, like most of what I do, and it's both a parody of and an homage to classic fairytales with damsels in distress, valiant knights without fear, awe-inspiring castles and lands and fear-striking dragons. If you have enjoyed any of my other humorous scenarios (Gwyndlegard, Jones Blond, Marvin and Rob, The Big Knights etc), you will most likely enjoy this.

This is also my entry to Mashek's AoKH Cinematic Scenario Contest of 2010, my fourth entry to the contest since 2006!

* shamelessly stolen from BJ :P
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RladalFatih Secret information: Steven Spielberg asked rights to re-make "My Fair Princess" as a real movie. It was question of huge production of some millions of dollars, with an unbelievable casting... And Lord Basse refused. Why? Spielberg absolutely wanted to replace Emma Watson with Penelope Cruz.

But don't speak about this to anybody! It's a secret...

Expert in false rumors
Official Reviewer
Map Design5.0
'My Fair Princess' is a cinematic-scenario, and at the long haul of a continuing tradition the author's fourth entry to the 'Age of Kings Heaven Cinematic Scenario Contest 2010' (ACSC10). The cinematic is fictional, a parodied tale of five daring knights looking for the cheap reward in rescuing a princess from an evil king's domain, rather than for honour or love sake as in traditional fairytales.

The file, which emphasises humour and in-game laughs to progress its story, came in first place in the contest by a single point.

PLAYABLIBLITY: A favourite actor of mine once said that to make someone laugh is perhaps the hardest thing to do. Of course, I speak from the words of the one and only Bill Murray. Approaching any kind of scenario here at the Blacksmith that claims to be 'humorous' is a high-risk venture, and the author of which surely looks to shooting himself in the foot. Despite this, Lord Basse's 'My Fair Princess' manages a generally fresh cinematic experience, with plenty of novel value and, of course, plenty of humour to dish out on your plate. It is indeed a much polished digression from the author's previous entries, particularly the series-in-development 'Jones Blond'. Bonnie Tyler's 'Holding out for a Hero' compliments the cinematic awesomely, and there were many moments where I couldn't help myself smile or even laugh-out-loud. This is a well-made parody of a period lacking even the fundamentals in chivalry, involving an abundance of cliche elements and in-game humour, but never enough to be over-done. 4.0 +

BALANCE: The cinematic runs well and the flow is seldom disrupted, if only for a couple of uninspired moments toward the end of the cut-scene where the rhythm was checked by lots of dialogue and a lack of complimentary sound effects. 5.0 -

CREATIVITY: There are many creative devices here, most of which the majority of us will have already seen, but which compliment the story nonetheless. While the cinematic doesn't rely on complex or never-before-seen trigger tricks, the sound effects and music are particularly used to good effect, structured around a solid story featuring many humorous undertakings. The bitmap and movie-like poster featuring many famous (and some not so much) actors is a creative and enjoyable touch. 4.0

MAP DESIGN: Over the years, I've watched the author develop and progress with time. Lord Basse has presented a much improved and polished style, and his map design is becoming more balanced and realistic. There is little here to negate, if only that the interior scenes are off key, but in the confines of AoK can be helped little. An overall strong effort. 5.0 -

STORY/INSTRUCTIONS: Despite its simplicity, the author has applied lots of attention to detail in this section of the cinematic, and the in-game dialogue is for the most to-the-point and humorous; a very good thing. 5.0

CONCLUSION: As the author's fourth entry into the 'ACSC', Lord Basse has come a long way. His continual revival of the parody and humour-driven story continues to grow stronger; I look forward to future works.

In a sentence - Humorous and well made, this cinematic should not be past over.

In closing - A highly-recommended download.

[Edited on 07/05/16 @ 05:55 AM]

John_G Where was Johan Glans in the film? (off the topic my name is also Glans)

Hehe funny clip, I just wished it would be voice acting and it would be great. Now I feel like doing voice acting!
Lord Basse
Official Reviewer
File Author
He played Fleming, the knight who died first. :P
Official Reviewer
I just heard Bonnie Tyler's 'Holding out for a Hero' on an advertisement on TV. With exceptions to your cut-scene, that's the first time I've heard the song. When I did, I instantly thought of this cut-scene. :-p
Official Reviewer

i actually heard a song from Gwyndlegard in a film we watched at school :p
Lord Basse
Official Reviewer
File Author
"Oh, this film is SO unoriginal. A guy on the internet used this music WAY before this!"

redmenace13 11, michael palin as the beaver goat! 11
redmenace13 for the music credits it listed monty python, what music did u use from them?
I loved the movie, it was hilarious and awesome! "Lets play hide and seek." 11
bestchampion were can i watch the "real" movie if there is

every time i look for it it gives me a japanese film is it even a real movie? answer quick please!

[Edited on 10/30/12 @ 02:08 PM]

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