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Downloads Home » Campaigns » Robin Hood The prince of thieves{a fake story}

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Robin Hood The prince of thieves{a fake story}

Author File Description
File Details
Version: The Conquerors 1.0c
Style: Other
Number of scenarios: 6
This story consists of 6 scenarios(i added new stuff to the

campaign) which include:

1.The early troubles:This firs scenario begins when sheriff of nottingham collect a tax of 100 gold from robin hood which made him mad and his task to send a scout cavalry to steal
twice of the gold from king bob's minor army.
2.furious prison escape:Due to what happened in the first campaign king bob raised the taxes so 7 of robin hood's were sent to prison for not paying the taxes and robin hood will
try to save them after he got distracted by seeing some celts and vikings scouts.
3.End of shriff days:The sheriff got mad and swore to kill robin hood as robin hood will try to defeat the sheriff's army and his allies the celts.
4.An expected change in ownership:King bob's daughter elizabeth was sent by the vikings soldier's to betray robin hood and kill him but will she be able to do this kind of thing to the man that she loves?
5.The return of the king:It is time for robin hood hood to return king richard to his royal pavillion hoping that he will be able to beacause the pavillion must not be destroyed.
6.The final battle:IN this scenario,king bob had assembled a huge army with the help of the celts and vikings,will robin hood be able to withstand his attack and save nottingham?
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charungandhi The story is nice..Liked it a lot..
Official Reviewer
Not based on the film is it. Not saying that bad. I love the film so much
anter175 hey make a longer descrion , longer then "leave coment pleas" tlest :)
File Author
Hey this is my first time using this website,better go easy on me :)
TheLaughingMule You can use the update button and provide a better description of your file. That would encourage more people to download it. If you need ideas of what to put, look at some of the higher rated Campaigns here.

And above all - welcome to the AoKH Blacksmith. Come check out the Scenario Design Forum.
Bart Pimpson
Map Design3.0
This is a six scenario campaign that tells a fictionalised tale about Robin Hood.

Playability: the scenarios are all B&D and very much the same. There's a lot of sieging huge enemy towns, and this quickly gets boring. Scn 1 tnvolves an objective where you must steal money from the king (and then fight him when he discovers your theft), but since the king does not become your enemy until the scout leaves the base it is possible to win through various tactics that the author did not intend (such as building palisades around all of the king's buildings while he's still allied). Scn 2 has you rescuing prisoners from a fortified (and excessively so) base. Scn 3 is nearly the same as the second, except you start on the other side of the map and there are no prisoners. In scn 4 the enemy has a huge army that is surrounded with walls but no gate, and you can destroy the wonder with trebuchets without ever fighting them. Scn 5 is more tedious sieging. The enemy has too many walls and towers and it's boring rather than challenging. In Scn 6 you have to claim a gaia base (with the annoying side effect that you can't upgrade anything in your army), and then siege another large enemy fortress. 2/5

Balance: I found the scenarios too easy, the standard AI is used and you normally start with a large base yourself. The final battle was almost the easiest scenario in the campaign, you have a huge army of paladins and trebuchets (and four heroes with over a 1000HP each) against three castle age computer players. Destroying large numbers of towers, walls, and castles with trebuchets isn't hard, it's just tedious and slow. 1/5

Creativity: nothing creative, the scenarios play like random maps except both players start with bases already built. There are a few simple objectives but you they normally just resolve to "destroy the enemy base." The Ensemble Studios campaigns are ten times more elaborate and developed. 1/5

Map design: random maps. 3/5

Story: the author has made an effort to put a story into the campaign. There are some interesting ideas, like the subplot with Elizabeth. Spelling errors. 4/5

To the designer, keep making campaigns, and practicing, and playing high-rated campaigns from the blacksmith. Try making the scenarios different, and entirely unlike random maps. Don't be afraid to really turn the pressure cooker on the player (for example, giving him 30 minutes to complete his objectives), rather than giving him an unlimited amount of time to build up. To everyone else, this campaign is not recommended, although it is a promising start.
NewBorn This is not bad at all ;) The story rocks..

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Map Design3.0
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