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1453 - The Last Siege of Constantinople

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Version: The Conquerors 1.0c
Style: Build and Destroy
May 29th, 1453: Mehmed II, the young sultan of the Ottoman Empire, enter in History. After a siege of 55 day, Constantinople, the last stronghold of byzantine resistance was finally taken. Yes, the turkish forces were huge, and the Basileus Constantine XI only had 7000 soldiers under his command to defeat troops fifteen times more numerous. But Constantinople was the most fortified city in all the known world, and its walls resisted against the hordes of Attila, the saracen armies, the Hungarians, the Slavics and the Persians. Now, it is your turn to try to take the New Rome, and to destroy the legendary walls that protect the city.

For this, you will need to use wisely your janissaries, the elite of ottoman army, and your bombard cannons. Prepare you to defeat the terrible foot knights of the genoese commander Giovanni Giustinianni, to destroy legions of elite cataphtracts from the Constantine XI army and to breach the incredibly strong wall of Theodosius. The fight will be hard...

It is my first scenario, so please send some comments if you have enjoyed of it (or if you hated it too: I just want to improve me and my eventual future creations). The concept is far to be revolutionnary: it is just a little build and destroy, with 140 triggers to do it a bit interesting. But most of what I present there is historically accurate, and the map was build with a historical map of Constantinople.

Other detail: this version is a translated one of the original file, in French. I translated it with all the knowledge of Shakespeare's language that a secondary 3 student can have. So excuse in advance all the mistakes in dialogs.

Finally, I need to thanks Zanzard Lothar for his Advanced Immobile units AI, and Pureknickers for his PK_Byzan01_Econ AI script.

P.S. It is possible, if your computer is old, that the programm lag, or crash. Watch out with little configurations...

Last update:

The scenario is now slightly level dynamic: on easier levels, the player starts with a castle, and the walls of Constantinople are less strong. Also, I added more ressources, and accelerated the activation of some important triggers.
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Official Reviewer
Map Design3.0
1453 - The Last Siege of Constantinople; a recreation of the final days of the Byzantine Empire. The player controls the armies of the Ottoman Sultan Mehmed II, tasked with breaking the substantial fortifications surrounding the city and capturing it, without destroying the Church of Holy Wisdom: the Hagia Sophia. The armies of Byzantium do not take kindly to your ambitions, and will fight you at any opportunity that arises.

Playability: 3
No different from the classic build and destroy, the player starts with a powerful enemy and meagre forces. The player must defend himself from a rampant opponent while raising an economy able to knock the enemy off his perch. The player, however, is constantly on the back foot despite being the besieger. The famous walls of Constantinople have been recreated, lined with towers. All of these towers have been rasied to 30000HP, making their destruction extremely tedious, even with the player's buffed cannon. I feel the player needs either more artillery or a weaker enemy. The game is mostly spent camped outside the walls, like an actual siege. While being historical, it is repetitive and can become dull.

Balance: 2
The scenario has been poorly balanced, with the difficulty heavily in favour of the CPU. Even with no AI, the armies periodically sent to harry the player are brutally effective at reducing their men, and the loss of a single trebuchet or the bombard cannon means disaster for the player's efforts to breach the walls. Removing the player's ability to build defensive structures is crucial, as turtling would help the player immensely. The greatest mistake is removing castles, since the lack of jannisaries, trebuchets, petards and spies severely hampers the ability to defeat the opponents. The Turkish civilisation has no pikemen or halberdiers, and the player cannot train camelry. This gives the player no anti-cavalry unit. The result is the player having to spend vast amounts of gold and food producing endless streams of cavaliers and heavy cavalry archers to counter the enemy's cataphracts. The already gold-strapped player needs a cheaper alternative. Lastly, the player's lacklustre economy puts it in no position to compete militarily. More villagers and town centres would be a good start towards correcting this.

Creativity: 3
Nothing of merit has been provided to enhance the gameplay beyond a random map affair. The prebuilt city is attractive and well laid-out, but very little else is on offer.

Map Design: 3
The city of constantinople is excellently recreated in a fashion similar to the one found in the Barbarossa campaign. The remainder of the map has been inspired by the Thracian countryside, but has not been crafted with a great deal of effort. Elevation has been used, to limited effect, in the placement of molehills across the battlefield.

Story/Instructions: 5
A brief summary of the history surrounding the siege has been well written, with a few grammatical errors. These are, however, forgiveable as english does not appear to be the designer's original language.
Hints and instructions provided are thorough and detailed, more than enough to get the player going.

Additional Comments:
The Last Siege of Constantinople is an attempt to recreate the final days of the Eastern Roman Empire. With some improvement it could be an excellent scenario, but as it stands it is too hard to truly warrant attention.
Map Design3.0
Playability: 5
By the time the game starts,you are alerted for the present situation and begin organizing your
army,plus resisting the Byzantine troops' attacks.There are allied Turks near Byzantium,
but most of the action is taken by you. The mission is to conquer the remaining part of the
formerly gigantic empire within 2 hours--great challenge! No wastage is allowed,as resources
are crucial for success.Many saves are needed due to the advance in the opponent's
army and their strong fortification.You can establish a base near them and manage the game
the way you prefer.Both you and the opponent receive helping hands or recourses in order
to maintain eachself.The game is properly organized and is very entertaining!

Balance: 4
Byzantines have large army,mainly composed of Chataphachts,Halberdiers and Paladins.
Yours can vary,from mounted and fast to vast number of military and ranged units.If you
manipulate your resources well,then you can easily competit Byzantium! You also possess
the Orban's cannon,a very powerful siege weapon,and many Spahis,the elite cavalry of Turks.
The strong navy Byzantines have and the continuous enemy troops' raids can prevent you
from taking Byzantium down,but the game is manageable.
I have to mention that i played on Stardard difficulty.

Creativity: 4
The whole game is generally creative in all aspects.The siege of Constantinople,the battles
taking place and the turkish navy and army been set are historically accurate to high
degree.The Town is very well made and its fortification is well organized.The elite turkish
cavalry and the Orban's cannon are nice additions,as well as the Rumeli Hissar and the
reinforcements Byzantines have from Genoese and Venitians.
The campaign is a great combination of historical facts and the fun you have playing the role
of the conqueror.There's nothing extremely innovative,but the game does not deserve less
than 4,due to the points mentioned before.

Map Design: 3
The map is beautifully designed,with the appropriate style in each place.For instance,Turks
being to the very East are represented by deserty areas,accompanied with suitable sparse
fauna and natural stuff.You begin in a hilled landscape with some wood available and
gold-stone existing throughout the area,near and away from your base.All those hills,however,
can be quite tiring,both to the eye and for your movements...The landscape consists of
grass and dirt terrain lacking of dence forests or plants,as all this area was formerly been
occupied by Byzantines before their dwindling.There were also mountains and cliffs visible,
showing more realism to the environment.The map's design,in general,is really appealing and
not exaggerated at the same time,well done.

Story/Instructions: 5
The Siege of Constantinople must concern all of us,because our known world has assimilated
much of the Byzantine Empire's designs,cultures and beliefs. You manage to present this fact
in very accurate way,including the emperors' and the defenders' "main characters",in the same
manner as their actual locations. There are many hints available,being helpful a lot. There
are no missing instcructions,by the time they cover each aspect of the game's way of "flowing"
(for instance,you can choose either the entire conquest or just the capturing of Hagia Sophia).
Scouting is available,too,informing about each civilization's position and the army they
possess. You deserve a 5.

Additional Comments:
"1453-the siege of Constantinople" can either be entertaining or a game to which someone
can test their skills.Whatever the case,it's a unique historical work,among others,which
has to be played by everyone.What i said might be too excessive-it's my opinion,though.

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Map Design3.0
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