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Vengence of an Empire Demo

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Version: The Conquerors 1.0c
Style: Fixed Force
Vengence of an Empire is the tale of Tiberius, a young man who's father has just been killed outside the Imperial City by a group of barbarians who are collectively known as "The Hoarde." Tiberius miraculously survives, and sets out to destroy the hoarde.Note, this is the demo version. Slightly incomplete.
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Map Design3.0
Warning: This review contains some precise details about the game.

PLAYABILITY: I understand that that is a Teaser, but if you submitted it and asked for a review, you should have the gameplay straight. Aside from the general gameplay with Tiberius, I also control a unit in the western-most corner of the map, that I think you intended to be the enemy boss. An Arabian church that I think you intended to burn gets destroyed because, (look in your triggers) you have multiple Damage effects; and the farm near it does not burn, as again, I think you intended it to. At some points you can exit the part of the map that is intended to be played on.
Your display of 3 messages at once during each conversation really confused me, and the fact that blacksmiths and mercants also talked, made it a complete mess on the screen. Some of your triggers are set up so that you can purchase the same thing from a shop keeper over and over again. The last city that you enter is very hard to walk through because the buildings are so close to one another. By the way, the game crashes middway through the conversation with Gagoroth (spelling) because you have a Task and a Stop trigger set to one unit.
In one scene, you hire mercenaries and a sound file plays. It does not seem to be in the right place, unless you are purchasing slaves.
One of the road bandits that you kill has 100 gold on him. At the same time you are able to hire whole armies for mere 25 gold. Whatever the price of gold is in the land, it is unrealistic.
There is no challenge in the game, and it seems boring to slaughter small groups of units with a much larger force. Also on this: you describe the battle of Imperial City as a very grand battle, yet you have much more troops afterwards than there is at the battle in total.
There is several other bugs in that scenario, as well as several unrealistic aspects.
The plus points were: There was a good cutscene, two sound files and some challenge in taking down the Columbians. 2

SUGGESTIONS: Playtest, playtest, playtest!! Spend some of your time to see if everything you have done works well.
Consider what you put in your scenario, make it look realistic.

BALANCE: As I said, there was no real challenge. It was a little hard to kill off a larger force with one archer, but that was at the begining. As the scenario progresses you want the difficulty to become higher, and not lower as you did do it. For example a small group of friendly soldiers asks for help at one point, while they do not need it. The opposing force is weaker than them. 2

SUGGESTIONS: Try to keep the player on his toes at all time, he must seldom relax. Give your enemy more upgrades and a slightly larger force, but make sure that YOU can beat it.

CREATIVITY: There were several creative things, such as the sound files and merchants in the cities. However you did not execute the ideas very well, hence the score. 3

SUGGESTIONS: Play several campaigns that got a 4.5-5.0, and see how they work. Try to repeat the things done there, and make sure that they look good and professional.

MAP DESIGN: There was some eye-candy, but you have to do more work with terrain to achieve a better score. 3

SUGGESTIONS: Mix different terrains together to make realistic roads, forests, streams and many others. GAIA does not look that good on plain Grass most of the time.

STORY / INSTRUCTIONS: The story was somewhat interesting, and the plot was twisted. It was a little unclear, but so it goes.
The instructions were very messy as I already mentioned and the objectives were unclear. 3

SUGGESTIONS: Make a separate trigger for each character's say. You need to do work if you want to make good campaigns, you know. State it clearly and try to explain in detail everything that you are trying to say.

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Map Design3.0
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