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MegaRandom (beta)

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Version: The Conquerors
Style: Build and Destroy

MegaRandom is a rich set of various maps which concentrates on generating a different map every time. It is based on the ideas of its predecessors (Ultrarandom, ES@The_Unknown, 0verkill etc..) but it differs and surpasses them in several crucial ways.

Firstly, unlike ES@The_Unknown or 0verkill which generate land and terrain randomly and therefore often create unfair or uninteresting maps, MegaRandom uses over 100 fixed map layouts (114 in this beta version) most of which have been played before. These include Ultrarandom_v3/v4/v5 (maps from all three sets), ES maps (such as Shipwreck, Canals, Metropolis..), MFO maps (such as Rumble, Four Seas, Double Arabia..), basic FR maps (such as Oasis, Highland, Yucatan...), fixed EC maps (from Extreme Challenge Tournament), and other maps with interesting layouts that have been created by various users including myself.

Then, after choosing one of these layouts, MR further randomises it with elevation and connection. For example, if Islands are chosen, all lands may be connected, or just teamlands may be connected or there may be no connections at all. For most maps this has a huge impact on the way it is played and adds still more unpredictability.

Next, when it comes to players' starts, almost everything is randomised. They can no longer rely on having exactly 8 sheep, 2 boars, 4 deers etc. They have to work with what they find (of course, all players have the same amount of food). There can be from 2 and up to 12 sheep, 0-4 boars, 2-16 deers etc. There can also be plenty of fishes or almost no fish at all. And it is not different with gold, stone or relics. There can be only 2 blocks or several huge piles. Since gold and stone are randomised seperately, players can also end up having plenty of stone but little gold or vice versa.

Last but not least, there is also great randomness in the way players appear on the map. Although the standard TC, villagers and a scout/eagle is the most frequent start, you can also experience a nomad start (with villagers only), a 2TC/3TC start (such as Double Arabia by MFO, or ES@Metropolis), you can be missing a scout/eagle, you can have 2 scouts/ealges, or you can have a CA or a Hunting Wolf instead. You can start with an extra monk, with extra villagers, or with additional buildings such as houses, towers, bombard towers, a castle, a stable, an archery range or barracks, and you can also start in arena style - surrounded by a stone wall, or alternatively a palisade wall. As always, all these combinations have been made so that there is no unfairness issue. For example, when towers appear on a nomad start, villagers appear near their starting areas so they don't run into enemy towers before they even have a chance to build a lumber.

Unfairness has been the problem of most previous attempts at unpredictable random maps and I believe that MegaRandom has successfully managed to avoid that and can therefore be suitable for all players, including professionals.

IMPORTANT: This is a beta version. if you encounter any bugs, errors or if you have any suggestions, please PM them to me or post them here. When reporting errors/bugs, include a screen or a recorded game, if possible.
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Visual Appeal5.0
MegaRandom is a RMS script that generates resources, terrain, starting units, etc. based on previous ideas from other competitors such as 0verkill and ES@The_Unknown. However, MegaRandom surpasses all previous random map scripts in its degree of, uh, randomness.

Theme: 5
The script is based on several other scripts that were designed to create a completely different experience every time. However, MegaRandom not only does it better, it also does so fairly.

Starts can include having a CA or hunting wolf instead of a scout, having 2 or 3 scouts, having 2 or 3 TCs (and thus as many scouts), a nomad start, having a tower, castle, or military building as well as a TC...the list goes on! And each competitor has the same setup, so a player is not placed at an advantage or disadvantage.

Visual Appeal: 5
The map designs are absoultely wonderful, and include (among other things): low stone and high gold, low forage (quite common), mass sheep and deer, extra boars, etc. And that's just resources.

The designs themselves are amazing, and interestingly wild. For example, one I drew up for a deathmatch had a primarily sandy map split by a frozen river. Another had two large strips of land seperated by water, but connected by shallows that led to one circular island in the center.

Playability: 5
The maps are playable, indeed--if the player knows what he's doing. Using whatever extras (or lack thereof) is a must for a player, so it forces the player to think and plan ahead. Very rarely can a player legitimately claim to be the victim of a bad map--in fact, never, due to the fairness factor; whatever one player starts with, all players start with.

A suggestion I would have is to have other alternate scouts besides a CA or hunting wolf. An unfortunate problem is that the hunting wolf is considered a hero by the game, and AIs are unable to use hero units (except saboteurs) to scout.

Additional Comments:
Overall, an absolute must-download map! This is perhaps one of the greatest items I have ever seen come to the Blacksmith.

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Visual Appeal5.0
Favorites: [Who?]4
Size:29.38 KB