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Downloads Home » Mod Packs » Man-at-arms to generic swordsman v1.2

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Man-at-arms to generic swordsman v1.2

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File Details
Version: The Conquerors 1.0c
The idea behind this mod was to create a generic swordsman with a round shield that could be used for any number of roles. The DBA-on-line images which inspired this unit appear below the unit itself in the screenshot.

Updated: Shield backing is now a dark brown wood color. Corpses now have chainmail.

I couldn't figure out which anchors were causing the unit to bob while standing. The unit now moves very little when facing S, SE, or SW, but no longer bobs.

UPDATE2: I've added slp's which replace the two-handed swordsman graphics (which have the same number of frames as the Husklar and Champion among others). Just create you own mod with MPS and import the slp's for whichever unit you want to rplace (asuming it has the same number of frames).
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Official Reviewer
I quite like this. It adds a more realistic looking unit that fits with the rest of AoK. Would serve better as a replacement of the huskarl.
Derfel Cadarn Although I haven't looked at this in-game yet, it looks excellent. Would you allow me to use these graphics for Age of Chivalry, if I credited your work?
This modpack replaces the Man-at-Arms with a generic swordsman. The swordsman is well-made and while I personally would like to keep my Man-at-Arms, the modpack is still very good.

Usefulness - 5
Many of the units in AoK are too specific. While you can use the standard militia line for quite a bit, I feel that this swordsman could be very useful, not only in Northern European scenarios like the Huskarl often is, but also in a village scene (like the Man-at-Arms) it replaces. At the same time, It could fit in a Middle-Eastern scene as well, or even in an Asian scene, but it will still probably be most fitting in European settings.
Novelty - 5
I haven't seen many units produced that are this simple and useful. Many units here are amazing, but quite time- or location-specific. I personally have been wanting a good Huskarl replacement for quite some time and I'm pleased to have found one.

Quality - 5
With the problems fixed, I don't see anything wrong with this unit. It fits well with the other graphics, no longer has any issues and is very well done. Great job!

Instructions - 4
No instructions included, but pretty much anyone who uses mods knows how to open a Modpack. While generally unneeded, some people don't know how to use them and a simple readme could prevent the "How do I use this modpack!?!?!" threads in the forums or in the comments here.

Usefulness/Novelty - 5
Quality/Instructions - 4.5

Overall: 5 (This is good enough that I'm willing to overlook the lack of instructions. For those who need them: Download MPS, install it, then run this modpack from wherever you put it.)

In summary: Very good unit, definitely worth downloading.

[Edited on 02/12/11 @ 10:44 PM]

File Author
@Derfel Cadarn
Yes, feel free to use this unit as you wish.

Thanks for the review. I'll look at the anchors again and see if I can figure out what I did wrong there. The shield could be an easy improvement. As for the rotting frames I have trouble figuring out how to replicate AoK's fading and rotting and thus haven't done much with those frames on any of my units.

Fixed: Though the unit doesn't move much when standing now. This was done not just because I couldn't figure out the anchor issues, but because I was annoyed by the excesive glittering of the armour when barely moving.
Alos I went for dark brown for the shield backing since most shilds were made of wood.

[Edited on 02/11/11 @ 01:33 PM]

Courtjester1 This is a really great looking unit. It could be used for a lot of things. Good job.
fr steve Fantastic! I didn't use it again for the moment but would like to for my mod. Thanks a lot for your work and your generousity Dave.
monsterslayer very well done swordsman looks more real than real huskarl it should replace berserk because looks a bit nordic.
Official Reviewer
Dave your units are great. it would be great if you were able to create a unit for the Age of Sherwood Mod. Please visit the Forum Topic if you would like to help.

Forum Topic:,39703,0,30
File Author
Thanks for the complements and suggestions everyone. Possiden, I've now posted on your topic.

[Edited on 02/19/11 @ 01:01 PM]

Rating: 3.5

This is another copy and paste unit thats popped into the blacksmith lately. I hope the author doesn't feel like I'm picking on him (I'm not) with my reviews.

The unit itself is my favourite one from the author. It looks fresh, its different (even though its obviously a remeshed huskarl), it has a reason and I can slightly see where it can be used in game. I liked the reference pic that went with it, it gave the unit a point. It made it more realistic and I must say the author did a good job of replicating the reference.

However again it doesn't really spell out amazing, its still quite simple. For a single unit, it's nice, however doesn't deserve a higher rating due to it's simplicity and that would be putting it among Courtjesters work and Kors Age of Chivalry - which it is far from.

However, I do look forward to the authors future units and hopefully many new things will be created.

A great example of copy and paste units were Jorgitos Elves. It looked different, it was fresh and hardly looked like it was copied from AOK. That's where I think current copy and paste modders should draw their inspiration from and not just copy a shield or a helmet onto a different unit for the sake of it.

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