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SetupMulti - Multiplayer AI Installer

Author File Description
File Details
Version: The Conquerors 1.0c
Current Version (date-time)
SetupMulti 20110209-043900

SetupMulti is designed to allow you to easily replace, and restore, the built-in AI with any custom AI in your "Age of Empires II\AI" folder for use in multiplayer games via the internet or lan. After installation, players that are set as "Computer" on your game setup screen will perform as your custom AI. Single player game modes are also affected by the change. Please try it; I need all the feedback I can get!

Creating a RandomAI
After starting SetupMulti, you will be able to generate a RandomAI, if you choose, by clicking the text link. Installing a RandomAI allows you to play with or against multiple types of AIs, randomly and simultaneously, during multiplayer games, which can significantly enhance their unpredictability. Special thanks to Suriel for this great idea!

System Requirements
Age of Empires II: The Conquerors Expansion v1.0c
Windows XP or later
User permissions to modify files in:
- Age of Empires II\AI
- Age of Empires II\Data

Compatible AIs (will add more as tested)
ARFFI De'gel 1.64_7
ARFFI Eyries 1.09
BTG_AIv5 + variants
CarlosFerdinand 3
Chameleon 20110205-002154
CPS_Alexander v4.8.6
Crusade 2.0
Eagles Revenge 7
Imp Caes Miro II 1.0c
Integrity 2.1.8
IS_Machine 4.4
John_Mendl vG
Kamikaze v2.2
Kosmos 2.42
Lade LandRM 0.9.9
Leif Ericson 1.31
Minai ER Hun v04
MiniEagle 20110108-081546
MiniMuz 1.02
Phyrexx 2010-12-31
Solidus 1.1
SRN 13 JAN 2011
The Horde 2.14
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Rajman333 I Have The Horde 2.13b in my ai folder, game is not running, all of my friends have the ai in the ai folder, and i meet all the requirements.....i click to run setupmulti and it says "required files cannot be located" plz?

[Edited on 02/06/11 @ 09:50 AM]

File Author
Hi rajman! I'm sorry about the problem you're having. If you get the error, "Required files could not be located," it means one of the following:
1. the game folder may not exist at the expected location
- usually, "C:\Program Files\Microsoft Games\Age of Empires II"
2. the game's AI folder may not exist
- "Age of Empires II\AI"
3. the game's Data folder may not exist
- "Age of Empires II\Data"
4. the game's Load folder may not exist
- "Age of Empires II\Data\Load"
5. the gamedata_x1.drs file may not exist
- "Age of Empires II\Data\gamedata_x1.drs"
6. there is a permissions problem and your user cannot read/write at these locations

To find the game folder, SetupMulti reads the system registry. This information should be valid if the game was normally installed. If the game folder was copied from a previous system install, however, without going through the usual install procedure, that registry entry will not be present. In that case, SetupMulti asks the system for its Program Files folder and uses that to guess the game folder by appending "\Microsoft Games\Age of Empires II" to it. Obviously, something went wrong lol.

If the issue is, in fact, related to a unique game folder path, the new version I released above should fix it. Just place SetupMulti.exe inside the "Age of Empires II" folder, next to empires2.exe, etc. It should work when you run it from there, I hope. Make sure that all players have the same AI installed by SetupMulti before starting multiplayer. If you have any other problems with it, please let me know :)

[Edited on 02/06/11 @ 03:46 PM]

Rajman333 Thanks for the help...AOE was in my downloads folder :P lol....quick question...I installed my ai on mine and my friends what? How do i use it over lan?
File Author
Great to see that the fix worked! Now, all you have to do is start a multiplayer game as you usually would. The players that are set as "computer" will be your custom AI :)

Released SetupMulti 20110209-043900.
Change Log:
- Update: restored the RandomAI generator
- Update: integrated generator into interface
- Update: refresh buttons replaced by F5
- Update: internal code updated
- BugFix: corrected SysLink issue

Released SetupMulti 20110208-132556.
Change Log:
- BugFix: temporary release, disabling the RandomAI generator, until a rare crash is resolved in Microsoft's SysLink control on Windows XP

Released SetupMulti 20110208-100050.
Change Log:
- Update: built-in RandomAI generator tool (no scripting needed)
- Update: refresh button to update the AI list
- Update: more stable parser for AIs that side-load scripts
- Update: automatic AI rollback for install errors
- Special thanks to Suriel for the great idea!

Please update as soon as possible!
Thank you for your time.

[Edited on 02/09/11 @ 07:42 AM]

Keisari Tapsa This seems to be an awesome program. I'll post more comments later when I have time to test this.

Cool, I just tested installing my own AI. Firstly I thought that nothing happened because every computer player still had the normal generated name instead of my AI's name. But it definitely works in single player!
I can upgrade my AI and it is also upgraded in the game. I thought that this program would inject AIs into the main exe file or something.

I have many copies of the game installed. How can I select to which copy I install custom AIs?

Can you add "Extract normal AI" button there? It'd be awesome to edit the normal AI.

Can you make the custom AI and the custom scenario map to work simultaneously?

[Edited on 02/11/11 @ 06:31 AM]

File Author
Thanks, Keisari! I look forward to reading your feedback :)
Wobulator I've downloaded this recently, and have had some trouble getting this to work.

First, do I need to move my custom AI (the Horde 2.14b) with this tool on both computers, or only one?

Second, when I try and transfer The Horde into my default AI on a Windows 7 computer, the error message "the drs backup could not be created" flashed up. This problem persisted when I moved SetupMulti.exe into the Age of Empires 2 folder. When I create new folders/files inside Age of Empires 2 manually, I'm asked for confirmation. Is this the source of the problem?

Third, when I try to actually run a multiplayer game, I get an out of sync error, and the game closes. Is this a result of question one?

Thanks for all the help, worked wonderfully on single player on my XP computer
File Author
Hi, Wobulator! I'm sorry about the issues you are having. Windows 7 (and Vista) protect system folders by default, including Program Files, so, as you guessed, the reason for the error about the "drs backup" is the same as the problem that you were having trying to manually create folders and files in the game folder: Windows Vista and 7 require that your user account have permission to "write" there first. This helps to protect the system from malware. SetupMulti, however, will not proceed if it can't create a backup in order to ensure that you can always get back to your previous state.

There are 2 ways to fix this: you can run SetupMulti with elevated privileges, however I don't recommend that you do this, as, in the general sense, it's not good practice to run apps downloaded from the internet in this way. The alternative is to give limited user accounts the permission to modify files inside the "Age of Empires II" folder.

First, you will need to open an elevated command prompt. To do this, please follow the instructions under the "How do I run a command with elevated privileges?" section at the following site:

After you have opened an elevated command prompt:

To grant limited users the ability to modify the game's files:
- cacls "FullPathToAge2Folder" /e /t /p Users:C
To restore read-only permissions at a later time:
- cacls "FullPathToAge2Folder" /e /t /p Users:R

An example of granting permissions with the default installation path:
- cacls "C:\Program Files\Microsoft Games\Age of Empires II" /e /t /p Users:C

Once you have granted limited users the ability to modify files in the game folder, SetupMulti should work and your other file access problems should be resolved.

As for how to set it up, all players in a multiplayer game must follow the same procedure by placing the desired AI into their AI folder and then using SetupMulti to install that AI into the game. After that, the out-of-sync problem should also be resolved. In the near future, I hope to create a better solution for all of these multiplayer AI issues.

Please feel free to ask if you have any other questions :)

[Edited on 03/01/11 @ 09:01 PM]

Wobulator Thanks a lot, worked like a charm. Great mod!
File Author
Great! Thank you for trying it, Wobulator :)
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