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Version: The Conquerors 1.0c
This is an AI script that will play with any civilization on any standard map type except nomad or migration. It will also try to play scenarios. It assumes that the population cap is 200, that the victory conditions are "standard" and that it starts in the dark age. It will not play very well on death match, defend the wonder, wonder race or king of the hill games. I haven't had much chance to test it on Regicide.

Machiavelli is a harsh diplomat with little time for the early ages. His units are quite predictable given his civilization, and he doesn't like to shift tactics either. Principally he establishes control over as much of the map as possible. He will send advance troops to defeat enemy defenders, then siege weapons to clear castles, and finally send the main body of his strike force.

Machiavelli will cheat on hardest and play fair on everything else. On lower difficulties it performs a little below average for scripts on this site. On hardest difficulty I have frequently seen it defeat 2 "The Horde" scripts allied against it.

As this is my first AI script, please post your reviews, criticism and comments!

EDIT: Newer version posted that is slightly more flexible, quite evenly matched on hardest against three allied "The Horde" scripts.
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Official Reviewer
This looks like it might be some fun to play against. I'll have to look further into it when I find the time.
zergs [quote]Newer version posted that is slightly more flexible, quite evenly matched on hardest against three allied "The Horde" scripts.[/quote]

Well thats an understatement. Played a 1v3 on a medium arabia map and Machiavelli went for a fast castle age at 8 mins. The red were barely able to handle the knight rush that soon followed, while you managed to build two forward castles and imperialed at 18 minutes. The red player was forced to resign by large groups of cavaliers and tarkans while the other two players were still in feudal age lol.
Campidoctoris First, welcome to scripting world. Second, here you have a few mistakes from your AI:
- You can loom after 4th villager, to avoid idle TC when housing problem, or after X villagers in late Dark Age or when you are going to hunt. But with Chinese or Mayans you MUST research loom as soon as you can’t train a villager, otherwise you’ll have too much idle TC because too little food or houses.
- If you want a Fast Castle strategy you can choose between build a market and a blacksmith, or you can build a barracks with an archery/stable and a blacksmith, which could delay a little but can help you to survive to enemy flushes. But if you build a blacksmith and a market I recommend you don’t mine gold until transition to castle, because selling your stone you can get +200 gold anyway and you need that 100 wood and those villagers farming or woodcutting.
- I’ve tested your AI against Crusade 1.4. Your feudal time is good, even faster than mine, but your Castle Age time was 20’, and it’s too slow for a FC script. Mine is much slower, 31’, although Crusade 2.0 (uploaded in aiscripters) castles in 24’ if it’s not attacked, but anyway, 20’ is too much when you’re preparing a Fast Castle and your enemy is flushing you really hard, like Crusade does to everybody ;)
- Machivelli could train more soldiers to defend itself, it had enough resources, but it only trained a few.
- I’ve suspect that you try even a Fast Imperial, not a Fast Castle. It’s wrong in Arabia. In this map, in human games you must flush or flush, in AI wars you can choose flush or fast castle, because AIs can’t flush as well as humans. But you only can consider a Fast Imperial in specific maps or in team games, if you know that your allies are going to defend you while you are preparing to be the strongest.

If you want participate in AIs tournaments, I warn you to design your AI for Hard Difficulty. If you also want a funny and tough opponent for humans, you can do something similar to IS_Machine. It has the main script, which is really powerful and my favorite for human games (second is Demon, and The Horde is the third tied with a few others), and DOESN’T cheat, and has two extra scripts which load the non cheating AI and add a few rules to get extra resources. So humans can choose play against this great AI with or without cheats. Of course, you can add extra cheats in Hardest.
Anyway, if you pretend a good script, design and test with Hard and without cheats, because the best tactics with Hardest don’t work in Hard. It could be the reason why you try a no recommendable Fast Imperial. And add your cheating rules later to make it a good challenge for the best human players.

The most two important advices:
- Join to aiscripters as sooner as you can. There you will helped by a few experts and you’ll have a lot of info to improve your AI. Last SRN updates by Jdstankovsky has forced Zergs to improve its wonderful AI (the most powerful that exists) to make it even better with his own updates for The Horde. You’ll also find a lot of scripts which are not available and their last updates.
- The main objective for a scripter must be enjoying. And make enjoy to other players and scripters providing them a good challenge and very funny games.
File Author
Wow, thanks for the awesome feedback Campidoctoris! I'll try and improve my script to take onboard some of those suggestions soon.
marathon Chinese rock in Regicide. If you want to make it play Regicide, consider these 3 things:
1) mine some early gold if you are not Aztecs, for a loom at some point.
2) delay your camps a bit, or they may be placed next to stragglers or away from gold. An initial exploring with half your villagers for only 15" will ensure that you will find everything.
3) Mayans and Chinese can train a villager immediately here. So, instead of making a rule that takes loom asap for Chinese and Mayans, you could do something like this:

(game-time < 12) ; for Turbo Random Map
(not (can-train villager))
(research loom))

This will help with custom maps too and medium resources.

It takes a ton of cheating for beating 3 hordes lol
Campidoctoris Marathon says this because he knows that my first Crusade versions researched loom inmediately if:
(or (civ-selected chinese)
(civ-selected mayans)

It has the mentioned problem in Kingcide, but this rule, created for mine is great:
(and (not(can-train villager))
(or (civ-selected mayan)
(civ-selected chinese)
With this fact you can avoid Kingcide problem, because with enough food and house both civs will train villagers anyway.

You also can subtitute chinese condition by (food amount < 50).

There are civs which always looms when can't train villies, other than only quite later, but others, like mine also consider if (sheep-and-forage-too-far), because it avoids idle TC if you find berries or sheep too late. Once you have found and exhausted you have too many villagers to have food < 50.

If you want a flush, you also can consider loom if you have +400 food (or 450, etc), taking faster feudal times (of course you can train more villagers if you haven't yet 500f).

More conditions. If you have a lot of villagers (for the same reason than +400f) or you are going to hunt far away of the TC (high sn-maximum-hunt-drop-distance) to avoid wolves killing your villagers.

Finally. I recommend you to define your own loom rule, adapted to your AI, but if you prefer study, or even copy and taste the loom rule from Crusade 2.0 (in you can do it without any problem.

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