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Author File Description
File Details
Version: The Conquerors 1.0c
Style: Role Playing Only
Number of players: 6
The fallen heroes have arrived to take their revenge in a new way
Choose to play from 2 EMPIRES:
Eastern and Western
Play in the place of 12 heroes(6 each)
from the Hunnic Atilla to the GenghisKhan
to the outlaw RobinHood..and many more kings!!
Level to become more powerful and destroy your opponents by razing thier protector to the ground.
Defend the towers which protect your empire and find out who will rule the world to the end..
(Player 7 & 8 are computer controlled or maybe human!!)
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Basse The map was good, but buggy. I only got gold from first blood, and first blood was by killing a creep. It's needs a bit more work and it could be a very good multiplayer map.
File Author
Well thanks Basse i will put a lot more work in it and update it as soon as i can
For this map if you are starting from the single player menu please have the following settings
Age:Castle Age
Civilization:Briton for all as it works the best for this map
I am extremely sorry as the game does not have a trigger by which you can win but i am currently working with it so please regret this but all rest is good.
Please give me more suggestions as what else i can add or delete in this map(or you can also review/rate this map...plz).
Basse Actually, I played it vs a friend. He's Genghis died during the first minute of the game vs my Charles Martel and he never respawned. And didn't matter how many I killed, I never got any level-up or anything that would increase my stats.
Official Reviewer
The base idea is there definitely but a lot of work is still needed to make this scenario awesome. You have a lot of missing features still but that's stated already. As it is now, it's not really playable in the context of how it's suppose to be played.

Some observations:
-You need to balance the heroes, Charles Martel is most likely going to be the best hero because of his attack speed and range.
-The map layout could use some modifications. The trees, the alternate routes, the walls.
-I haven't played dota but it seems that there are too many towers and that they're too close to each other.
-How do you plan to scale the hp regeneration trick when your hero gets more hp?
-We need more chokepoints and areas to be ganked.
-Having 3 lanes is probably not a good idea because it's 3v3. It's quite obvious (and difficult to carry out) that a gank is being attempted.
File Author
Thanks For Commenting and Informing me about the problems and other suggestions.
I am working on this map right
1>I am adding an hero level up system which is like this..
the players get 3stone per 5 seconds
so you get 3 experience.The after you get 87 stone a king is generated on the map.So if at all you want to level up your hero you have to move the king to the flag which gives +10Hp and +2attack. I did this as i found the kill ratio trigger not i decided to use this trigger.
2>For all heroes the Hp is around 250.
so if they get a level up then the healing rate is +3 till their respective values which are around 250.And since the game has all the heroes the normally have 1hp regeneration so that will be not much of a issue.
3>I have used the three lanes because if there are more no.of player on that particular lane all the units come to that lane(which is true and tested)
4>I am sorry the first blood had to be after killing a creep because if the hero gets killed the game is quiet over for the player but i will try doing something about it...
and also i am currently working on the hero regeneration thing since it is needing a lot of thinking (for some information i am 14 years old and can't think a lot of ideas to this map).
5>I am also adding the weapon system and you will surely be amazed by seeing it.
So please give more suggestions as what should be done to make this map a success.


A good news for all of you.
I have updated the scenario to a higher and playable level for all of us.
1>Added levels to hero but this is not indicated in any kind of meter(max lv=(e=mc^2)that is mostly infinte)
2>Added hero respawn so that you get a hero the next second your previous hero dies.
3>I have removed the music file since it caused a lot of disturbance to the gameplay(as it is not very important too).
4>Well this is nothing much of an update to inform about but please keep downloading,suggesting(to others about the map and to me about the improvements)and playing this map.
5>I thank for all those who have downloaded and tested the map and also inform them that i have updated it :)

[Edited on 02/19/11 @ 12:49 AM]

Basse If you die, you start over from zero again. You lose your levels.
File Author
Well i will tell you how the re-spawn and re-level works
1>When you select a hero to play that hero is created on the map and one gets converted
2>The Conditions are as follows
C1=Object in area-(Hero)-1
C2=Own fewer objects-(Hero)-1
so at the start you have two heroes of the same type but when one dies you get it back
3>since for each level up you do i.e at each 87 stone you get one king.
when the king is used it turns to when your hero dies the food is used to gain back the level till which you have gone.
auric350 I am also a big fan of DotA, anyone could help him on this project?? please anyone..i love DotA too.
File Author
well well...atleast found one DotA player why don't you play this map and suggest any improvements if required...auric350
please help!! :( ...

I Have updated the file and i think the map is 85% complete so i think at this level it is highly playable for all of us....
please suggest additions for this map...plz :(

[Edited on 02/20/11 @ 12:11 AM]

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