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Noob AI

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Version: The Conquerors 1.0c
Please comment and review this AI. At the moment it is very simple, but I aim to update this AI regulary.

v1.01Improved the AI by putting strageties futher into the game and using some of the suggestions below. Also fixed issue with AI ladder line, and made age times now are semi-ridcolous from ridcolous.
v1.03 If you play a civilisation A-M it will now select a unique strategy. Also added partial migration(!) support. More on this later.
v1.04 Minor bug fixes and Mongols added. For those at the AI ladder, this update is too minor to be significant so can be ignored.
v1.05 Improved bad things found in the AI ladder game. Also improved (hopefully) castle age time if no rush option is displayed.
v1.06 Small update, nothing to see here.
v1.07 Improved FC time (still above 20') and balanced resources better. New escrow system should work round the trebuchet system for now.
V1.07b Small update, Garland Wars fixed.
v1.1 Now truly random civ and doesn't just train knights on civs after Mv
v1.1b Attempted to improve castle age economy.
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AFK_Grok Well i get some kind of error message
as soon as game starts.
Some villagers go to berries, others go
for long walks presumably to look for sheep and
they find some but also wolves and get killed due to no loom...

The start must be improved.
Campidoctoris Well, your AI has a too late feudal time 19:00. Causes:
- Your first 8-10 villagers (I recommend 9) should go to food. Later you can send them more or less (depending of your strategy) to food or wood. You have a lot of idle TC because you haven’t got 50 food, and this makes you economy much weaker and your age advancement slower. Once you have decided what build order do you need to your villies, you can adjust percentage gatherers accordingly being helped by an Excel file. If you download my AI, Crusade, you’ll see that I’ve used it to adjust them with the minimal of rules as possible (AIs have a maximum of 1.000 rules, although you shouldn’t worry about it, for the moment)
- You shouldn’t build any barracks until you start transition to feudal. That building requires wood, and woody villagers doesn’t gather food. Your militias are also a suicide when you haven’t started feudal transition. Later if you want, you can train them to prepare a m@a rush, defend other units or don’t train them to save that food to other needings.
- Don’t mine gold neither stone until transition to feudal. You don’t need them in Dark Age, and those villagers are much more useful gathering food and wood.

More advicement:
- You can find in the players forum a few articles to improve your skills as human players. You don’t need to be a top player to be a top scripter, most of us are only mediocre players, although John Mendl and Carlos Ferdinand are very good in both activities. For example, I’m a mediocre player, able to defeat any non cheating AI but who has never played in multiplayer. But every scripter needs at least an acceptable understanding of the mechanic of the game to implement good strategies. For example, the articles about flushes will be very useful for you if you want to design a flushing AI. The same with castle age rushes like KLEW, Mush, or Krush articles.
- If you are going to use certain types of units take the blacksmith and university tech which improve them.
- Work would be easier to you if you design your AI only to one civ. You can add more once it became better. For example, The Horde started being a Hun script, not it’s random civ.
- Join to You’ll find a lot of scripting stuff and a lot of scripters, much more experts than me.
- Your AI is weak because it’s your first AI, so don’t worry about it. It could defeat the first incomplete version of my Crusade, which had a bug that caused that all my soldiers were explorers instead of fighters. At least my exploration was perfect in the Feudal Age. Fortunately the people of aiscripters found the bug and now my AI is not the best, but at least it’s quite competent.
- Download Training AI, in the Blacksmith. It’s designed to be a guide for new scripters. It’s great!
- The more you advance as scripter, the more problem you’ll find in your script and the more bugs will appear that you’ll need to remove. It happens to every scripter, specially to the best.
- Once your AI became stronger than the Standard AI, please, change the name of your AI. Losing against an AI called Noob doesn’t report glory, losing againt it would be even worse. Nothing happens if you change its name now ;)
- Download Training AI. Yes, I’ve told this before, but it’s really important.
- Enjoy with scripting. It’s only a game.
Leif Ericson

Open up the .per file and put a semicolon (;) in front of the line (load "resign - AI Ladder"). The AI should work after that.

Offwo, feel free to take that line of code out of your AI since most people don't have the resign file, although I'd keep the line if you release it somewhere else, such as Box or Mediafire.
Campidoctoris Well, your AI has really improved a lot. It's now able to smash without any problem the Standard Computer and to defeat other newby AIs stronger than Standard Computer. I'm sure that next versions will be much stronger. This is a good moment to change that ridiculous name to your script, please do it, everyone can accept be defeated by a strong AI, but not by a NOOB.

a) We've made a few of them in the threads of WW-Teutons and James I. Most of them could be useful to you. The most important are study the Training AI and balance better your resources.

b) It seems you are not sure about what strategy to choice. If you want a flush you should train more soldiers in the Feudal AGe and earlier. If you want advance to Castle Age with only a few soldiers to prevent enemy flushes make them earlier. If you want a fast jump to Castle Age, don't build two barracks until transition to Castle, neither train soldiers. In the last case your options are:
- Market and Blacksmith. Any gold miner, to get the most villagers as possible in food (you need 800 to advance) and wood (feudal buildings, houses and farms). Then you sell your stone to get the 200 gold to advance.
- Barracks, mining camp, archery range and blacksmith. You don't sell your stone, instead you put a few villies in gold.
jdstankosky Noob version 1.05

You have a lot of things that can cause serious issues. I suggest you fix at least the following as it can produce unintended results. Test test test test, proof read proof read proof read.

Everything seems so out of order, I almost got a headache reading your script, lol.

Missing "can-build" from rule on line 76

Missing "can-build" from rule on line 124

Missing "can-build" from rule on line 161

Missing "can-research" from rule on line 848

Missing "can-research" from rule on line 1062

Missing "can-train" from rule on line 1078

Missing "can-train" from rule on line 1087
Missing "can-research" from rule on line 1087

Missing "can-build" from rule on line 1149

Missing "can-build" from rule on line 1156

(Note, AI's cannot build fish-traps at the moment)

Missing "can-train" from rule on line 1171
Double fact check from rule on line 1171

Missing "can-train" from rule on line 1295

Missing "can-build" from rule on line 1390

No max building count from rule on line 1586

Missing "can-train" from rule on line 1968

Missing "can-train" from rule on line 1977

Missing "can-train" from rule on line 1986

Missing "can-research" from rule on line 1993

Missing "can-research" from rule on line 2008

Missing "can-train" from rule on line 2014

Missing "can-build" from rule on line 2021

marathon can-train and can-research are not always necessary. It depends on the system you are using.
But can-build and can-sell/buy commodity are necessary.
File Author
Thank you for that really helpful list of bugs jd. I originally thought that can-build was like can-train and can-research and starting ommiting this to save rules and then wondering why my buildings wern't being built. As for the structure, Noob grew out of a test script ( I know) and when the script had only 200 lines and I did not know about conditional loading at that time so this wasn't much of an issue. Now I use find/replace to find bits of the script.
Campidoctoris As always, look at WW-Teutons and James I threads every time that it’s number of comment has been increased.

Extra tips for you:
- Firs mill, later lumber camp. A second lumber camp is important in late Dark Age, transition to feudal or at least early feudal.
- You need more wood villagers in feudal for buildings. You couldn’t advance to castle despite to +800 food and +200 gold for that.
- Stone miners in feudal are only advisable if you are going to trush, or at least defend yourself in feudal wars, but not for fast castle strategies. You make a few offensive towers, but trushes require a feudal army except if the AI is scripted by Jdstankosky.
- Second archery range is only a good idea if you are going to train a lot of ranged units.
- In one test against Hispain Special you were winning with your eagles until you stopped to train them. It seems you did it to jump into Imperial, except that you didn’t it despite to a huge amount of resources and a castle built. Instead you only trained villagers, arriving to a military inferiority. When finally, I thought you weren’t to doing it, you imperialed, while Hispain Special had recovered from your initial attack, arriving to imperial itself, after train a powerful army. You only started to train soldiers, mainly monks, after being attacked, not after transition to imperial. Later your monks wre molest despite to Hispain Special had researched Heresy, but your numerical inferiority and your lack of gold (your miners were spending more time walking than collecting because a lack of mining camps) stopped your monk production. Anyway, your enemy was too powerful.

A few mistakes are limiting very much the power of your AI. But it has potential, it could improve a lot with a few little changes.
Leif Ericson
In the 1.1 update, is the Infantry file in the Strategy folder supposed to be a txt file or a per file? It's a txt file at the moment.
File Author
That is a scrapped Eclipse file. It's not supposed to be there. I don't know what it's doing in the uploaded version of Noob but you can delete it.
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