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AOE Population and Improvement Mod by Ghost

Author File Description
File Details
Version: The Conquerors
- Population limit increased to 600! (through Conscription research)
- More natural resources! Gold pile 1200, stone 600, wood 250
- Can buy fattened sheeps and turkeys from farms and markets.
- Comes with customized Duke AI that has human-like strategies, builds up to 600 units, cooperates better, stronger sieges, and less cheating
- New Units: Flamethrower, Grenadiers and Flame Towers (Read Change Log below to find out more)

Major Changes:
- Relics gold generation rate increased 5x!
- Towers cost less stone, and each upgrade gives it more attack and one additional base arrow.
- Scorpions and camels greatly improved.
- Trebuchets have small splash damage, better forest clearing with attack ground command, and friendly fire
- Petards are built from siege workshops instead of castles, now has 200 base attack (one hit KO any enemy units nearby)
- Improved gunpowder units' attack animation (faster bullets and has trail like AOE 3)
- Trading rates improved 25%, trade units cost gold cost tripled, and trade cogs give more gold than trade carts

Bug Fixes:
- Town centers and castles DO receive bonus attack from Chemistry upgrade (I don't know why they were neglected)
- Gates builds as fast as 4 stone walls, and have more HP (equivalent to 2.5 walls)
- (Not really a bug fix) Bombard Towers deals melee damage now, which can greatly hurt Rams and Trebuchets
- Melee units' attack animation corrected to their attack rates. Now you can actually see how fast pikemen really attacks.

Note: I tried my best to preserve original gameplay for early games (dark to castle), so the game plays the same up to Imperial age.

For complete Change Log, please visit my site:

Check out my other mod, which adds new Wonder units and comes with a beefed up human-like AI!
AuthorReviews   ( All | Comments Only | Reviews Only )
Rating: (strong) 4
Usefulness: 4
There are a number of other mods with quite similar effects (for instance, However, this mod tries to differentiate itself by not making the game any easier, and even balancing the game somewhat. It seems to do a reasonable job at this.

Quality: 4.5
The mod takes care not to break the enjoyment of the game by making most of the changes happen in the imperial age. So far I have not come across any major balancing issues between civs.

The AI, based off the Duke AI, is quite strong, although perhaps not as strong as many of the other AI scripts on this site. It is meant

The biggest change is, of course, the increase in natural resources. This makes certain maps a lot less strategic, for example Gold Rush. Migration maps become a little easier for the AI.

There are a few extra fire-based units, which are fun and add more variety to the game. The addition of trails of fire is nice as well. You can also buy fattened animals from farms or markets, which are OK. However, the animals deliver food much faster and in greater quantities than farms, making them over-powered for the late game. I would suggest making wheelbarrow / hand cart techs not boost food collection quite so much. Also, markets produce fattened animals much faster than farms, making training them at farms essentially pointless if you keep your market near your TC.

Siege weapons become a lot more powerful in this game, with a few petards and some bombard cannons easily able to destroy a whole empire. In my games this has not led to major imbalances (as one can use siege units to defend as well). I think that on the whole, these changes are good.

There are a few other, minor changes. Houses are garrisonable, but ringing the town bell doesn't cause them to garrison in them, which detracts from the quality somewhat. Camels are more powerful, which is good, and there are various changes to the unique units. Towers are much improved, making flushes much easier.

A buildable trade workshop (with something to do in it) would have been nice. The author has also indicated an interest in a "wonders mod" which sounds exciting.

Instructions: 4.5
I had no problems installing the mod. The author provides a straightforward readme and a backup folder. Doesn't have a fancy installer, but then again, in my opinion it doesn't need one. Could also do with an AI reference, for instance, the unit ID for fattened turkeys. Adjusting the unit and civ descriptions in the language files was a nice touch, though.

Additional Comments:
Overall, this is a quite enjoyable mod. I would love to see the author keep working on it!

[Edited on 03/11/11 @ 06:22 PM]

Overall Rating: 4

Can't say anything bad about it, still not very good. Flame towers and flame throwers don't have flame sounds. Greander is from AOE1? And Petards can be created from siege workshop? Castle was good too! Population 600 is good. Even better when you play with huns!
Fattend sheeps and turkeys are not needed(when i play).

When there's a new update i'll download it for sure!

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