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WW -Teutons V3.1

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Version: The Conquerors 1.0c
A lot of the Blacksmith files are AI's and I think about 80% are "My first AI" scripts.

Well now it's my turn!
Here is my first AI designed for the Teutonic civilization.

I'm posting it here too hear what I can improve, so please comment!
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Campidoctoris You train too few villagers in Dark Age. Although you advance to feudal in 11' (my Crusade does it in 12-14') you do it with a too weak economy. The most agressive good ideas I've watched (like Imp_Caes_Miro II and Fede AI) train at least 22 villagers to attack really early. But they are exceptions, and you should consider implement a similar strategy when you become more experienced.

Most agressive AIs tipically trains about 28-30 villagers.

Other problem is that you have a bug that causes you don't research Castle Age despite to have enough resources because you have too few villagers in wood (and also too few villagers in general). Although it also was caused because my AI was flushing you thanks to a better eco, with more villagers.

If you pretend advance to castle age as fast as possible, it's better 30 villagers in Dark Age, and train 2-3 villagers (or perhaps research wheel barrow instead of them) while you make the two necessary feudal buildings to arrive to castle age.

Also read the advices that offwoo2000 has receives for his Noob AI.
File Author
Thanks for the hints, I'm trying to update my file but the blacksmith fails when I try to...

[Edited on 02/25/11 @ 10:25 AM]

TheLaughingMule When you update, make sure you have your file zipped before uploading. During uploading make sure you do not navigate away from the page.
jdstankosky Let's see... Tested you against the Standard AI with ladder settings (arabia, tiny, low resources, hard difficulty) as well as against SRN (my AI)...

First thing First, fix the typo on line 181. You have a space between a word.

You've got an issue with your lumbercamp placement, I've seen it get dropped next to stragglers.

You don't build a mill first which hinders you food collection. You also go way out of your way to hunt and you never plant a single farm in Dark Age.

You have WAY WAY WAY too much TC idle time. 21-25 vills past 20 minutes? Wow... Your TC should have as little time as possible where it's not doing anything.

Stop researching town watch, it does nothing significant for your AI.

Also, you don't build enough houses?

You start training malitia men well too late and they don't get the upgrades they need to last very long.

I never saw you even use the archery range you made.

You do build a stable and train knights, but it seems like it's only in retaliation of an attack?

Why you don't use all your resources is beyond me...

You have TONS of resources in feudal age, like gold and food in the several thousands, and a blacksmith and market, but you don't research castle until after the Standard AI is already in imperial, or in the case of against SRN (My AI) you don't get the chance...

I serious don't understand, first of all, why the Teutons are necessary. Nor do I grasp any concept of strategy whatsoever.

If you need help, feel free to ask about certain things. I don't like telling people how to script their AI, but if you wanna know how to do something, just ask.

Try to get to a point where you can beat the Standard AI Computer on Hard.

Please don't hesitate to ask, and hopefully I haven't come off too strong, I'm really not a badger, lol.

Let me know if you wanna chat on instant messenger or email or something.
Campidoctoris Jd, I’m agree you that farms are essential even in Dark Age, and a higher amount of villagers, but there are exceptions. Imp_Caes_Miro_II and a few more also make 22 villagers, and very few farms. You and me need need farms because we train 26-32 villagers to avoid idle TC and a stronger eco, but with only 20 villagers you can gather enough food for them and advance to feudal, although I also consider that a newbie scripter should avoid those strange strategies until it become more experienced.

Town watch. Yes, it’s a bad research, and I avoid it until I have a super strong economy with 100 villagers and every economy tech researched. But there is an exception. I research it in feudal anyway if I detect that my enemy is forward building, because town watch make those nasty villies building forward towers easier to detect. Of course, if you don’t detect any enemy forward building it’s a waste of resources and of time which could be inverted training next villager.

Houses. There are AIs which build them in Dark Age when they only have 2 housing headroom. I use 3, because it avoid me the needing to build farms when I have 90 wood instead of the necessary 60, because I know I’ll get those 30 wood for my next house before I’ll train next 3 villagers. Of course, you want a higher housing headroom in next ages, because you’ll have more buildings training units and you won’t wait until next house to increase your villager and military population. Of course every script needs a different system to decide when building next house, adapted to its strategy.

Tons of resources. It’s true, resources are gathered to be spent. You only have to save them if you NEED an important tech or advancing to next age.

Teutons can be good flushers thanks to their cheaper farms. Anyway, this is a good reason to avoid an ultra fast feudal with very few villagers and any farm. And yes, a good strategical knowledge is essential to every scripter, so Wigwam, here you have an interesting link with articles to study:,34740,0,30
Every newbie can take a good basis with this to smash Standard Computer as human player without any problem, and weak scripts as a scripter. Then you can study a few of these, although a few of them are too specific and others are written by newbies and aren’t very reliable:

Last advice to Wigwam. Be very careful with SRN, Jdstankovsky’s script. I feared it even before his last update. His strategies were:
- Mush or Klew with Aztecs. Jd has forced Zergs to update The Horde, despite to be the strongest AI.
- Celts. It had a scorpions rush surprisingly quite hard to beat. Well, it didn’t train only scorps, it also trained a few monks for relics and rams to smash buildings when it was attacking.
- Mush with most civs.

I’m really afraid ;)
File Author
I'm reading the links now.
And by the way, where does (idle) TC stand for?

[Edited on 02/19/11 @ 09:11 AM]

Leif Ericson
TC is an abbreviation for town center. Having a strong economy is even more important than having a strong military. I've often seen AI battles won by an AI just because the AI outproduced the other AI with villagers. The faster you can gather resources, the faster you can train, upgrade, and improve your army.

This is why it's important not to have an idle TC (town center), because that means you're not training villagers. The more idle TC time you have, the weaker your economy usually becomes, so try to take steps to prevent any idle TC time.
File Author
TC idle in the dark age is fixed, they upgrade loom and then train villies non-stop
Campidoctoris Read advices from Jdstankovsky and me to St_Aquinas. Specially about villagers training (you make a good amount in Dark Age, but not in later ages) and gatherer percentages. You need more villagers on wood during transition to feudal, to get quickly the feudal buildings you want, and more on food once you have built them. You can see it in the mentioned Training AI, and it’s the cause because your castle and imperial times are too late.

You research loom, and it’s better than anything, but you have chosen a bad moment. The best moments you can consider are:
- If you can’t train villagers (not(can-train villager)). With every civ except Huns and perhaps Spanish this means after the 4th villager. Why? It’s because once you have trained your first villager, you’ll get 5 pop (4 villies + explorer), and you’ll be housed except if you have built your first house with at least two villagers. The problem is that any scripter has found the way to force the game engine to allow building the first house with 2 villagers. You’ll see that later, once you have a lot of villagers it’s often to see two or more building a house or whatever. Of course, for human players this is not a problem, but it’s a different story.
- If you are going to hunt far from the town center, to protect villagers from wolves. For example, my AI tries to force hunting to get a faster feudal, and loom at 20 villager because 21th can voyage too far. Anyway I don’t recommend you this, because for hunting causes less farms and a weaker economy, so I’m changing this for my next update. Hunting is good, but force villagers to hunt without finish berries and sheeps isn’t it.
- If you are near from click to feudal (you have 26-32 villagers or perhaps more than 400-450 food, for example). If we play Huns, but you research loom at villager 28 and me at villager 5, you’ll have one extra villager until both get loom, taking a stronger economy.
- There are scripts which research loom in feudal or even castle age, to get faster age times. But this makes them much more vulnerable to flushes and wolves.

Researching loom at 5th villager you’ll get idle TC after 4th villager researched and you’ll have one villager less during almost Dark Age than researching it at late Dark Age. You have the problems of every option.

Houses. I’ve seen that you build a constant amount of houses for every age, with the condition building-type-count-total. It’s better use the conditions population-headroom (to avoid make more house even with a 200 house capacity) and housing-headroom (to build houses once you need them). You need 2-3 housing-headroom in Dark age to avoid idle TC, much more in next ages because you’ll have military buildings spamming soldiers and more than one TC. If you in your test you see that you sometimes are house, build houses with a higher housing-headroom, if you always have an excess of space you can reduce the requirement to spend that wood in other things. For example, there is a bug in Crusade 2.0 which causes that it builds much more houses than needed, having less wood for units, tech and other buildings. This fail often delays my mill  Well, adjust your rules to your necessities.

Well, you are doing it well. You can defeat the Standard Computer despite to be a very recent newbie, and with a little effort you’ll can defeat also classical scripts like Saiyan and Tiger RM. You’ll can defeat later Hispain Special and Chong Wong Fei and that will mean that you are ready for the Ladder.
File Author
I'll try researching loom if (not(can-train villager)) find out what if it will work out.

Other advices are very useful too, Thanks a lot!
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