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IS_Machine Std7.5B - UP9.0 for turneament

Author File Description
File Details
Version: The Conquerors 1.0c
Here there is my turneament version of IS_Machine AI: IS_TMachine; it is more optimized to face AI opponents, less to face human opponents.
It plays every civs.
The actual version is 7.5B for standard 1.0C version and 9.0 for UserPatch version.

The IS_Machine version in the link below is the standard version, more optimized to face human opponents.
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jdstankosky I hope you enhanced it with a rule that resigns if it detects my script! :D

In all honesty, your script makes me very nervous! It is truly a wonderful Gothic strategy!
File Author
Thanks jdstankosky!
Now i have uploaded the 5.1 version. Many changes to optimize castle jump, defense optimization, etc etc

P.S. At the moment, the non-turneament version of the link above is the same of this turneament version

[Edited on 06/27/11 @ 08:18 AM]

marathon Thanks for another levelling machine :)

I couldn't resist and I ran 2 tests on Gold Rush vs mine, you Mayans-Goths, me Mayans-Byzantines. Wins shared.

It is interesting that in both games our Mayans were facing each other and noone could get the upper hand. Lade was slightly stronger earlier, IS_Machine had better strategic decisions later.

Both matches were decided in the Byz-Goth front. First match your Goths overcame my Byz pretty early, while in the 2nd, probably due to wolves, your goths were 1' later than usual into feudal and they were crippled during f-c transition when they got invaded by castle-age Byz.

First game, central gold was closer to your players, so Lade couldn't raid with TSA. Second game the exact opposite happened. Perhaps this is a very important factor.

In both games, you doubled my Mayans, who resisted very well, although with heavy casualties. In the first game, in particular, Goths stayed in the Mayan town a little longer and annoyed very much, delaying their castle time.
Byzantines attempted to help, but in the first game the relief force wouldn't help at all, while in the second game the timing was excellent. Pure luck.

Your Mayans had some idle TC time early dark age. You'd better have a look: Mayans can't keep the TC working with 6 or 7 early food workers. Same with Chinese and a couple others.
However, I see that they are more balanced now.

You didn't take cartography even though you had some very nice trade. Not that critical anyway, but caravan really boosts trade, plus it helps carts avoid raiders.

One of the most fun scripts :)
File Author
Thanks Marathon.
Actually, IS_Machine is not optimized for gold rush map, but i think it may give a challenge anyway using its standard land map managing rules
marathon Well, neither mine was optimised for gold-rush at the time of the test. Losing villagers to wolves is still common :p

It just happens that TSA often helps a lot on gold rush.

You know, your script is the best on weird maps. It can solve most map-related problems in the best ways I've seen.

In one test on Megarandom, where there was a nomad start but with extra villagers or something, all 3 of your players dropped a barracks first thing in the game and then they had a very bad game. Have a look at some point if you want.

For me, it will always be the best Nomad and LN script out there.
File Author
Upgraded to 6.0 version.
Optimized non-militia feudal strategies. The turneament version uses mainly three different feudal unit mixes dut to the civ selected. In the non-turneament version (sn IsThisTurneament set to NO) each civ may choose one of the three.
They are:
- militia+archers,
- scouts+archers,
- skirms+pikes.
Dark age start modified in water maps
Vviinncceenntt ERROR REPORT
Hello! I have come across an AI Script Error yesterday and I retry it again today. I discover that whenever I start a random map game in Castle Age with IS_TMachine.per, there is a problem at the beginning of the game as shown:
Line 16077: ERR2005: Invalid identifier: FEDUDALMILITIALIMIT

[Edited on 09/02/11 @ 01:04 AM]

File Author
Thanks Vviinncceenntt. In the next versione of IS_Machine that bug will be fixed.
File Author
Problem is solved in the current 6.1 version.

Upgraded to 6.1 version

- Feudal food-gold gathering rules renewed
- Some changes on attack-groups behaviour
- Generally stronger i guess
- other minor changes
File Author
Updated to 6.2 version.

- Fixed a bug in gothic-civ management
- capability to make a fast castle strategy if needed
- different start in land maps

Updated to 6.21 version.

- Just fixed a serious persian start bug on land maps (housed at 10 pop)

[Edited on 09/30/11 @ 04:11 AM]

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