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Punic Wars Roman Part 2

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Version: The Conquerors 1.0c
Style: Fixed Force
Number of scenarios: 7
The Campaign covers the major battles of the 2cd Punic War through to the final battle at Zama. In this one of four campaigns you will play the part of several Roman Commanders through 7 scenarios. These are fixed force battles that attempt to recreate the challenges faced in the actual battles on land and sea.

Note: Some Battles are CPU intensive and may play slowly on older machines.
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Dmented912 I played all 4 of the campaigns of this maker's series of campaigns on the punic wars. It was clear that he did much research or had much knowledge in the punic wars, but it only showed in the objectives and history. The campaign itself was... worse than mediocre, and I have some good reasons why

Playability: There were some BIG battles in this campaign. Not just big, but HUMUNGOUS. One of the scenarios gives you control of over 2500 units, and the enemy army is roughly the same size. Now this is both good, and bad. The good? You get to see really big battles, and I guess its kind of fun to have control over such a large amount of troops. The bad? Besides tremendous and unneccesary lag, it got incredibly boring. Scenario after scenario all you did was take a huge army, and use it to defeat another huge army. Sometimes you had some allies, but even then, it was all the same. You had a huge army, your allies had a huge army, the enemy had a huge army, and you would take your huge army to fight the enemy's huge army, and hopefully your allies would do the same. In other words, boring, below average playability.

Balance: The balance was... not that good. It was pretty easy every single time. All you had to do really was throw your army head first into enemy troops. The scenario might as well have been won right there, cause all the troops did was fight for 20 minutes and after all the enemies were killed, you won. Sometimes, you and your enemy had near equal armies, so I gave this a 2

Creativity: The campaign really lagged here. Like I said, It was the same exact thing every single time. One scenario allowed you to have some villagers, and you were to start a base in an enemy town, but that was the only variation. You always had a huge army, and you were supposed to defeat an enemy. Not very creative if you ask me.

Map design: Not very good here either If the scenario wasn't just a blank grass map with a patch of trees somewhere, it was just a random map. Random maps aren't bad, but you could've done better. I gave you a 2 because you decided to use random maps instead of just blank grass maps with trees there and water here. If those aren't random maps you used, they sure look like it.

Story/Instructions: Probably the most powerful part of the campaign.The maker said a lot about the punic wars. As for instructions, the maker actually had few at all. However, this wasn't much of a problem, as all you had to do every single time was destroy an enemy.

Miscellaneous: As for some things that I didn't really know where to address in the criteria:

- Your accuracy in the units in the armies was FAR from accurate! You gave carthoginians jaguar warriors, samurai, and plumed archers! In fact, in one scenario, almost all of the carthoginian army consisted of those units! You took the time to reasearch it, can't you at least use the right units?

-terrible lag + extremely boring scenarios = well, lets just say not good.

-Many heros in the game were not renamed, and I think that you intended to have them represent roman/carthoginian heros. You have to remember to name those units!

Final thoughts:

Call me harsh, but I really honestly believe that in general, this scenario deserves a 1. However, the averaging system will say otherwise. Despite the masses of units, it looks like the maker put little effort at all. He just plopped units on the map and said he was done. there weren't many triggers within the campaign besides dialogue. I honestly do not recommend this scenario to anyone, and encourage you not to download this. The only good thing is you can learn a lot about the punic wars, and that you see big battles, but thats about it. All it will be is a lag machine. Once again, I do not reccomend that you download this scenario unless you've got a history report on the punic wars due tomorrow, and you need some info quick.
cnb925 dmented912, you are so quick to criticize the maker of this campaign, have you realized how much effort he put into making these campaigns? What he is trying to do is to make as accurate a scenario about the punic wars as possible. You said there was way too many units, but keep in mind that the battles back then was not made up of armies of just 200 men, you wouldn't even call that a battle. And you said some of the heroes aren't renamed. Well, because the author put so many heroes in the game, he would have trouble keeping track of all of them, let alone remembering to rename ALL of them. You also said how the creator didn't put in the right units. Well, keep in mind that AoE II is designed on the middle ages, not antiquity, where the events took place. There simply isn't one unit in AoE II that completely fits the description of the units used in antiquity. As for the lag, well, maybe because your computer isn't good enough, get a better computer next time!

And next time, stop being such a perfectionist when you haven't even gone through the trouble the creator of these campaigns took. On the contrary to your views, I would recommend these campaigns to everyone. There is a lot of fun in these campaigns, for people who know how to have fun in AoE II. Unlike dmented912.

[Edited on 06/30/13 @ 04:02 PM]

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