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Wonders of Empires Mod with Ghost-Duke AI

Author File Description
File Details
Version: The Conquerors 1.0c
This mod is built upon AOE Population and Improvement Mod by Ghost.

- All Wonders have unique effects to help you win the game! Whether it be building new units, upgrades, etc. (Explained in the text area in the tech tree pages, underneath "Team Bonus")
- 600 population limit for massive armies
- Customized AI uses wonders to rule over you! Are you ready?

- Cannot win with Wonders in Standard games! Relic win still possible (similar mod allowing wonder wins will be available)

Wonder Effects:
- Aztecs (Land of Gold): Crafts relics
- Britons (Start of Colonization): Trains Snipers (long distance 1 hit KO unit with long reload time)
- Byzantines (Roman Empire Rebirth): Trains Imperial Cataphracts (Tougher Cataphracts with no weakness vs. pikemen and camels)
- Celts (The Raider's Carnage): Trains Stealth Raiders, Siege units -50% cost (except trebuchets), more infantry speed upgrade
- Chinese (The Four Great Inventions): Four great inventions, allowing gunpowder units, and trains a legendary unit
- Franks (Knighthood): Trains Imperial Lancers (Paladins with incredible attack)
- Goths (Absolute Anarchy): Trains other elite unique units for half price.
- Huns (Barbarian's Might): Trains God's Own Sling (super trebuchets), and trains siege onagers for half price. Trebuchets -50% cost. More calvalry speed upgrades.
- Japanese (Shogun's Decree): Trains Ninjas (fast stealthy assasin infantry that can transform into tree stumps). Ninjas can be cloned.
- Koreans (Total Defence): Wonder act as a super long range defence tower.
- Mayans (Nature's Forces): Trains Stealth Plumed Archers for -50% cost, Summons Iron Boars and Hunting Wolves for food
- Mongols (Genghis Khan's Army): Request Hussars and Elite Mangudai reinforcements for free.
- Persians (The Indian Empire): Trains siege elephants (Medium range attacks with bonus vs. buildings)
- Saracens (The Spread of Allah's Words): Market operations profitable at fair exchange rates. Trains Preachers (tough long range missionaries). Monks regain faith instantly.
- Spanish (Native Enslavement): Trains native units for free (but takes longer).
- Teutons (The Holy Empire): Trains Knight Templars (Tough paladins that can heal and cannot be converted)
- Turks (Rise of the Ottoman Empire): Trains Gunpowder unique units for -50% cost. Great Bombards upgradable. Spearmen and pikemen upgradable.
- Vikings (Berserker Invasion): Trains Berserk Knights, Berserk Skirmishers and Petarded berserks rapidly. Blast furnace 2 available. Non-mounted living units +20% HP (except infantry).

For other mod changes, please refer to my first mod:
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Leif Ericson
Very interesting, but it's fairly unbalanced. A lot of the wonder units are really cheap, and some civs have a lot better wonder units that others.
File Author
How should it be balanced?

Feel free to be comprehensive :)

And the cost of the Wonder units are categorized into 3 types:
1. Upgrades to the current elite units to make them even more powerful (ex. Roman cataphracts have no weaknesses and high defence, imperial lancers have triple the attack of a paladin), and these units have approximately the same cost as its un-upgraded unit
2. Identical as the elite units, but cost cut in half (i.e. stealth elite plummed archers and woad raiders)
3. Non-elite units that are free, but take longer to train (i.e. native slaves)

There are exceptions such as the mongols who can get their free elite reinforcements quite fast (I think I will change this), and free elite eagle warriors for the spanish (elite eagle warriors are just on par with non-elite unique units), and the Chinese do not get a price discount to gunpowder units (but they can train them twice as fast).

Also, don't forget that Wonders also has effects, such as Saracen wonder makes market exchange tax to below 0, allowing them to make money on transactions.

And I'm not quite finished with the Japanese yet. Not sure how to make Ninjas transform... (I could use the trebuchet class, but they won't auto-attack units)

[Edited on 03/31/11 @ 04:27 PM]

LarsPorsinna Could you provide a list of all the civ's wonder effects? Specifically, what does the Persian wonder do other than train a war elephant with a small amount of range? Surely the Saracen wonder, with a theoretically infinite number of resources, is more powerful?

EDIT: Also, this mod only works with the Duke AI. Other AIs will EDIT2: not build a wonder. Also the graphics are really hard to distinguish. Especially with 2 Mayan players.

I like the concept though! Sorry for the double edit.

[Edited on 04/02/11 @ 06:24 AM]

File Author
The Basic Wonder effects are under file description. Here are some details:

Wonder Effects:
- Aztecs (Land of Gold): Relics Cost 500 wood and stone and takes about 5 game minutes to produce.
- Britons (Start of Colonization): Snipers cost same as hand cannoneers, has deadly 1 hit KOs to all living units, but long reload times.
- Byzantines (Roman Empire Rebirth): Trains Imperial Cataphracts for same cost as cataphracts.
- Celts (The Raider's Carnage)
- Chinese (The Four Great Inventions)
- Franks (Knighthood): Imperial Lancers cost 60 food and gold. Has 70 attack (instant kills to most units)
- Goths (Absolute Anarchy)
- Huns (Barbarian's Might)
- Japanese (Shogun's Decree): Ninjas are good vs. living units. Attack is about 30 damage over 3 Shurikens. Range 5.
- Koreans (Total Defence): Wonder has 19 range max, has 4 cannons and can be garrisoned for more. 50 attack per cannon.
- Mayans (Nature's Forces): Iron boars have 200 HP, 20 attack, cost 200 food. Hunting wolves cost 50 food, 10 attack, bonus vs. infantry, fast.
- Mongols (Genghis Khan's Army): Reinforcements take double time.
- Persians (The Indian Empire): Siege elephants cost same as war elephants. 10 range, average bonus vs. buildings.
- Saracens (The Spread of Allah's Words): Market operations is only profitable when you "buy low sell high". This does not happen when goods are too cheap. Preachers have 20 range max, and 140 HP max.
- Spanish (Native Enslavement)
- Teutons (The Holy Empire): Knight Templars cost 60 food and gold, and incredible armor, but still weak vs. pikemen.
- Turks (Rise of the Ottoman Empire): Great Bombards have 80 base attack, double bonus vs. buildings, and 19 range max.
- Vikings (Berserker Invasion): Berserk Knights have low HP, but high attack. Berserk Skirmishers has double attack rates. Berserk Petards have 50% speed boost. All can regenerate, and cost -50%.

I hope this helps. And yes, I will try to make the mod more balanced in the future.

As for your current concerns. Saracens' market bonus went down from 25% to 2%, meaning you could barely make any money. The market price needs to be at least 25 sell price, and it takes few minutes to make money, plus you need a few thousand to really start making money. Overall, there's a big trade off between attention and time vs. money. Even though theoretically they have infinite resources, but when you have 10000 of everything, would you want more? and when you have 100 of everything, it'll take a good 5 min to give you decent amount of money.

For Persians, Siege elephants have longer range and more attack overall. They should be quite good now :)

Yes, for Mayans, the boars and wolves have no colors :( They are supposed to represent Gaia, the mother of earth, and should take no sides.

Please keep the suggestions coming, it'll help with the balancing.
LarsPorsinna The new version is slightly more balanced. Thanks for the list.

Can you make wonders un-convertible? Otherwise the Koreans get a massive bonus!
File Author
Ok, I'll figure out the best way to make it unconvertible.

In addition, the AI has been renamed to Ghost-Duke-AI, so you can use have both the original Duke AI and this modded one on the computer.

Please remove my old AI (named The Duke-AI version 1.6) to avoid confusion.

This version also tunes the AI for performance. Mainly the number of military units are decreased, and town size attack range is reduced. This helps with lag problems in late games, especially in network games.
LarsPorsinna Another minor thing is that Ottoman cannons are actually really, really cheap considering how powerful they are.
IYI_Osmancik Hi all. I didnt use this mod and all modes.I didnt understand what i dont. Pls Help me. And I'm searcing new conquerorse campaigns mods. What are your advices?


[Edited on 04/13/11 @ 10:04 AM]

LarsPorsinna @IYI_Osmancik "I didnt understand what i dont."

What exactly don't you understand?
IYI_Osmancik Ý read ReadMe. I copied all files to target of age.exe. But there is not any changing at game ??? Ý have both 1.0e and 1.0c version. Which version should i choose? Or any other idea?
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