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Wonders of Empires Mod with Ghost-Duke AI

Author File Description
File Details
Version: The Conquerors
This mod is built upon AOE Population and Improvement Mod by Ghost.

- All Wonders have unique effects to help you win the game! Whether it be building new units, upgrades, etc. (Explained in the text area in the tech tree pages, underneath "Team Bonus")
- 600 population limit for massive armies
- Customized AI uses wonders to rule over you! Are you ready?

- Cannot win with Wonders in Standard games! Relic win still possible (similar mod allowing wonder wins will be available)

Wonder Effects:
- Aztecs (Land of Gold): Crafts relics
- Britons (Start of Colonization): Trains Snipers (long distance 1 hit KO unit with long reload time)
- Byzantines (Roman Empire Rebirth): Trains Imperial Cataphracts (Tougher Cataphracts with no weakness vs. pikemen and camels)
- Celts (The Raider's Carnage): Trains Stealth Raiders, Siege units -50% cost (except trebuchets), more infantry speed upgrade
- Chinese (The Four Great Inventions): Four great inventions, allowing gunpowder units, and trains a legendary unit
- Franks (Knighthood): Trains Imperial Lancers (Paladins with incredible attack)
- Goths (Absolute Anarchy): Trains other elite unique units for half price.
- Huns (Barbarian's Might): Trains God's Own Sling (super trebuchets), and trains siege onagers for half price. Trebuchets -50% cost. More calvalry speed upgrades.
- Japanese (Shogun's Decree): Trains Ninjas (fast stealthy assasin infantry that can transform into tree stumps). Ninjas can be cloned.
- Koreans (Total Defence): Wonder act as a super long range defence tower.
- Mayans (Nature's Forces): Trains Stealth Plumed Archers for -50% cost, Summons Iron Boars and Hunting Wolves for food
- Mongols (Genghis Khan's Army): Request Hussars and Elite Mangudai reinforcements for free.
- Persians (The Indian Empire): Trains siege elephants (Medium range attacks with bonus vs. buildings)
- Saracens (The Spread of Allah's Words): Market operations profitable at fair exchange rates. Trains Preachers (tough long range missionaries). Monks regain faith instantly.
- Spanish (Native Enslavement): Trains native units for free (but takes longer).
- Teutons (The Holy Empire): Trains Knight Templars (Tough paladins that can heal and cannot be converted)
- Turks (Rise of the Ottoman Empire): Trains Gunpowder unique units for -50% cost. Great Bombards upgradable. Spearmen and pikemen upgradable.
- Vikings (Berserker Invasion): Trains Berserk Knights, Berserk Skirmishers and Petarded berserks rapidly. Blast furnace 2 available. Non-mounted living units +20% HP (except infantry).

For other mod changes, please refer to my first mod:
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AuthorComments & Reviews   ( All | Comments Only | Reviews Only )
LarsPorsinna Did you over-write your old empires2_x1_p1.dat file in the data folder? Make sure you have permission to modify this file.

Check that you are able to train sheep at the stable - if so the mod has installed.

I'm pretty sure this mod works with both the C and E versions, but I know it works on C.
File Author
You should copy the files into Age of Empire II folder, and not to the target of age2_x1.exe folder, which is in the age2_x1 folder. Basically you want to replace the .dat file in the Data folder, and the 3 language .dll files in the Age of Empires II folder. If you see a notification for whether you want copy and replace files, then you are on the right track.

Hope this helps, and I thank the other helpful comments.

In addition, I released a minor update, which debuffed Great Bombards a bit, and small balances for Preachers, Imperial Lancers and Snipers. Trade carts cost returned to normal, but take longer to train. In addition, AI no longer use town size attack at all for performance.
GeneralR wow, really great modpack, but how can i make that the ai works??? i put the main ai and per files in the ai folder but when i started the game it didnt work...
File Author
Thank you.

First make sure the folder of the main files are also in the AI folder, as a folder, I.e. Do not extract all the files from the main files folder, just drop in the folder itself in the AI folder.

To make the AI work in single player (standard game), you can select the the Ghost-Duke AI from the computer player drop down list (that says "computer"). (if you placed the AI files correctly, you should see the Ghost-Duke AI in the drop down list in single player standard game only).

For multiplayer, you need to create a scenario (you can base it off of a random map) and in the player section, select the Ghost-Duke AI instead of the standard AI for every computer player.

Overall you will know if the Duke AI is in effect when it reports to you the race and team bonus within the first 6 seconds of starting a game.

Hope this helps.

[Edited on 04/22/11 @ 10:57 PM]

LarsPorsinna I still have this installed! Are you any closer to making wonders non-convertible yet? I'm just shaky about reviewing a modpack if you're still going to be making some balance tweaks.
File Author
I have released v2.69, which stops wonders from being converted.

Rating: 4.5

This will completely change the way you play. Generally lots of things have been made more powerful, wonder-wins have been made impossible, additional units are added (although this is NOT a graphical mod) and the AI is changed. Somebody should totally make a graphical version of this - in particular, ninja clones did NOT look like that! Perhaps it is because this mod sets out to do so much that the best it could do with data editing alone is manage 4.5.

Only the included AI will take advantage of the features of this mod.

This can be really fun and really challenging. However, a number of issues still prevent a 4.5 rating for me. All are balance issues. While this has improved since the initial releases of this mod, some civs have more powerful wonders than others. Mayans and Persians, in my opinion, are still particularly weak compared to some other civs' wonder effects.

This is such a shame because although the mod does what it aims to do well, it falls rather short on the playability factor.

I hope this doesn't put the author off. I had many hours of fun playing with this, just so long as neither player got a "bad" civ!

[Edited on 05/05/11 @ 09:19 PM]

willyconqueror Hmm... Perhaps your wonders attributes are pretty cutie, but there's still a problem: as you have only access to one wonder instead of more, the wonder's effect are curiously insufficient.
Hey, don't worry, maybe I can help you throwing a series of ideas to make this mod in something honorable for the rest of all AoK and AoC players.
Ans me soon...
File Author
@Lars: You rated the mod 4.5, yet it displays as 4.0. A mistake perhaps? And yes, I agree, someone should help me make some graphics changes, that would be super!

@willy: I love suggestions, what do you have in mind?

As for Persians, maybe siege elephant's range should outrange castles? what other aspects do they need to be "better"? i.e. cost, attack, etc.

As for Mayans, I have no idea at the moment, I will play with them some more.

Also, if you guys have any balancing suggestions, please do not hesitate to comment. i.e. recently I found out ninja clones builds too fast.
willyconqueror Good. Listen my ideas for the wonders: I see in Age of Chivalry Hegemony how the designers changed the trade workshop or another buildings (perhaps they make new buildings, I dont know) to convert all them into playable buildings (princely court, guild hall and assembly hall).
Well, I think if you can take the non-playable buildings and work in them, perhaps you can adquire wonders which can work in a single player scenario, or also, in a campaign.
Warning: the wonders must see the same look of the faction's buildings (a major temple looks like the Temple of Heaven for asians, for example).

There a list of wonders what you can take when you are making them:
Major temple: ability: sanctity (units heals themselves like a viking berserk).
Achademy: trains lancers (the same of the frank wonder).
Sanctuary: ability: proselytism (priests and missionaries can convert units with area effect).
Great tomb: ability: duel (a trickle of resources return to your reserves when you lost a unit in battle).
City hall: ability: governor reward (receives a trickle of gold when you get 5 kills and destroys a enemy building).
Belfry: ability: safe guard (razed buildings spawns instantly a group of swordsmen).
Guild hall: provides a trickle of resources to your reserves each 2 minutes.
Lighthouse: ability: guide light (reveals the water).
Amphitheater: ability: spectacle (+20% population, -20% enemy population).

Something to add: the civilizations personal wonders now cannot be builded. Instead, these buildings now enables a another type of wonder victory: build the required numbers of wonders to activate the victory timer.

Are great these wonders if they are in the gameplay, no?

[Edited on 05/05/11 @ 04:43 PM]

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