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Wonders of Empires Mod with Ghost-Duke AI

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File Details
Version: The Conquerors
This mod is built upon AOE Population and Improvement Mod by Ghost.

- All Wonders have unique effects to help you win the game! Whether it be building new units, upgrades, etc. (Explained in the text area in the tech tree pages, underneath "Team Bonus")
- 600 population limit for massive armies
- Customized AI uses wonders to rule over you! Are you ready?

- Cannot win with Wonders in Standard games! Relic win still possible (similar mod allowing wonder wins will be available)

Wonder Effects:
- Aztecs (Land of Gold): Crafts relics
- Britons (Start of Colonization): Trains Snipers (long distance 1 hit KO unit with long reload time)
- Byzantines (Roman Empire Rebirth): Trains Imperial Cataphracts (Tougher Cataphracts with no weakness vs. pikemen and camels)
- Celts (The Raider's Carnage): Trains Stealth Raiders, Siege units -50% cost (except trebuchets), more infantry speed upgrade
- Chinese (The Four Great Inventions): Four great inventions, allowing gunpowder units, and trains a legendary unit
- Franks (Knighthood): Trains Imperial Lancers (Paladins with incredible attack)
- Goths (Absolute Anarchy): Trains other elite unique units for half price.
- Huns (Barbarian's Might): Trains God's Own Sling (super trebuchets), and trains siege onagers for half price. Trebuchets -50% cost. More calvalry speed upgrades.
- Japanese (Shogun's Decree): Trains Ninjas (fast stealthy assasin infantry that can transform into tree stumps). Ninjas can be cloned.
- Koreans (Total Defence): Wonder act as a super long range defence tower.
- Mayans (Nature's Forces): Trains Stealth Plumed Archers for -50% cost, Summons Iron Boars and Hunting Wolves for food
- Mongols (Genghis Khan's Army): Request Hussars and Elite Mangudai reinforcements for free.
- Persians (The Indian Empire): Trains siege elephants (Medium range attacks with bonus vs. buildings)
- Saracens (The Spread of Allah's Words): Market operations profitable at fair exchange rates. Trains Preachers (tough long range missionaries). Monks regain faith instantly.
- Spanish (Native Enslavement): Trains native units for free (but takes longer).
- Teutons (The Holy Empire): Trains Knight Templars (Tough paladins that can heal and cannot be converted)
- Turks (Rise of the Ottoman Empire): Trains Gunpowder unique units for -50% cost. Great Bombards upgradable. Spearmen and pikemen upgradable.
- Vikings (Berserker Invasion): Trains Berserk Knights, Berserk Skirmishers and Petarded berserks rapidly. Blast furnace 2 available. Non-mounted living units +20% HP (except infantry).

For other mod changes, please refer to my first mod:
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AuthorComments & Reviews   ( All | Comments Only | Reviews Only )
LarsPorsinna Rating updated. My apologies for selecting the wrong button.

I just tried putting cannons on the elephants and it worked fairly well. (:

@willyconqueror - I think some of them are problematic. Factions with a lighthouse wonder, for example, would be screwed on Arabia. Amphitheater would be way too powerful in games with less than 100 pop. And so on and so forth. I think this is already unbalanced as it is.

I do support buildable trade workshops and so on but not for these kind of unbalancing effects. Some of your other suggestions might be good though.
willyconqueror Right, as you say. Perhaps the designers of Age of Chivalry made these buildings not replacing the others.

Maybe you are right with about the lighthouse and the amphiteater. I think what there must be another medieval buildings to make the wonders. I think what we can do with the problem of the trade workshops.

Trade workshop: produces an income of resources (resources income are selective).

But the trade workshop enters in conflict with the guild hall, which produces resources equality. I think now how I can change this panorama:

Guild Hall: deffensive estructure which produces military ground units but weaker unlike the castles. Have own upgrades like a tower: assembly saloon (enables cavalry units) and great guild (enables siege units).

Note: the wonders only can be builded once a time. If the player lost it, lost it forever.

The theme about the lighthouse and the amphiteater will changes, but before I must investigate about the medieval estructures.
And when a get it, I will write again.
LarsPorsinna I really like your idea about only making one wonder build-able! Especially in games with winnable wonders.

I think trade workshops shouldn't work like factories in AoE3 - that was one of that game's biggest problems. In some betas apparently you could task villagers to them and get resources but I think that would just be weird.

Guild hall is a really good idea IF this becomes a graphical mod. Otherwise new units will confuse me to death! But I think it could work for, say, "mercenary" type units.

Then again I'm not exactly proposing a solution either so I guess it's back to square one.
File Author
@Lars: did you mean you made a graphical mod to siege elephants?

@willy: do you mean each civilization will have a combination of the wonders you listed?
And some of the suggestions seem to be difficult to mod. For example, providing a trickle of resources per time (like relics) and reveal only waters. These are possible by scripting the map, but modding the game data may not give these effects. Please point me to the right direction if I'm wrong.

I like the ideas though, but I'd have to try out aoc first to understand some of your suggestions.
LarsPorsinna No, I meant having actual cannonballs come off them. Like Timur the Lame did. I'm no good at graphically modding. Using cannonballs, for some reason, makes the elephants much more powerful (more concentrated attack I'm guessing?)
willyconqueror Playing the game I just discovered what my idea of multiple wonders is truthly contradictory against the tematics of the game during in some scenarios in the campaigns... look, I just remembered the Lepanto Battle in which you must build a wonder. And, installing more wonders enters in conflict with this. So, I say what the wonders must be one, and if you, Ghost888, wants to change the tematic adding wonder's abilities, you must search carefully some abilities what every civ can reach when builds a wonder. Or better, now I think, you can enable the civilization team bonus when the player builds a wonder.
Think this idea deeply and then answer me.

[Edited on 05/12/11 @ 11:14 AM]

LarsPorsinna On an unrelated note, could you make it so that fishing ships actually look like they're doing something when fishing gold? Right now they appear idle.

EDIT: Also, I found a bug. I was playing 2v2 Arabia, I was the Aztecs. I got 4 relics and one of my opponents got the last one. I then crafted a new relic and put it in my monastery. The relic timer started for me, my team-mate AND the opposing team-member with a relic. Really it should only be for those on my team. As a result there were 3 winners. In theory everyone could win, if I had collected 3 relics, and my opponents had one each, and then I crafted two.

[Edited on 05/14/11 @ 03:23 AM]

steiny1081 I have downloaded the mod and i think i have put everything in my folders properly, as it seems i can make sheep and turkeys. for some reason i cant use the wonders to produce units like it shows in your picture?
File Author
Hm... Cannon balls and ballista arrows are just projectiles and shouldn't affect damages. Anyways, I'll see if that makes siege elephants better.

Yes, the wonder and relic wins are quite broken because of this mod. I'll try to fix them. I'll also look at the fishing ship animation, for now you can see the gold collection counting up in the fishing ship.

For the wonders to work, did you build it yourself? I.e. Not placed on map by map editor? And were you in imperial age? And were you not Koreans? (korean wonder is a defense tower).
LarsPorsinna "for now you can see the gold collection counting up in the fishing ship."

-That's strange, all I can see is that they have collected 0 food. It doesn't tell me if they have any gold.
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