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Wonders of Empires Mod with Ghost-Duke AI

Author File Description
File Details
Version: The Conquerors
This mod is built upon AOE Population and Improvement Mod by Ghost.

- All Wonders have unique effects to help you win the game! Whether it be building new units, upgrades, etc. (Explained in the text area in the tech tree pages, underneath "Team Bonus")
- 600 population limit for massive armies
- Customized AI uses wonders to rule over you! Are you ready?

- Cannot win with Wonders in Standard games! Relic win still possible (similar mod allowing wonder wins will be available)

Wonder Effects:
- Aztecs (Land of Gold): Crafts relics
- Britons (Start of Colonization): Trains Snipers (long distance 1 hit KO unit with long reload time)
- Byzantines (Roman Empire Rebirth): Trains Imperial Cataphracts (Tougher Cataphracts with no weakness vs. pikemen and camels)
- Celts (The Raider's Carnage): Trains Stealth Raiders, Siege units -50% cost (except trebuchets), more infantry speed upgrade
- Chinese (The Four Great Inventions): Four great inventions, allowing gunpowder units, and trains a legendary unit
- Franks (Knighthood): Trains Imperial Lancers (Paladins with incredible attack)
- Goths (Absolute Anarchy): Trains other elite unique units for half price.
- Huns (Barbarian's Might): Trains God's Own Sling (super trebuchets), and trains siege onagers for half price. Trebuchets -50% cost. More calvalry speed upgrades.
- Japanese (Shogun's Decree): Trains Ninjas (fast stealthy assasin infantry that can transform into tree stumps). Ninjas can be cloned.
- Koreans (Total Defence): Wonder act as a super long range defence tower.
- Mayans (Nature's Forces): Trains Stealth Plumed Archers for -50% cost, Summons Iron Boars and Hunting Wolves for food
- Mongols (Genghis Khan's Army): Request Hussars and Elite Mangudai reinforcements for free.
- Persians (The Indian Empire): Trains siege elephants (Medium range attacks with bonus vs. buildings)
- Saracens (The Spread of Allah's Words): Market operations profitable at fair exchange rates. Trains Preachers (tough long range missionaries). Monks regain faith instantly.
- Spanish (Native Enslavement): Trains native units for free (but takes longer).
- Teutons (The Holy Empire): Trains Knight Templars (Tough paladins that can heal and cannot be converted)
- Turks (Rise of the Ottoman Empire): Trains Gunpowder unique units for -50% cost. Great Bombards upgradable. Spearmen and pikemen upgradable.
- Vikings (Berserker Invasion): Trains Berserk Knights, Berserk Skirmishers and Petarded berserks rapidly. Blast furnace 2 available. Non-mounted living units +20% HP (except infantry).

For other mod changes, please refer to my first mod:
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AuthorComments & Reviews   ( All | Comments Only | Reviews Only )
yankeee7 I need help getting this mod pack installed onto my disc. I can download the pack but after that the instructions confuse me. If someone could walk me through it that would be great!
pong676 yankeee7: Which instruction specifically don't you understand?
EightEightyEight dude please help me install the Wonders of Empires Mod with Ghost-Duke AI mod...the farm shows the option for turkeys and sheep but on selecting the wonder , im not seein any options to create new units....please help!
File Author
Yes, the gold doesn't count up, I'll try to fix it.

To install the mod, you basically unrar and copy all the contents to your installed AOE2 folder. When it asks you to replace some files, you have succeeded. Which specific part of the instructions confuses you?

All wonders should be able to either train units or research new upgrades. However, you need to be in imperial age to do so (right now, you can build wonders starting in Castle age). If you are still having trouble, please tell me what civilization you were playing.
EightEightyEight uhmm, i was in imperial age, was playing with the aztecs(single player mode), i found few new units like the mounted priest from the monastery, bt wen i select my wonder im not getting any options of either research or new units. il give it a try again.
EightEightyEight one more thing buddy, after i extracted the files, i copy pasted and replaced the "empires2_x1.dat" file in the DATA folder seperately, didnt paste the whole DATA folder. is that why it didnt work fully?
EightEightyEight i think im havin the same probs as steiny1081. i really wanna play wit tis mod. love the idea !
EightEightyEight finally got it to work...thanks a lot mate! :) thumbs up! :D
File Author
If you play the single player campaign and a Wonder has been given to you already, that wonder will not have any new units or new upgrades because it is an "old" Wonder. Only the Wonders you build will have new units or new upgrades.

Also, can you please comment on what you did wrong / right to make the mod working? (mainly to help out the other players)
1> copy pasted replaced the "empires2_x1.dat" file in the "Data" folder(present in the AOE2 folder) separately, instead of selecting-pasting the "DATA" folder(in the Mod Folder)as a whole.

2>I had forgotten that i probly had other Mod packs/customized files installed & running at the same time, so maybe it caused an overall interference. :(

1> i uninsntalled both the aoe2 and conquerors expansion games to start afresh. re-installed the games. went to the Mod folder, selected all the folders togethr, copy pasted replaced them as it is in the aoe2 folder.

& it works fab now, thanks to Ghost :D
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