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Wonders of Empires Mod with Ghost-Duke AI

Author File Description
File Details
Version: The Conquerors
This mod is built upon AOE Population and Improvement Mod by Ghost.

- All Wonders have unique effects to help you win the game! Whether it be building new units, upgrades, etc. (Explained in the text area in the tech tree pages, underneath "Team Bonus")
- 600 population limit for massive armies
- Customized AI uses wonders to rule over you! Are you ready?

- Cannot win with Wonders in Standard games! Relic win still possible (similar mod allowing wonder wins will be available)

Wonder Effects:
- Aztecs (Land of Gold): Crafts relics
- Britons (Start of Colonization): Trains Snipers (long distance 1 hit KO unit with long reload time)
- Byzantines (Roman Empire Rebirth): Trains Imperial Cataphracts (Tougher Cataphracts with no weakness vs. pikemen and camels)
- Celts (The Raider's Carnage): Trains Stealth Raiders, Siege units -50% cost (except trebuchets), more infantry speed upgrade
- Chinese (The Four Great Inventions): Four great inventions, allowing gunpowder units, and trains a legendary unit
- Franks (Knighthood): Trains Imperial Lancers (Paladins with incredible attack)
- Goths (Absolute Anarchy): Trains other elite unique units for half price.
- Huns (Barbarian's Might): Trains God's Own Sling (super trebuchets), and trains siege onagers for half price. Trebuchets -50% cost. More calvalry speed upgrades.
- Japanese (Shogun's Decree): Trains Ninjas (fast stealthy assasin infantry that can transform into tree stumps). Ninjas can be cloned.
- Koreans (Total Defence): Wonder act as a super long range defence tower.
- Mayans (Nature's Forces): Trains Stealth Plumed Archers for -50% cost, Summons Iron Boars and Hunting Wolves for food
- Mongols (Genghis Khan's Army): Request Hussars and Elite Mangudai reinforcements for free.
- Persians (The Indian Empire): Trains siege elephants (Medium range attacks with bonus vs. buildings)
- Saracens (The Spread of Allah's Words): Market operations profitable at fair exchange rates. Trains Preachers (tough long range missionaries). Monks regain faith instantly.
- Spanish (Native Enslavement): Trains native units for free (but takes longer).
- Teutons (The Holy Empire): Trains Knight Templars (Tough paladins that can heal and cannot be converted)
- Turks (Rise of the Ottoman Empire): Trains Gunpowder unique units for -50% cost. Great Bombards upgradable. Spearmen and pikemen upgradable.
- Vikings (Berserker Invasion): Trains Berserk Knights, Berserk Skirmishers and Petarded berserks rapidly. Blast furnace 2 available. Non-mounted living units +20% HP (except infantry).

For other mod changes, please refer to my first mod:
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zzyzxlatnok First of all, great mod. Everything perfect. I have one doubt now. Does the computer also create wonders and units from them? I have only played multiplayer on LAN so far and me and my friends have never seen a coputer civilization build wonder. Even if you signal your computer ally to build a wonder, they just don't.

The game is not competitive enough if the computer also doesn't do what you do. Difficulty level was moderate. If AI is not scripted to do it, could you change that? Cheers
File Author
It does.

First of all you have to use my AI. In multiplayer you would have to create a Senario and give all the computer players my AI. It's the Modified Duke AI by Ghost.

Second of all, only in hardest mode will my AI always build wonders and wonder units. In the other modes the AI has a chance of building them.

All in all, the AI is pretty hardcore.
DARK WARRIOR I used japenese and franks and built the wonder not had it and the AI also doesn't build the wonders
plz help

[Edited on 09/15/11 @ 10:12 AM]

File Author
Are you sure you have the conquerors installed? If so, are you running from the same directory?

Also, if you play on Voobly, it will automatically restore the original version of AOE2
DARK WARRIOR I have conquerors and I am running from the same directory.The AI works for me not the wonders
twaytwyaa how on earth do we kill the templar knights. templar knights can't be converted and all missile/melee units only do 1 damage b/c the armor is so high...that is CRAZY?

or am i missing something here...
twaytwyaa i'm no longer able to create scenarios. it tell me "no disk space available, create some disk space then try again" something like that...weird...cuz i have 150 gb of free space...
File Author
Only in hardest mode will the AI gaurenteed to build wonders. The other levels will have a percentage chance.

Try using helberdiers vs knight Templars.

I can create scenarios just fine. In fact, that's how you would be able to use my AI in multiplayer. Perhaps the game is looking at the wrong drive? Or your game or scenario folder is read-only.
zedbanana hi ghost thx for the fast reply. i'm wondering if i can easily change the taunts in your mod...i don't like how the AI tells me it's time to du-du-du-duel everytime he attacks me...can i quickly change that?
File Author
You can change that in the duke attack.per file. Search for that text.
Though it's not as trivial to change the frequency of that taunt.
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