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Version: The Conquerors 1.0c
Style: Build and Destroy
Number of scenarios: 4
The American Revolution - By CitadleArtStudios

Though the name says it all this campaign of four good scenarios roughly related to the American revolution.This features the three main events ie,SevenYearsWar,BostonTeaparty and TheBostonMassacre.!If some things are misinterprted please forgive us.

Be sure to be playin the campaign only in standard difficulty and enjoy the maps!:)
AuthorReviews   ( All | Comments Only | Reviews Only )
Map Design3.0
Playability: 3

I didn't enjoy playing this a lot. There wasn't really any story and the maps and scenarios themselves didn't really capture my attention. It played well (no technical errors, bugs, etc.) but it didn't really draw me in, make me want to play more, or really give me anything more than a couple of generic fixed-force battles.


This was very easy, even for me, and I don't consider myself an amazing player. I played through an standard first just to get a feel for it, but then skipped moderate and jumper right up to hard. The first scenario (build a castle and 2 TCs) was ridiculously easy. All I had to gather was 50 stone, which was about 10-20 tiles away from my starting TC, which I built right where I landed. The second scenerio was also not very hard. I scouted the land and built a couple castles to defend my walls, then built up a decent force fo cavaliers, arbalest, and champions and sent them and a few rams stright through the front door and destroyed the French. The third scenario was a little more difficult, but a few trebuchets and a pack of FU Elite Longbowmen to keep anything from touching them were enough to quickly win. Finally, for the last scenario, I created a few more villagers to get 14, sent them to the church, and sent my soldiers to stand by the castle. After sinking the Dartmouth, I just had all the soldiers (including the 2 trebuchets) attack the castle, and it was over without my having to gather a resource, create a military unit, or build anything. This is an area that needs improvement.

There are a number of ways to do this. For example, in the first scenario, you could give the player fewer resources to start or force them to actually fight (this could be as simple as making the optional relic quest mandatory). For 2 and 3, give the enemy better defenses, more soldiers, attack more often, etc. For the last, either don't allow military units out of the town until the battle or something. And don't give the play a trebuchet within firing range of the castle. even when I didn't bring my starting soldiers, that trebuchet took the castle down about 85%. If you want more individual suggestions, feel free to email me and I can give you more detailed suggestions.

Creativity: 3

The idea of the American revolution is not a particularly new idea, but still quite unique. That's about as far as the creativity goes, however. There was virtually no storyline to set it apart, no unique triggering, the map didn't have anything outstanding, and nothing else was very unique or used in a creative way. There really wasn't anything to set it apart from a standard B&D map. In fact, one of the scenarios felt just like I was playing on an arena RM.

Map Design: 3

Map design was sub-par. Some of the maps seemed like random maps while others had large areas of unused space. The first scenario, for example, had you crossing through island to reach the shore, but hlaf of the map is water/islands that is unused. This problem (unused water) presents itself in the 4th scenario as well. It seemed like in both maps, the space could have been used much better, especially in the first one, since the entire premise of the scenrio is the foundation of a colony. Had the I needed to explore to find a suitable location, navigating dangers in the islands, etc. then it might have been acceptable, but since the landign was marked, it was basically a boring wait while the transports crossed the map.

The design itself left something to be desired. On the first one, the Indian towns felt like there was just a random scatter of units and buildings, while the terrain itself seemed...confused. There were pine trees, but also palm trees and desert. There was virtually no grass and far too much leaves/dirt 2. The islands were unrealistically over-forested.

The second scenario was a little better, but it really didn't look much different from a random map that had been slightly edited. Both towns looked better, but for the Indians, the stone buildings didn't quite fit. I think yurts might have been better. Again, we had palm trees on the islands which didn't fit.

The third scenario was my favorite. Having a large area with three towns to defend mad eit more interesting. The river made it very easy for me to simply sit back and build up my army while easily keeping the enemy at bay at the crossings. The towns themselves were a little bland for my taste. There was no eye candy (this was a problem for all the scenarios), the farms were right in the middle of town, the buildings were scattered around, which made it seems more like a camp than colonies or towns. I think the towns needed to be a little more structured.

Finally, the fourth scenario seemed like it was rushed and thrown together last minute. For one, the enormous patches of resources (stone/gold mines, forage bushes) were strange, as was Boston square being outside of town. It just seemed weird having to leave Boston to go to the British, since I'm almost positive that Boston Square is in the town. The town itself was pretty jumbled. On one end, there's a bunch of farms and on the other, a bunch of buildings. It might have been better if there was a central town with houses and farms scattered around it. There are a number of well made towns in maps in the Blacksmith; if you want to improve, download some of the highly-rated scenarios there and look at their map design.

Overall, the map design seemed either too much like a random map, or it wasted a lot of space that could have been used. There were conflicting terrains, poorly made (and some well-made) towns, and a lack of decorations and eye candy that would have been helpful in giving the maps a little spice.

Story/Instructions: 2

There was very little story given. The only thing was decent opening information in the hints/scouts sections. Within the game, there were only a few mentions of the story. There were numerous spelling/grammatical errors. I was also disappointed not to see any historical figures renamed. A very small bit of research could have given you the commander of the founder of the first British settlement, the leaders of the Tea Party protests, etc. I really didn't feel like there was a story that guided why I was doing most things. Also, I question why you use "Red Indians" instead of just "Natives" or "Indians." Personally, I find it a bit unneeded and even bordering on offensive. This doesn't affect my rating, but I feel it's worth mentioning.

Overall, the map design could use some work but the place where I see the most potential is the story. Give the player a good story and they'll play scenarios that aren't very different from a random map and enjoy it, since they know why they're doing whatever they're doing, they like a character, they have a background for the scenario, etc. With a historical scenario, it's even easier, as you already have real people and events to use. Do a little research and find out who the important people were and integrate them into your story. Explain more what the situation is. Why are the villagers going to the church? To bring taxes? To protest? To have a meeting? Why are there soldiers fighting between the towns in the second scenario? What are the towns named? There are endless possibilities here and I think a good story would keep the campaign interesting when at times it struggled. Introducing multiple objectives/side quests would also make it more enjoyable. Just having to destroy the enemy gets old. Destroying the enemy town, then having to old off a massive horde of Indians, then having to gather food for winter, then having to rescue a kidnapped farmer and then having the plague kill of many of your units and having to rebuild, etc. is much more interesting. Also, sometimes it's a little too easy. I gave some suggestions above, but I can give more if you would like.

In short, this is a decently made campaign that is pretty good for a first shot. While it isn't a "YOU MUST PLAY THIS RIGHT NOW IT'S SO AWESOME!!!!" campaign, I'd say it's worth downloading. If the author continues working on it, it could be a pretty good campaign, but it does need some work.

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Map Design3.0
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