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MGC11: Strange Brew

Author File Description
File Details
Version: The Conquerors 1.0c
Style: Puzzle
Your tribe's chief has fallen ill after being stung by a scorpion, so you (a lowly villager) were sent to the witchdoctor to help him create a restorative potion to save your chief's life and rescue your tribe from the inevitable anarchy resulting from the death of a leader. The witchdoctor's errands are not always easy, but fear not! The hints and scouts section have hints and solutions if you get stuck.

There is no music included, I wanted to include Eric Clapton's "Strange Brew" and The Cartoons' "Witchdoctor" but I'm not very hot on copyright laws; better safe than sorry!
When you run the scenario, please ensure you *don't lock teams* as the diplomacies change during the game.
I would recommend saving after you complete each objective, just in case you lose your villager.


Many thanks to Zanzard Lothar for his great "Immobile Units AI Gold" which I have included in this file.

Thanks to Joshua4Missions for playtesting and giving me some great pointers.

Thanks also to the people who played and gave me feedback on the original Witchdoctor's Elixir; I tried to implement their suggestions for improvement in this game.


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Official Reviewer
Map Design3.0
"MGC11: Strange Brew" is a scenario for the minigame contest which therefore takes place on a miniscule sized map.

Playability 3

Assessing the gameplay was a bit tricky for me, as Im not particularly keen on puzzle solving. I would say the puzzles were amusing to figure out for the most part, but its the way you interact with the scenario's challenges that seems a bit bland in gameplay and a bit boring to complete. For the most part you will walk around the map looking for key points and items, or simply using your eyes as most of the map is visible. Some of the challenges are a bit finicky to handle, such as chopping down many trees to access an item. At one point a boar will need to be killed;unfortunately the trigger sees it carcass when killed by a villager as still alive, so I had to harvest\waste its entire food count to get the kill counted.

Balance 2

There isn't much risk of losing other than perhaps losing a vital tool like the lumber in your inventory with which you build palisades to remove trees. The enemies in the swamp can oddly be killed without fighting back by the plumed archer which is easy to recruit. The boar is likewise no match for the faster plumed archer. There is a final wave of enemies to be avoided if you play sub-optimally earlier but they are easily lured aside. The actual execution of solving the puzzles is rarely entertaining as well.

Creativity 4

The creativity in objectives was fairly impressive, though some were feeling a bit bland like finding some flowers or grabbing an obviously marked turkey for arrows. Finding manure on a map without horses and catching snakes with hooked sticks struck me as pretty clever. I found it fortunate that the suggested music was not included, as it was quite not to my liking but perhaps spoke to the creative mindset of its author. I would suggest checking out Derek & Brandon Fiechter jungle themed music on youtube.

Map Design 3

The map used a jungle setting on the 25x25 size, upon which you would expect to see a higher level of detail than on a larger map. For the most part it looked decent enough to convey a tangled jungle and combined several gameplay areas in a nice layout, from a swamp to a rocky coastline to a little farming hut and of course some religious monuments. Its a pleasant map but in light of the small size I wouldn't say its particularly stunning either.

Story\Objectives 3

The story was a simple one which seems to largely exist to justify the scenarios gameplay. There isn't any reason to particularly care about the fate of your Chief nor is the writing particularly deep or complex. The objectives were decent, with a nice hints section that avoid spoiling the puzzles, while the scouts section outright told you how to solve them if your truly stumped.

Final Thoughts:"Strange Brew" is an interesting little minigame that should appeal to anyone who likes puzzles. Its a playable game that is fairly short;I would give it a positive recommendation. Its worth playing although the gameplay isn't that exciting either.

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Map Design3.0
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