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The Prince, the Sword, and the Gems

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Version: The Conquerors 1.0c
Hey Guys,

Well it's FINALLY here!!! After being started in February 2009, I have finally completed and submitted it!

Story: When your brother, Prince Robert goes missing, you are sent out to find and bring your brother home. You learn that he has been kidnapped, and set out with friends as you join forces with an hostile nation of the kidnappers in an attempt to rescue your brother.

Later, depending on your choices, you can set out to find 3 long lost gems which the Manta seek, which if they controlled them would be disastrous to your people. It's up o you to Find your brother, Prevent the Manta from controlling all the gems, and ultimately destroy this threat to your people...are you ready?


~Immersive gameplay
~...and story(hopefully)
~Many genres of gameplay such as:
Build and Destroy
Fixed Force
~Many quests
~ And Tons tons more

Anyway, quit reading this and give the game a tryout. And I'm(finally) glad to know that I'm one of the 5% of people who actually finished an RPG(one of my challenges that started this.)

Disclaimer: I realize that there is a potential for bugs to pop up, but hopefully you won't experience any of this. Also, sorry for any story gaps(Prologe mainly).

joshua4missions :)

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Official Reviewer
*Grabs Furst Comment*

Downloading now. Can;t wait to play the finished version
bigboy37731 *grabs your ass* (oh wait euhm......ignore that!)

finally, been waiting very long for this!!

(if you want, I can make an .exe that installs your files. I can also make one that uninstalls them, if you're interested mail me at or just come online at GR sometime)

[Edited on 04/29/11 @ 10:30 AM]

File Author
Ty for the offer BB, but I think it's not big enough for an Install Script. I worked on making one, but never finished it.

...seems I picked a time to upload when people are in school etc...less than 50 DL's in a couple days. :(

Ryusaki I never play any campaigns (since I hat a lot of trouble with my first ones T_T), but I'll give this one a try. GJ mate.
bigboy37731 what exactly do you mean by an install script, and how can it be not big enough?
Lord Sipia I found a possible mistake or two:
1. I can't believe you meant to have Cartography enabled; you should have that disabled.
2. The Manta-troops in the camp Northeast of Turkhill never attack, they just gather up in the base, making the village too easy to defend but the camp too hard to destroy.
3. The music is nice, but it gets tedious after a while.
4. You can't build stone walls, but you can build gates?
5. In the story, Sir William had to bring his troops to guard Turkhill once it was captured, but in the end, you have to do it yourself anyway. Either have some of his troops come or edit that part of the story a bit... (yes, I'm pretty picky when it comes to that.)
6. When you destroy the gates of Branson castle, Prystin sends some cavaliers to help you, but runs with them himself... Resulting in his instant death, that part should be easier.
7. After the gates of Branson castle are destroyed, the enemy starts attacking without relent, mostly unique units. It seems the AI uses units meant for a later part of the game.
8. Halfway besieging Branson castle, the story appears to suddenly skip ahead. After that, little makes sense anymore- They start talking about a military aliance, and you're given the objective to besiege Arelstad, and that cannot be how the story is meant.
9. I thought the name "Arelstad" was already used, but that detail is not quite so important as the rest.
I loved the story so far, but this is quite a list of bugs... You should have a look at it.

[Edited on 05/04/11 @ 10:42 AM]

Dannflor Most of the same bugs happened to me, so I stopped playing, I don't mean to be rude but these bugs should really be fixed. Okay when I destroy the gate and my allies knights comes in the whole town becomes mine including Branson Castle! So I have to destroy it by pressing delete to continue. Then the same thing happenes as with him, the story skipps ahead and I get the Gem objective.... I just think you should probably fix these bugs.
charungandhi I destroyed that Branson Castle and brought robert back to algus. But after that no clue on how to proceed with gems mission. I am not able find a way out. nobody in the town is giving out any useful reszponse or guidance.
The Queen B I think I found a few bugs. I had no trouble destroying Branson castle, collected Robert, and (after a half dozen tries) got him home. It's the quest for the gems that has me stumped. First, I have no idea what I'm looking for. Are they relics? Anyway, I plowed onward, thinking I'd figure it out at some point. So I took over the orange village, and it was suggested that I talk to the "reeves" from the other villages, but they wouldn't talk to me. No problem, I built up my army, wiped out the teal (which turned yellow) guys and the castle, finally got through the gate to the mines (I kept losing control of my soldiers at that point), killed those yellow guys and that Aslum guy. Then it said to get all my villagers to hunt for the gem. I mined every bit of stone in that gated area (except where the fight with Aslum was because I can't get back in) and haven't found anything. Was I supposed to? I'm just not sure what I'm supposed to do at this point. There appears to be a path that goes up the right side of that area, but it's blocked with rocks and I can't go up that way either.

Also, as I complete objectives, it makes the noise, but doesn't mark through it on the objectives page or remove the triggers (i.e. I was searching the map and accidently walked too close to the "messenger" from the beginning and he told me to go talk to Algus about rescuing Robert, and anytime I walked close to the purple castle I get that "I think we passed the castle back there" from Lord Whatshisname).
Official Reviewer
It looks very much like the good old RPG "Wrath of the dark lord, but then only with FF, B&D.....
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