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The Prince, the Sword, and the Gems

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Version: The Conquerors 1.0c
Hey Guys,

Well it's FINALLY here!!! After being started in February 2009, I have finally completed and submitted it!

Story: When your brother, Prince Robert goes missing, you are sent out to find and bring your brother home. You learn that he has been kidnapped, and set out with friends as you join forces with an hostile nation of the kidnappers in an attempt to rescue your brother.

Later, depending on your choices, you can set out to find 3 long lost gems which the Manta seek, which if they controlled them would be disastrous to your people. It's up o you to Find your brother, Prevent the Manta from controlling all the gems, and ultimately destroy this threat to your people...are you ready?


~Immersive gameplay
~...and story(hopefully)
~Many genres of gameplay such as:
Build and Destroy
Fixed Force
~Many quests
~ And Tons tons more

Anyway, quit reading this and give the game a tryout. And I'm(finally) glad to know that I'm one of the 5% of people who actually finished an RPG(one of my challenges that started this.)

Disclaimer: I realize that there is a potential for bugs to pop up, but hopefully you won't experience any of this. Also, sorry for any story gaps(Prologe mainly).

joshua4missions :)

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Official Reviewer
Map Design5.0
The Prince, the Sword & The Gems is an RPG, Fixed Force, Build & Destroy scenario by Joshua4missions. It was released a few years ago to great expectations, but due to a few bugs it has received little recognition since its release. I intend to change that.

Playability: 4
I remember being one of the playtesters and testing this scenario for the first BETA stage. It was a very good scenario then, and since it has improved to become even better. The Prince, The Sword & The Gems is set in the fictional country of Laga, and follows the story of Prince Adla who is sent by his father, the King, to look for his brother, Prince Robert, who went missing three week before. The scenario is very fun and enjoyable and will take you on an action packed adventure across this land, searching for a missing prince and a lost swords, and four powerful gems. Battling the tribes of fierce warlords who broke up your kingdom many years ago, and exploring a land where you can either meet allies or lose your life. It's very fun and a great scenario. I particularly enjoyed the RPG element to it. You have numerous special abilities you can use and places where you can train in your attack, or you're defence. The main downside to the scenario;s playability is due too numerous bugs throughout the scenario. There's nothing really fatal that will crash the scenario that I found, but there's just odd bits and bobs that ruin the fun gameplay. I also encountered a bit of lag throughout the scenario.

Balance: 4
Overall, the general balance was quite good. The scenario was challenging but not impossible. There are alot of ambushes by highwaymen, and the offensive attacks you have to do are quite hard. Some of the defensive objectives are a bit easier than the offensive but they are still challenging. The scenario comes with it's own custom AIs, most of the enemy one's being aggressive AIs that will keep attacking you. Overall, the scenario is not impossible but depending on you're skill level, you will probably find it very challenging and difficult. Luckily throughout the scenario there are warning message when a Save Point comes up, so you should remember to save often enough, especially before a large battle, or an unexpected surprise.

Creativity: 5
The Prince, the Sword & the Gems is a very creative scenario. It comes with a custom data file which adds alot of additional eye-candy objects into the editor such as smoke & flames. It really helps improve the atmosphere of the scenario, and especially the RPG elements. There were some great little map design tricks which created a great experience, such as soldiers training their attack on dummies and archer shooting dummies and villagers repairing buildings, etc. The scenario has a creative story which is an epic adventure across a strange fictional country, and there are some really clever trigger tricks. Some of the side quests and challenges are really clever too. The scenario uses the clever trick of using taunts to trigger certain things, so you can have multiple choices of things to say in a conversation. Your character also has special abilities which are quite clever.

Map Design: 5
The map design is beautiful. The map shows exceptional use of terrain mixing and elevation, and it makes the map look very realistic. There are alot of cliffs used on the map but they look good and allow for some creative design tricks such as waterfalls. The map is covered in Towns and settlements, that are very well designed and look fantastic. The towns and settlements are make extremely realistic and show a very good map design due to the eye-candy and trick tricks that the author has put in them. Things such as patrolling guards, busy villagers wondering around, training soldiers, and working men. It creates an atmosphere that makes you feel as though you are there in the game. The use of eye-candy on the map is exceptional and really creates a beautiful map.

Story/Instructions: 5
The story is brilliant; it takes you on an epic adventure across a land you've lots, in search of your lost brother and powerful historical objects. The story is action packs and mysterious, with some great backstory, that leaves you with some challenging questions that you will want answering. The instructions are clear and well laid out, so you will always know what you are doing, and id you do get stuck there are lots of helpful hints, to get you through. One thing I really love in this scenario is the dialogue between characters. Its humerous and yet, serious so you will always get the right information, quickly, but in a fun way. There are so many different characters around the map that you can click on and they will talk to you. Alot of the the conversations also use taunts to continue the conversation in a way you chose. There are a couple of spelling and grammar mistakes in the scenario but I don't think this is enough to reduce the score.

Additional Comments:
Overall, The Prince, The Sword & The Gems is a highly enjoyable scenario that has lots of different gameplay elements in it, and an epic storyline. Despite a number of minor bugs, I really recommend that you download and play this scenario because it's become a forgotten gem in the Blacksmith.

Well Done Josh


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Map Design5.0
Favorites: [Who?]3
Size:18.26 MB