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MGC11: In Your Dreams

Author File Description
File Details
Version: The Conquerors 1.0c
Style: Puzzle

In Your Dreams!

This is an entry for the Minigame Competition 2011 hosted at

Please extract the files to:

*.cpx ---> \campaign
*.mp3 ---> \sound\scenario



You go to bed like the nights before. You hope that you don't have the same dream like the nights before.
But you are wrong. Like the nights before.

Every night you open your eyes and you find yourself in this mesoamerican town. Even though you wake up every following morning the concern inside you grows like the awareness that you have to explore your dream further. Only if you challenge it you will know why it keeps coming back every night. Today, when you go to sleep, you are determined to end this nightmare forever!

In this puzzle map you control only one out of 3 characters at a time. You have to switch between the characters to use their strengths and avoid their weaknesses. There is only one solution to every puzzle but several ways to get to it!
When you solved all quests there is also a little reward waiting for you. ;-)


Special thanks to NowhereT for hosting this competition and to the judges for judging.
Further thanks to MappingFan aka MaFa for playtesting.

Credits are included in the victory message of the map.
AuthorReviews   ( All | Comments Only | Reviews Only )
Official Reviewer
Map Design5.0

Playability: This minigame was absoloutly enjoyable. There were lots of puzzles which seemed to be hard, but actually easy as well. I liked the hidden game in it as well. 5

Balance: This was only difficulty dynamic in the bonus mode, but therefore that was very good. I could own the enemy a bit to fast on easy, and it was pretty hard on hard. 4

So much exellent puzzels i see rarley! It was intresting and again and again something unexpected happened. 5

Map Design: The map looked really good. You are always sure you are in a mexican town, and it was very realistic. 5

Story/Instructions: The story was really good, and i was always sure what to do. 5

Additional Comments: Great Game, i higly recommend downloading!

Good Job!


Official Reviewer
Map Design5.0
In Your Dreamsis Tlaloc’s wining entry to the 2011 Minigame Competition.

Playability: 5
In Your Dreams is an enjoyable, albeit very difficult puzzle scenario in which the player must complete a number of challenges in order to escape from a nightmare that they have been imprisoned in. The scenario is incredibly creative, not only in its concept but in its execution of each puzzle/challenge. If your a fan of puzzle scenario and testing your brain power then this will be an enjoyable Experience you.

Balance: 4
If your not a fan of puzzle scenarios then you will probably end up rage quitting this scenario long before you reach the end as this scenario is very challenging. The puzzles here are very challenging and require lots of thinking and careful consideration of the abilities each of your units have. It can take a lot of trial and error and if you don’t have the patience you will probably end of up rage quitting due to frustration. This also isn’t helped by the fact that the scenario lacks clear instructions and hints to help the player fully understand what it is they are supposed to do. With some characters you may get attacked completely out of the blue and there’s nothing you can do to stop them killing you, making you instantly lose.

Creativity: 5
For such a small map, this scenario has many big ideas. Creativity is a particular highlight of this minigame. From its creative concept to its unique puzzles, there’s a lot of originality to be found here. The dream setting has been used before, but this scenario really executed the premise very well and sets up a situation in which the player must act creatively in which to escape it. There are some really creative puzzles to be found here as well as other little trigger tricks. One aspect I really enjoyed is the ability to change between which character you control, and how each one will unlock different clues to get you through the scenario.

Map Design: 5
The map design is exceptionally created. The scenario depicts a dreamlike village where the player has become trapped. Despite the small area available to the designer, the village is very realistic and beautifully crafted. From the placement of the buildings and eye candy to the use of elevation and terrain mixing, there’s not a single spot that spoils the aesthetics. It really enjoy how well the buildings are laid out in a way that makes the village look busy and realistic, yet allows for pathways and easy navigation to be made.

Story/Instructions: 4
The scenario boast a simple story which is well constructed and entertaining. It suits the nature of the scenario well but hasn’t got that much depth to it. The setting and characters are introduced well in the introductory screen, and dialogue is well written. There are some grammatical and spelling mistakes and some sentences don’t make much sense, but it is clear that English is not the authors first language. The instructions are OK but don’t go into too much depth to explain what the player is meant to be doing and could give a little bit more guidance. Most of the time it relies on guess work and the player randomly doing things with the right character in the right place and clicking on the right thing. Lots of trial and error.

Additional Comments:
Overall In Your Dreams is a pretty good minigame and highly recommended for anyone interested in Puzzle Scenarios.


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Map Design5.0
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Size:6.34 MB