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MGC11 - The Arrest

Author File Description
Lord Sipia
File Details
Version: The Conquerors 1.0c
Style: Fixed Force
This is my submission for the Minigame Contest 2011.
It's a short adventure in which you need to guide captain Alexander and his men through their mission given by the king of Sipia: arrest the dreaded banditleader Simon and his men, hiding in the dreamily but dangerous Backwin Woods.

(as a side note: Sipia is not inspired by my username, but vice versa.)

Hope you enjoy- It's my first upload!

5 August 2011: Failed to fix a typo with the house...
AuthorReviews   ( All | Comments Only | Reviews Only )
Official Reviewer
Map Design5.0

Playability: This scenario was absolutley fun! You have to lead a few men and your hero through the woods, where you will get ambushed serverel times. I never got bored by this. 5

Balance: It was difficulty dynamic, and the challenges got harder and harder. It wasn´t too easy on standard, and pretty darn hard on hard. You need every soldier, if you loose to much in the beginning then it will just become more harder and cause you to restart. 5

Creativity: Lots of good triggers and music. There were some nice ideas to weaken the final boss, but i always had to be careful with that. 5

Map Design: A really realistic map! You have to guide your men through small path's which looked absoloutly realistic. The bandits camp was good designed as well. 5

Story/Instructions: A nice story and very clear instructions. You can always be sure what to do, and the dialoges were intresting. 5

SPOILER: A small but with names: The house at the road is called "fRoadside House" .... would be nice to fix this.

Additional Comments: The best minigame i have played until now - I higly recommend downloading! Good job! Keep it up!

Official Reviewer
Map Design3.0
The Arrest is Lord Scipia's entry to the 2011 Minigame Competition hosted by NowhereT.

Playability: 3
The scenario was very short and quit boring to be honest. All you do is spiral round a forest until you find the Bandit and then kill him. The story is short and weak and doesn't had to the enjoyment of the scenario at all. A decent story, maybe some humour and side quests would make this game much more fun and interesting.

Balance: 2
Probably the weakest part of the scenario. The scenario was difficulty dynamic but still hard to complete. You only get a handful of soldiers which are quite strong but you only get about six so you are vastly outnumbered against the bandits axemen and riders. You also get a hero which is a Long Swordsman and quite weak. When you get to a stage near the beginning you get blocked by a Tower which will kill many of your men before it's destroyed. Try altering the difficulty dynamics and giving the player more units in order to complete the scenario.

Creativity: 2
The scenario is not too creative. The map design is quite average and dull, mainly trees. I see no great eye-candy or trigger tricks. The story too is unoriginal, travel through the forest and kill the bandit, how many times have I seen this? Try making a more unique story and a nicer map design.

Map Design: 3
As I said before the map design is poor. Its is mainly forest with narrow paths for you to zigzag through. There isn't much in terms of terrain mixing or eye-candy, the trees are placed in large clumps and not mixed at all. The only advantage is that it looks slightly realistic but it still isn't very visually appealing. Try adding some nice eye-candy and terrain mixing, maybe mix forest trees with pine trees, add jungle bushes as hedges and place some more GAIA units, maybe animals like boars and deer too.

Story/Instructions: 2
Again the story is another downside to the scenario. It is a very unoriginal story, walk through the forest, get an “unsuspecting” ambush from bandits, find the leader, kill him. There isn't really much dialogue in the scenario and the intro screen and aftermath screen tell more of the story than the scenario does. There are also a few typos and spelling mistakes too. Try making a more unique story adding original features and fixing spelling mistakes.

Additional Comments:
A Good attempt at an unoriginal story, try making the scenario more creative and easier for a higher score. It is a nice mini-game but a poor scenario.

Official Reviewer
Map Design4.0
"The Arrest" is Lord Sipia's entry for the 2011 Minigame competition. It is a short fixed-force scenario in which you assume the role of Captain Alexander and his men, who are given the task to arrest a famous bandit hiding in the woods. Despite not providing anything really special as far as gameplay goes, the game is still enjoyable and well made.

Playability: 4
The game doesn't stray too far from typical fixed force gameplay, with small packs of bandits waiting for you inside the woods. The author has made some effort (though not a lot) to reduce the monotony that this kind of game will bring along, with moments such as the tower, and in-game humor such as the dog's grave. The final section of the game also provides a one-on-one duel, which is a nice enough way to end it (though very predictable). Two short cutscenes are used to begin and end the scenario. It is safe to say the game will not provide any surprises for the regular downloader, neither good nor bad. However, the attention that the author has generally given to details leaves a good impression. You will most probably not encounter any bugs in this one.

Balance: 4
The challenge is there, you cannot just charge into the forest head-on as you will be slaughtered. However, with a little bit of intelligent playing and micro-management, bandits will not stand a chance. The final duel however is very easy, a boss fight that you can win without reloading at least once is not very rewarding. A lot of things could have been done to make this particular section longer and more challenging. (for reference to how cool a boss fight can be, check out "Tsubasa's Tale" if you haven't already)

Creativity: 3
None of the aspects of the game can pass for being very creative, though the author has made pretty good use of the small amount of space that the minigame map offers, without making it look overly cluttered. The soundtrack provided was a nice addition and added to the game's atmosphere.

Map Design: 4
The game features decent map design, though the small path through the forest layout does not allow for too much diversity. There is some eye candy and shoreless water, put to generally good use. However, the design does not excel in beauty or creativity.

Story/Instructions: 4
Instructions were clear and hints were provided (though I haven't had the need to make use of them). Story was well documented (in-depth history section provided) and the aftermath text was nice, though the story as a whole was nothing really out of the ordinary and generally predictable.

Additional Comments:
"The Arrest" is a minigame with decent gameplay and map-design, but not really a gem of the genre. If you are looking to kill some 15-20 minutes, consider giving this a go, as it will probably not disappoint you.

I recommend this download.

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Map Design4.0
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