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Kingdom of Astoria

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Version: The Conquerors 1.0c
(Resubmitted with updates to map. Formerly in utilities, however is better served in new category. If an official reads/reviews, please feel free to remove my original submission from utilities and kindly review again)

The Kingdom of Astoria. A beautiful city surrounded by high walls and adorned with a grand palace noted for it's royal gardens. Water ways pass through the city and empty out into the sea. The surrounding countryside is vast. A port town welcomes new visitors with it's rich market place and industries. Humble farmers work constantly to bring in the season's harvest. Lumberjack's work tirelessly in a deep forest. Miner's set up camp within a massive mountain to mine it's precious ore. A vast wilderness surrounds the Kingdom with mountain ranges, swampland, and dense forests to explore. Within the capital city, soldiers train hard to become Astoria's finest.

This map took MANNNNNNNY hours (months) to complete. I consider it a masterpiece as far as eye-candy maps go. Every tree and resource was carefully placed to give this map absolute majesty. Every villager is tasked to work and the Kingdom is constantly bustling with activity. You could sit back and watch for hours! Every resource on the map, including wild game respawns to give this map a continuous stream of life. Also, many eye-candy tricks (new and old) were used to further give the Kingdom of Astoria a unique landscape. Also many complicated triggers were used to give units unique tasks that are very entertaining to observe.

I do not mind anyone using elements from this map to enhance their own. I only ask that you please comment and give me feed back. I am looking forward to hearing what everyone thinks of my masterpiece.
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Actually surprised that amongst the great heap of trash there are still undiscovered gems such as these. While it isn't exactly perfect, I have to say it makes up for most of the promises in the description.

It is clear that the author has put great effort in the details. As claimed by him, the kingdom of Astoria is indeed bustling with activity. And one might lose themselves for at least fifteen minutes checking out the variety that the map brings.

I'm looking forward to any further work from the author.
Official Reviewer
The Kingdom of Astoria is a Non-Playable scenario which is designed just as eye0candy and to show off the designer's map designing ability.

Rating: 4
The Kingdom of Astoria is a very beautiful map which shows a wide range of different map designs. The majority of the map is a large forest full of wildlife and villages. The forest is beautiful, the trees are not too thick but they aren't too thin and spread out either, there is beautiful activity in the forest, small settlements with villagers working, hunters, and deer running around. Down south there is a large swamp area which is also designed very well, the designer has used shallows to make the swamp look like a bog and paths to give the effect of mud. Additional eye-candy such as flowers plant and jungle trees are used to add extra effect to this swamp. To the east of the map there is a mountainous area that supports a large mine. The cliffs and mountain surround the rocky landscape that show villager working hard mining the stone and gold out of these large rocks. Just above the mines is a military camp which shows the soldiers training hard. We see two swordsmen duelling, archers shooting at targets, spearmen training on a dummy and a bombard cannon shooting at a large pile of rocks. We also see a siege workshop where an engineer is hard at wok repairing a broken trebuchet. Finally up to the North, at the very top of the map is a huge city which I presume is the capital of Astonia. The city is full of busy workers walking about doing their business and is full of great Manors and Palaces.
Overall the Kingdom of Astonia is a very beautiful map in which a lot of effort has been put into creating it. However, I do have a few problems with it. Firstly though I can see some attempt at mixing terrain, the lack of terrain mixing makes this map sink lower and start looking closer to ES quality (don't worry even so it is much higher standard than ES) this is especially the case in the city. The city is just all plain Road terrain. There has been no attempt to mix it with other variations of road or dirt/grass terrains. I also didn't like the large number of wonders used in the city, you could have used a variety of different buildings for Manors. I my scenarios I tend to use University's as Manor houses. Finally I didn't like the huge amount of cliffs surround the capital, there were just too many and it looked unrealistic in some way.

Additional Comments:
Overall a very beautiful map that I recommend downloading because it will make you lose yourself in the beauty of AOK for about 20 minutes. Clearly a lot of effort put in here and I appreciate it.

Well Done


[Edited on 01/04/13 @ 04:33 PM]

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