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Sweden Campaign(Beta)

Author File Description
The Vikings
File Details
Version: The Conquerors 1.0c
Style: Mix
Number of scenarios: 4
Hi! I am only 15 years old. I have been doing this on my spare time the last month. This is my first campaign. Please tell me everything I can do better and report all bugs. This one is still a bit in "beta-status".

This campaign has no "real" story. I just wrote down a little story.

You are free to do anything with my campaign.
I don't care! :)

I will give you the story:

Scenario 1

King Erik the Wise was a old Swedish king. He was a great tactician and soldier. The Danish declared war on him because they wanted Sweden! A victory in Sweden would be grateful for the Danish King Christian. With a victory here, he would be feared by the whole known world! King Christian knew this. By the way, he also knew that Novgorod had launched a attack against Sweden one month ago. He thought this would be his chance. And he used it well. Taking 200 000 Vikings moving towards Stockholm. The Swedish capital. But on their way, 70 000 Swedish soldiers attack them. The Swedish won! Now, King Christians whole country was in danger. He quickly made peace with Germany and moved all of his troops to Skåne. When they arrived they heard about the attack against the Gold Mine. King Christian decided to retake it. By doing so, he would also kill King Erik the Wise and his son Prince Sten the Bloody!

Scenario 2

At loss of the so called "Battle of the Gold Mine" the Danish now was digging in to defend themselves. They needed to gather more soldiers to the Swedish front. They knew they would fail if they didn't. Novgorod had recently made peace with Sweden due to heavy losses. King Erik the Wise only had one front left now. However, he still needed to move the troops from Finland to Sweden. The Danish needed that time... And since they knew they had a much bigger and stronger naval power, they sent their fleet to slow the Swedish down... Now, the Swedish troops would have to walk around.. And that will take a lot of time! Meanwhile, King Christian could bother himself with the troubles he had been giving himself...

Scenario 3

King Erik the Wise had found his man for this mission. He had a tactical sense, fought like a demon and had nothing to lose. He just needed to give him an army and he would be nearly unstoppable! But what he didn't now was that Norway was coming in for the same targets! And their leader, General Olav the cruel had also lost his whole family by a Danish raid. And he didn't show any mercy. And he didn't want to show any either. He was terrible cruel. Even to his own men! But still he was no coward. He could fight. The Danish knew that! He had gathered an army and was now attacking everything in his way! The Danish fled from every battle they managed to flee from! They didn't stand a chance.

Scenario 4

While the Danish was recovering from their heavy wounds. Norway rose power. "That's one less!" said King Erik the Wise when he sent General Gustav the Bloody to the front with a small army. Since Norway also had lost a lot of troops in battle against the Scottish in their attacks they didn't have much left. But they had more left than the Danish. And that was a fact to dangerous to be put aside for King Erik the Wise. He knew that if he would leave them. They would recover and strike twice as hard as did now... And not against the Danish... They would strike against Sweden. But, Norway's King fled and left everything.
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Map Design2.0
Playability: 2
The word that describes this campaign best is "boring". The first scenario has some potential, though the wall of two handed swordsmen fighting the wall of elite berserks doesn't really allow a lot of strategy on the part of the player. The other three are long-winded and unrewarding. The second scenario especially: if you let a single Norwegian villager escape, they'll start a new base a long distance away, which you'll have to trek over to and destroy. You don't even get a scout! There was also some weirdness: in the first scenario, I retreated to the castle, and most of the Danes didn't follow, then, despite vastly outnumbering me, they surrendered. In the second scenario, King Erik declares that the castle has been destroyed before it's been destroyed!

Balance: 2
The first scenario would be almost impossible if the Danes ever actually attacked the castle. In the last three scenarios, you either have an enormous fixed force against the default AI, or you're playing build and destroy against the default AI. Or you have an enormous force, and play build and destroy at the same time! It's not much of a challenge.

Creativity: 3
The heroes are renamed, but the gameplay lacks creative flare. There's not a lot to draw in my interest, and not a lot to talk about.

Map Design: 2
Maps are either modified random maps, or in the case of the final scenario, Grass 1 atrocities. Many of the scenarios could have been done on a map a half or even a quarter of the size. I'm looking at you, second scenario. The forests that quadruple travel time between the Norwegian base and the rest of the map do not help my sanity either.

Story/Instructions: 3
The story in the history section is a nice touch. The instructions could be clearer, telling the player the amount of time they need to hold out for in the first scenario, and where the towns you're supposed to destroy are in the second scenario, for example.

[Edited on 07/17/12 @ 01:45 PM]

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Map Design2.0
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